Number 6 – a Dominant’s Game

Lucky number 6 – that’s what he said. Next, he had me go to my pinterest accout to the board labelled “Lifestyle” Lifestyle .

I was to choose the 6th pin. 4 clamps

Breast Nipple Clamps with Chain Clip Adult Sex Toy

Which turned out to be this. I was to purchase it if we didn’t already have it – which we did. Then, I was to go to my Clothing board, choose the 6th entry, and follow the same procedure. clothing

yes,I had to order the dress, but when it came in, Milord first made love to me. Slowly, exquisitely, beautifully. Then, once we had both found our release, he ordered me to retrieve the clamps. I bit my lip, but stood still as he attached the clamps to both of my nipples and my labia. Every single move I made sent tremors down my body. Either my labia was stretched or my nipples pulled. Then, He dressed in jeans and a white shirt. My mouth went dry looking at him, but that was all that was dry!! He then slipped the dress over my head and told me we were going out. I protested, telling him that each movement was excrutiating. He frowned and asked if I was serious or if I was just complaining. If I was serious, I was to say my safeword. If I was complaining, I’d best stop. I shut my mouth. We walked down to the local cafe. by the time we were arrived, I was a mess. A few tears on my face, my thighs so we they were beginning to chaf. Milord chose a small table outside and ordered coffee and croissants. I sipped my coffee and nibbled my pastry, accutely aware of the clamps. Milord just sat there and smiled. By the time we had walked back to our condo, I could barely stand. Upon entering our home, Milord undressed me, pulled me to him, kissed me, and with one harsh tug, ripped the clamps from my body. I screamed into his mouth, sobbed, and immediately sunk down to my knees. My hands were on his zipper before he could say a word and his cock was in my mouth before I could think. I didn’t want to think. I just wanted to serve. I sucked and worshipped his delicious cock until he pumped his own sweetness into my mouth. That, my friends, was only the beginning of an incredible night of delightful debauchery!

Thank Him for all He is

“Hand me youDLh7oO8XcAEr-pRr clothes – all of them,” Lion states.

Without conscious thought, I do as he says. Does it matter that we are outside behind His home? No. Does it matter that the day is a bit chilly? No. Does it matter that I am not at all comfortable being nude while outside even if this is private property? No. I am his as much as he his mine. He tells me to do something in THAT tone of voice with THAT look in his eyes and I obey. Disobedience is simply not an option, not for me anyway. If he wants me naked, a bit chilled, uncomfortable in my nakedness, then I shall be thus. He presses my back against a tree, the bark rough against my skin, grabs a handful of my hair, tips my head back, and devours my mouth with his. His hand pushes its way between my legs, fingers pinching my clit, and I moan into him. He bites my lip, drawing blood, the sticks his tongue deep into my throat, almost gagging me, daring me to bite back. I know better. His other hand grabs a nipple, pinches it, twists it. Tears spring to my eyes and fluid gushes from between my thighs. Suddenly, he releases me, s4bd27b9a7d573e18adf46c326538f0f2--close-my-eyes-gold-eyespins me around so my breasts, belly, and face are now pressed against the tree. His hand attends to my bottom, spanking until I’m dancing from foot to foot. When he’s finished, he spins me again and says, “Hands.” I hold them out. He takes a coiled rope from his bag and binds me, leaving a lot of rope free, like a leash. This, he tosses up and over a branch that is slightly above my reach and slowly raises my hands above my head. I’m terrified now, and so excited I can barely stand. He presses my hands against the tree trunk, above my head, then pulls my feet out, forcing me to bend. Finally, finally I hear him undress. “Please, please, take me, please.”

He does, impaling himself inside of my soaked pussy. His fingers grib my hips, pulling be back and forth, back and forth. He reaches around, grabs my bouncing tits, and pinches the nipples, pulling the downward. I cry out and come at the same time.

“I didn’t tell you to come.”

