No one Knows our Passion

No one besides a few close friends who share our ideas know. No one who would look at me would know. No one I work with knows. My family doesn’t know. I don’t want them to know, not because I’m 9f79a6deae49488bfa993f4c020bef97_velikonocni-pomlazka1ashamed. I’m not ashamed at all! It’s simply no one else’s business what goes on between my Love and me. What does go on? All sorts of kinky, consensual, passionate happenings. Case in point, yesterday afternoon My Love sent me a text, a picture actually. No directions were needed. As soon as I saw it I smiled and got to work, and got very, very wet. I cut six thin, flexible willow branches, cut off the leaves, made sure they were smooth, then went about braiding them together. By the time My Love came to visit me I was ready. The newly made “switch” was on the table and I was naked on the bed, on my belly, hips supported by pillows. I heard him taking off his clothes, but knew better than to wiggle around so I could watch his magnificent body slowly emerge from his suit. He didn’t begin with the switching. First, he gave me pleasure as he always does. He licked me, using only his tongue and fingers to give me my first orgasm. Then, he entered me. His thick cock giving me my second. By now I was his thrall, his to command, his to enjoy. He could have asked anything of me and I would have happily given it to him. Then, he pulled out. I cried out, objecting to his loss. That was when the switching began. Then, he’d fuck me some more, slow, gentle, perfect. Then, he’d pull out and switch me. This process continued until I was a weeping, boneless mess of wetness. I begged him, not to stop, but to continue. Finally, after at least 8 orgasms, he too found release. He collapsed on the bed next to me, held me in his arms, kissed me, and eventually fell asleep. I could not have been happier there in his arms, filled with his cum, exhausted from pleasure, marked as his submissive.

And so today as I go about my business, attend to errands, enjoy the day, my bottom is hidden from view, but bears My Love’s marks. Every move I make reminds me that I am his as much as he is mine. No one knows but us, and that’s as it should be.tumblr_osq70ld3pz1rrqsx6o1_1280

Nips to the Front

So a few weeks ago, Sir decided (with my consent) to have my nipples pierced. This slowed down the Summer Rules 2017 of nipple play until they healed which, I’m happy to say, they now are. That means that once again, my nipples are ready to be played with daily. I was allowed to wear a bra during the healing, but now that I’m good to go, so are they.  To begin the day, Milord first spanked me – yay!!! there was no reason for it, other than his pleasure, which is my favorite kind of spanking. By the time I had co


cunted to 10 I was wet, and by the time the count was at 25 I was close to coming. Luckily, Milord was feeling generous today and allowed me to come as often as I liked. He ran his finger down my slit and I trembled. Then, he inserted two fingers inside of me – I exploded. He continued to spank and add fingers until all five were scrunched inside of me. My now I was crying from both the pressure and the pleasure. “The fist, Woman, do you want it?” He truly was asking me If I said no, he’d be fine with that. But I DID want it. I said the words that always please him. “As you desire, so let it be.” He chuckled, told me he was proud of me (purr!!!!), then slowly pressed his pointed fingers inside of me. He continued to spank me – hard. This is good! It distracts me, confuses my senses, and, oddly enough, relaxes me. He hand fucked me until I came again. By now I was a puddle of wetness, boneless. He pulled his hand free, held it to my mouth, and made me lick and clean each digit. Then, he spread my own wetness backward and pressed his cock into my anus. “Your front door needs to recover, love. I’ll fuck it later.”

“Yes!” I cried out, my muscles contracting around him He filled me, body and soul, and when he finally came, leaving his treasure buried deep with in me, I was so far into submind that I didn’t have need for reality.

He let me rest for a bit then turned me over, kissed me, and said that since I’d been such a good woman, he was taking me out to lunch. Before I dressed, however, he told me that it was time t


o change out my original barbells. He handed me a new set of nipple rings. I cringed and smiled when I saw them. Then I looked at all of my summer dresses. “You’re not going to let me wear a bra are you?” He just raised his eybrows. No only my nipples, but the fact that they were pierced AND chained would be painfully obvious! I signed, but didn’t complain. My ass and bottom and pussy were all very tender at this point. If I complained, there would be punishment. Then it clicked. That was exactly WHY he had used me so perfectly this morning! I grinned, shook my head in wonder, and dressed. Luckily, we went to an exclusive, upscale restaurant (no kids around). My nipples garnered much attention, which pleased Milord greatly. As for me, well, the look of pride on his face was enough for me.

