F is for Funishment

Funishment is a traditional type of punishment that is used not for discipline, but for pleasure. Naturally, the list for this ends only with your imagination. Can you use the same activity for both a funishment and a punishment? Of course!! The difference, at least for me, is HOW the fun/punishment is administered. For example, … Continue reading F is for Funishment

D is for – BDSM Alphabet

Dungeon, Diaper, Dildo, Daddy, Discipline. Dacryphilia Okay, Dacryphilia is a new one? I'm not surprised. It's the feeling of arousal brought about by seeing or inducing another's tears. No, this is not a sign of "sickness." Let's talk about tears for a moment and why people cry. Pain and Strong emotion are two primary reasons. … Continue reading D is for – BDSM Alphabet