He pulls out and I cry out again. He pushes himself now into my ass, steadily opening me. Then, he fucks me in earnest. I think this is my punishment for coming without permission, but I’m wrong. He begins slowly and almost gently to slap my pussy with each inward thrust. the gentlness doesn’t last long, though, and soon tears are rolling down my cheeks as he fucks and slaps me harder and harder. I feel him grow larger and know he’s close. I don’t know if I want him to come or continue. I’m so confused and enthralled by him. The choice, though, isn’t mine to make, and so he comes, pumping his cum inside of me, punishing my pussy. Again, I can’t help it, I come. I’m begging forgiviness, which I really don’t want.

“Pick a number.”

I can’t. I can’t think. What’s a number? I wait too long to answer. He pulls out and spins me around, saying “Ten.” I nod, accepting this. He taps my thighs and I spread them wide for him. He delivers the first of the ten to my already swollen puss. I’m crying, sobbing, but he ignores this, as we both know he will. After the ninth, I’m in misery, so sore I know I won’t be able to put anything between my legs for days. Knowing I will accept him between my legs regardless.  He tugs on the rope and my arms are raised. I’m on my toes now.  “You can come.” Then spanks my pussy one last time. I explode in his hand, drenching his palm with wetness, crying out my plain and pleasure, and thanking him for all he is. My body is marked, still, scraped, reddened, used, and perfect.


How in the hell can a 45 year old woman be grounded?? But, I am. First I broke one of our

Fall Rules 2017

Then, I broke a House Rules

First, I forgot to wear the pearl necklace/collar when I was out grocery shopping. Milord came home before I did and noticed immediately that it was missing. Then, when he asked about it, I told him the clasp was loose. I have no idea why I said this, but I should have expected him to order me to retrieve it so he could inspect the damage. Naturally, the clasp was perfectly fine.  I admitted, finally, that I had simply forgotten to put it on. He looked so sad by this that I dropped to my knees, pressed my forehead against his crotched and begged forgiviness. He did forgive me, of course, but decided that one of my punishments would be two days of being grounded, confined to the house, and able to wear only a body harness with the cuffs attached. After the two days, I’d still wear the harness beneath my clothing (when I left the house). When I was in

DBGCjbdUwAA1iXhthe house, I’d be stripped of clothing. I nodded, accepting his decree. He then unzipped his trousers and allowed me to suck on his dick. Rather than coming in my mouth, though, he pulled out and covered my face with his sweet cum, not allowing me to taste it whatsoever.  He helped me to my feet, and told me to strip. I did immediately. No way in hell was I even considering disobeyeing!! He helped me put on the harness and attached the chains of the cuffs to one of the metal circles. I could move easily, but awkwardly. “Go,” he said quietly. “turn down the bed.” I quickly did as he said. He Kissed me, claiming my mouth. I melted against him. He made love to me, gently, slowly, taking his time to enjoy and allow me to enjoy. When he separated the twin chains pressed against my labia and entered me, stars exploded behind my eyes. Eventually, he too orgasmed, this time inside of me. The cum he had sprayed on my face was dried, pulling at my skin, but I loved it. This morning, he again made love to me. Twice today he has texted me, ordering me to send him a selfie, which I did. The chains are cold, somewhat awkward, and a tad bit uncomfortable, but they do remind me that I am his. I think I could grow to like them. A Lot!


Dressing for His Pleasure

“But there will be people there I don’t know!” I pointed out in what I thought was an entirely reasonable voice. “Besides, you’ll be networking, you’ll barely notice me.” And that was my mistake. As soon as the words left my mouth, I regretted them. Milord ALWAYS noticed me, even when he was network at the Club. His reaction was immediate and expected. “Position.” He said this quietly and reached for to unbuckle his belt. I nodded once then undressed and assumed my position on the bed. Ten minutes later I was sobbing, my face drenched with tears, my thighs drenched with wetness. Yes, it hurt. Hurt like hell, but that wasn’t why I was crying. It was his words. “I notice you when you are with me or not. I notice when you become surly and disrespectful. I notice when you disobey. I notice when you are next to me or across the room.” I sobbed, “I’m sorry, sir. I know you do. I’m so sorry.”

“You certainly will be. Your ass will be tender for days. Will you like that?”