Submind – explained

I used the term “submind” in much of my writing, but trying to actually define what it is can be a bit nebulous. First, let me point out that it’s different for every person. The OED defines it as a “lesser, lower mind; the subconscious part of a person’s mind.” When I first read that I’ll admit I was offended. Then the more I really thought about it, the more I realized it was true. “Lesser” does not always mean less important. Sometimes it means less seen, less used, less accessed, less appreciated. “Lower” does not always mean mentally, physically, or spiritually beneath someone else. I can also mean that which we ourselves keep beneath the surface, hidden from view, kept under control to allow our “upper” mind – the one that goes to work every day, gets the kids off to school, smiles at family gatherings – to function in a way that is socially acceptable. With that in mind, Submind is when we allow our “lesser” mind more control, our “lower” mind to rise and overpower our conscious mind. We allow our hidden wants and desires to rule our personality. We are able, without embarrassment or distraction, to ourselves – body and soul – to anothere person. In doing so, we give wing to our unconscious minds, become free of restraints, and indulge ourselves in an alternate, beautiful personae, one that is disconnected to social norms but connected to our own inner desires.tumblr_opn9a0bsoT1shty2uo1_500

Don’t Think

Don’t think for one moment that i don’t enjoy this, because i do. Sure i kick, squirm, cry and beg, but do i use my safe word? No. Why not? Because i love every moment of Your discipline. Your arm holding me in place, the heat of Your hand on my skin, the tone of Your voice. Trust me. I enjoy this just as much as You do, maybe even more.

Naked Camping

First, I’m not a big fan of camping, at least at first. It takes me a day or so to get into the spirit of it. My Lion, however, devised a brilliant way to speed things up a bit. We set up the camper – yes, a camper, not a tent – and then he stripped off his clothing. I watched, fascinated and drooling. Then, he ordered me to do the same. Naturally, I did so. What I hadn’t expected was for him to lock our clothes – all of our clothes, even the ones in the suitcase – into the closet of the camper then hang the key aroundhis neck. I started at him, shocked, then yelled at him. He just stood there and grinned until I finished my tirade. To be clear, we were camping on our own private, basically undeveloped property. We did have a water source and the camper did have a generator, but we were basically totally alone and would be for a whole week, so there was no chance of unsuspecting people – or worse yet children! – coming upon us unexpectedly. Once I had calmed dotumblr_oktlgemiaa1qlziito1_1280wn, Lion grabbed me by the hand and walked me to a tree. He positioned my hands and feet so that my back was flat and my ass sticking out. I heard him shuffling around then the whistle of a switch. I yelped, but didn’t move position. I did, at least, know better than that! “Naked. All week. No back talk. No complaining. No hesitating. Understand?” He said, each command punctuated with a swish of the switch. It stung like hell, but he wasn’t putting his back into it. He wanted to reinforce what he was saying, not really punish me. “Yes!” I squealed. “Yes. I understand.” Then, He stepped behind me and pressed his cock into my dripping pussy. “You seem to like the idea,” he noted. “Oh yes, yes,” I answered. And I did. The very idea, let alone the reality of having full access to his incredible body for an entire week was worth the initial discomfort of being forced into nudity. I exploded, creaming his cock. He laughed and slapped my ass. “Good, because every day I’m going to fuck you. Your ass, your pussy, your mouth. Every day I’m going to spank you, whip you, mark your body for my own pleasure,” he promised. His voice!!! “YES!” I screamed. “Please, yes, please, yes,” I babbled and came again. His fingers dug into my hips and he too unleased himself inside of me. I tightened my muscles, milking his cock. I wanted every single drop.

And so the week progressed. We both became very tanned, my body became ma


rked by his choice, and filled with his come. I’ve never had a better camping expxerience.

Give me your mark

tumblr_ogv1joqbG41s8uymdo2_1280Whose ass is this?


Do you give this to me freely?


Will you accept my marks?


Willingly? Proudly? Happily?

Yes, Yes, and Yes

The marks will sting when I make them and remain tender for hours.

I know that, sir.

Are you ready?

Yes, but even if I were not, it wouldn’t matter. I have given you permission to use my body, your body really, as you see fit. You have the right to mark me whether I am ready or not.

True, but I like to hear you say it again and again.

I am yours, sir. Please, give me your marks so that I can tangibly feel you with me all day.