Summer Rules 2017

Memorial Day comes with Five new Rules for summer. House Rules still stand, naturally, but Spring Rules are over - thank the goddess!! That whole no masturbation thing was about more than I could handle! At least once a week this spring I've been punished for breaking that one!! Earlier this week, in fact, Milord had to administer 20 … Continue reading Summer Rules 2017

Winter Rules – a bit late

I apologize and assure you that I have been properly disciplined for this late posting (more on that later). Since December 22, our Winter Rules have been in effect. In addition to our House Rules, these five rules will be in effect until March 22. So, here's the Big Five.  I will post a new … Continue reading Winter Rules – a bit late

Anytime, Anyplace He Chooses

Milord has, intentionally I'm sure, not commanded me to worship his cock for several days. I have, however, begged him to allow me to do so. It was two days before I could sit somewhat comfortably after I forgot the rule. Remember to beg. Today, he reminded me that another rule Standard Rule is this: SUBMIT … Continue reading Anytime, Anyplace He Chooses

Fall Rules – Fiction

Milord has decided that because he has a new job and mine has gone cray-cray, we need to simplify our lives. I totally agree. As a result, we are downgrading our Fall rules from our regular 10 to 5. Ten was becoming cumbersome, and many of the rules were repeated every season. Therefore, we now … Continue reading Fall Rules – Fiction