“Yes, Mtumblr_ot1no8hzAq1vi0gxho1_1280ilord,” I answered turthfully.

He chuckled and paused the belt long enough to run his fingers down my slit. Then, he laughed deeply before picking up his belt again and continuing what he had begun. “You’ll wear what I say without complaint when we go to the club,” he said.

“Yes, Milord,” I cried, my mind a red haze of pain and need and passion. He dropped the belt and positioned a pillow on the bed. I scrambled onto it, my hot, red ass elevated. He slipped behind me, grasped my hips and plunged his magnificient cock deep inside me. My ass, so very sore, screamed, but the pure pleasure of having him in me obscured the pain. I came, crying out his name, begging for more. He fucked me hard, deeply, burying himself in my most welcoming pussy. This. This is where I was happiest. Beneath Him, Impaled by Him, Marked by Him. I felt the searing heat of his cum pulse against my delicate inner tissue, heard the music of his panting, and joined him in this unspeakable pleasure.

I walked into the club, my head high, his hand on the small of my back, cum drying on my thighs, my nipples prominant and proud. His hand slid down, squeezed my ass. I sucked in my breath, but help my head high and didn’t utter a sound. He bend his head and whispered, “You’re beautiful. Perfect. Not only I, but every man and half the women in this room know that and want you. You have pleased me so very much. Never doubt I notice every thing about you.”

Are you Frightened? Reprimand 2

She’d passed – with flying colours! Still, she’d spoken out of turn and that deserved reprimand. She knew this, accepted this, even asked for it. Upon completion of the flogging I released her. She dropped to her knees, looked up at me, and said, “I spoke. I broke a rule. Please accept my apology. If it please you, I would like to be reprimanded immediately.” Like I’ve said – she’s perfect. I removed her blindfold, I wanted her to see what was coming.

“Because you broke the rule while being sodomized, your reprimand will also involve you being sodomized. First by me, then by every man here. Once I have come in your ass, you will suck me clean until the next man comes. He will replace me in your mouth – a reminder that you speak only your safeword or to answer a question. This will c


ontinue until each and every man here has sodomized you and you have cleaned his cock. Do you have any questions?”

“Yes. What of the Mistress?”

I looked at Mistress and she smiled wickedly. “Have no fear. She too will ensure your reprimand, but in her own way.”

And so it began. Love’s second reprimand. I had never required her to do ATM before, but she offered no complaint. She also didn’t complain about barebacking – every person here was tested regularly. By the time the third man’s cock was in her ass, tears were spilling down her face. I knew she was sore and thought about giving her a reprieve. The she made eye contact with me and I changed my mind. I can do this she seemed to tacitly say.  At last, all of the men had been satisfied. While Love was cleaning the last man – Mistres2e4e94d4231663491f404cbf775199a1s’s boy – Mistress stood between Love’s legs. I nodded to her, giving her permission. Obviously, Love was very well lubricated at this point. Mistress had no trouble sliding in the rather large plug. Love moaned, but remained focused on her task. Neither submissive would dare stop until directed to do so by their Dominant. suddenly, Love’s eyes flew open and a spring of fresh tears coursed down her face. She looked at me and I grinned. Mistress had coated the plug rather thickly with freshly ground ginger paste. It would cause no harm to Love’s tender, delicate tissue, but she would certainly feel a deep, strong burn. Mistress taped her boy on the shoulder and he pulled away from LovAre you Frightened? Gauntlet 2

e’s mouth. I Held out my hand to help Love to her feet. She asked no question, but I told her anyway. The would continue for about half an hour. The plug, though, would stay in until she needed to eliminate. Only then would I take it out – temporarily. After elimination, I would again fuck her ass and come in it. She would suck me clean. I would then reapply the ginger paste and replace the plug. This cycle would continue for the next twenty four hours. She would remain nude, as well. Luckily, the Club had it’s own attached garage so we would not be in the public eye when we went to the car. Once we arrived home, the same was true as well. In the car, I would drap my jacket over her just in case any other drivers or passengers happened to look in our windows.

“Do you feel this is a proper reprimand? Do you accept my decision?”


Are you frightened? Instruction

Are you frightened? Entrance

Are you frightened! Reprimand 1

Are you Frightened? Gauntlet

Are you Frightened? Gauntlet 2

Are you Frightened? The Ending

Are you Frightened? Reprimand 2


Are you Frightened? The Ending

Are you frightened? Instruction

She was a mess and absolutely perfect. My Love. Now, her face, thighs, ass, and mound were covered in drying or dried cum. Her ass was still a soft red, her nipples enourmous and tender.tumblr_ol64jvehat1vdwq0co1_540

Her hands still cuffed behind her, her dress now disintigrated, her eyes hidden behind a blindfold. She’d just been fucked in every hole, spanked, and humiliated by a handful of closely vetted Dominants. Now, was her ultimate test. My turn. I unlocked her wrists and rubbed them. I walked her to the back wall where I attached her wrists  and ankles to the chains. Now she was spread eagle, standing, basically in the St. Andrew’s Cross position. This would be her hardest test. The other Doms, subs, and I would relax, chat, sip our drinks, nibble on snacks all while she could hear us but was unable to see and restricted from speech. Every now and them one of us would tweak her already used and sensitive nipples, slap her pussy with a hand or crop, flog her thighs or breasts. She would never know when something was coming her way. Would have no way to prepare herself. After about 15 minutes of this, my Love was sobbing but silent. She knew well that she could easily say her safeword. I would not be the least bit disappointed or upset if she did! No, she wouldn’t though. She wanted to do this. Wanted to succeed. Wanted me to make it difficult. Now I talked with Master K about the different techniques for anal discipline since my Love had spoken during his session with her. She would be punished for that and I had decided that a week of anal discipline should do the trick. While we talked, I slipped an ice cube from my drink deep into her pussy. Her muscles clenched around my fingers and she trembled. I pressed my thumb against her clit and she came, drenching my hand with her hofireplaceney. AFfter 25 minutes I decided she’d had enough. I unbound her but warned her to keep her hands on her head. I kissed her, then announced that she, my Love, had passed the Gauntlet. Only one final initiation remained. The communal flogging. She must stand unmoving while each member – four in total – delivered five strikes of the flogger. These strikes could be anywhere on her body – and they were. The Mistress went first, giving her five across her calves and thighs. Master K between her legs. Master J across her belly. Me, Master A, across her back and shoulders.  She accepted each and every stroke with grace. I reached up, untied her blindfold, held her hand high like a prizewinner to the applause of all present.

She had made it. She was now, in our small group, a Supreme Submissive.

“Are you happy?” I asked?


Reprimand for a Dominant

Dear Sir,

Why you do and say what you do is up to you, however, I need you to know how your actions and words make me feel. I know my reactions are just that – my own – but you, I don’t think, realize the influence you have not only over my physical body, but my spirit and my mind as well.  When you praise me, I’m on the moon. Even if it is non-sexual. “Wow! This dinner is fantastic!” and I’m floating on a high for hours. When you tell me to take my clothes off and get in bed, I can’t move fast enough to obey your orders. When you’re deep inside of me and can’t control yourself and come sooner than you planned, I’m ecstatic knowing the pleasure I have given you.

When, however, you say you are going to do something and then don’t follow through, I’m devastated, then angry, then hurt. When you tell me that you’re going to keep me plugged for hours only to use my ass again but then let me take the plug out (biological reasons) but don’t put it back it, I wonder at your sincerity. When you tell me that you’re going to use me, keep my ass red, have me suck on you, fuck me throughout the day, whenever you want, but then you don’t, I question my sexual appeal. When you tell me that you expect me to be available to you, that I can wear a skirt and sweater but nothing else, but I intentionally disobey and put on panties and a bra and there are no repercussions, I don’t take you seriously. When I tell you, beg you, to make me obey, to cane me, spank me, plug me with whatever you want. When I beg you to keep me in sub mind, to use me, fuck me, make me kneel and worship your cock, I mean it. When you say you will do just that, but don’t, I’m heartbroken.

Sir, if you mean to do something, please please do it. If you don’t mean to follow through, don’t say it.


Your Sub