Are you Frightened? Gauntlet 2

The Beginning

Love was perfect. Dried come marked her face. More was drying on her freshly spanked ass, and my own cum was slowly dripping from her puss. She was blindfolded, her dress in shreds around her body, arms handcuffed behind her, and still she walked tall down the last few steps of the Gauntlet which had broken weaker subs. That’s the thing about submissives. They are not weaker vessels at all. Quite the opposite actually. They must control their own desires and instincts. They must focus on their Master rather then on themselves. They must know their limits well and be unafraid to use that safeword if the need arises. They must, in a word, be strong individuals.

Love had just met up with Master K. I stiffened a bit, knowing what was to come. Master K was an anal guy, something that Love was not quite comfortable with yet. This would be a huge test for her. Master K picked her up and placed her, face up, on a hard table. He spread her legs wide and went to work prepping her. He pushed his fingers inside of her puss, gather up wetness then began to rim her anus. I stood at her head, pulli


ng and twisting her nipples. While she was in such a perfect position, I also dropped my balls on her mouth so she could suck and lick them. By now, Master K had two fingers inside of her anus and was stretching her, readying her to take him. When he felt the time was right, he grinned at me, rolled a condom on his cock and in one deep push impaled her. Love dropped her head, and cried out, “Oh god!” She’d just broken a major rule. She knew it because she gasped and began to cry. I shushed her, comforted her and whispered that we’d be taking care of her punishment privately. This calmed her. Master K kept on pumping himself in and out of her anus, occassionally slapping her clit. Love, to my utter surprise and delight, came violently, her head thrashing about, her hands turning into tight little fists. I laughed encouragingly. Master K pulled out, rolled off the condom, and shot his load across her mound. I had made sure that all the men knew I wanted her covered in come by the time she finished the Gauntlet. I let her rest a bit, gave her a big glass of water, then she continued. One more person. Me.

“Are you ready for your ultimate test?” I asked


Are you Frightened? Gauntlet

Are you frightened? Entrance

Are you frightened? Instruction

Are you frightened! Reprimand 1

RunninRelated imageg the Gauntlet was once a way to punish soldiers or prisoners of war by having them run between two rows of other soldiers who would strike, spit, beat, trip then in their run. If the accused made it to the end of the line still alive, he may be granited his freedom or welcomed into their society. For my Love, this was her Running of the Gauntlet. Obviously, she would not be given her freedom (unless she wanted it!), but she will be welcomed into our society of Masters/Mistresses and their Slaves/Submissives.

The guest had formed, more or less, two lines. I held my Love’s elbow, helping her to navigate to the front of the room (she was still blinfolded). I kissed her cheek, whispered, “Subdue your fear,” and gave her a little push. She stumbled on her heels, but q


uickly adjusted her stance and stepped bravely forward, her shoulders high, but trembling slightly. The gauntlet could take hours to complete. Each and every guest (again, all of whom had been carefully vetted) could touch, prod, fuck, spank, clip, or use my Love in anyway they chose – or at least that’s what she thought. I, naturally, had preapproved of everything that would be done this night and would be keeping careful watch over my Love. Part of her fear came from the unknown. Part of her acceptance into this community would be her unconditional trust in me. First, she came to Madame Z, a tall woman with a wicked sense of irony. She placed a hand on Love’s shoulder to stop her walk. Then, she positioned Love’s arms out to the side. With very sharp scissors, Madame Z made short work of Love’s dress. Then, she clipped two clothespins on the very tips of Love’s tight, unusually large nipples, slapped her on the ass and sent hertumblr_oe7380dgFA1vsg6xjo1_500on her way. Love had gasped when the rough wood had pinched her sensitive buds, but had not jerked away or raised her hands. Good girl. I knew for a fact that Love’s nipples were one of her most sensitive areas. The poor woman must be in agony, but I could smell her arousal as well, so she also in bliss.

Next, she came to Master J who promptly grabbed a handful of her hair and bent her over a dark brown leather soft. Quickly, he snapped a pair of handcuffs on her drawn back wrists. He then administered a hearty spanking which had tears dampening the blindfold and new serge of wetness dampening Love’s thighs. He glanced at me and when I nodded, he stood behind her with his cock at full staff and impaled her. Love cried out in surprise, but to my immense pleasure, did not pull away or speak. Master J kept a firm grip on her hair and when he was ready, pulled out spraying her freshly tanned backside with his seed.

At this point I took over. Rather than crying out at this new invasion into her dripping puss, Love sighed. Obviously, she knows her Master. I leaned over her and asked, “Are we still at green? Are you still okay?”

Yes. It was time for a reward. I reached over the couch, pulling the clothes pins from her nipples and she exploded, coming all over my cock which was not only buried deep inside of her, but pumping my own cum into her.

Are you frightened! Reprimand 1

Are you frightened? Instruction   

Are you frightened? Entrance

She’s frightened now, knowing her first reprimand is about to happen. She’s still blindfolded, and will be the entire night. She has no voice unless she chooses to use her safeword, which everyone in this room will respect and protect. Nonetheless, she used her hands wDF7BdafWAAUOjgPhen she had not been given permission to do so. Had she not committed this small infraction I would have come up with some other reason to reprimand her. It is, after all, part of her debut to be reprimanded at least once, probably several times. As per tradition in our club, the first reprimand is often the most difficult for the Debutante. Like any good Dom worth his or her salt, I know what my Love likes, what she hates, where her limits are, which can be pushed, which cannot. I know where she is the toughest, the weakest, the strongest, the most sensitive. I know her. I tell her nothing, but push her dress to the floor, leaving her nude and exposed. She blushes and starts to bring her hands up to cover herself but stops just short of additional infraction. She tightens her lips, lovely with a faint white coating of dried cum on them. My friend grabs her forearms and backs up just a bit so that she is bent slightly at the waist. I tap her ankles with a crop. She stiffens, but does as I tacitly direct. I wait, drawing out her apprehension. My friend and I begin to discuss various techniques for using the crop. She’s sweating now and I take pity on her by delivering that first tap. Directly to her open, wet puss. I’m not cruel, but I’m not gentle either. If I went too easy on her, she’d lose her respect for me. She yelps but stays in place which makes both my friend and me laugh. She’s perfect. Nine more times I apply the tip of the crop to her clit and pussy. She stays silent after that first one but the blindfold is now damp with tears. Almost as damp as her thighs. I shit you not, a small puddle of sweet honey had formed on the floor between her legs.

She’s taken her first reprimand well, so I feel it only right to reward her. I plunge three fingers deep inside of her, curling them, tickling that secret spot that I can always find. She bends down farther, her knuckles white as she clings to my friend’s arms. My hand is drenched with wetness as her body controts in the first of many orgasms. I yank my fingers free and lick her sweetness. Delicious. Once again I help her to stand and to redress. “I’m proud of you. Are you happy?”


Are you frightened? Entrance

She knows what she’s getting into. We, in fact, have been guests here when a submissive has been debuted in just such a way. I remember well just how entranced she was, watching the young man, blindfolded, silent, and so very perfect, gracefully and stoically be displayed, touched, used (but not abused or harmed!) by the exclusive and heavily vetted guests. She was such a proud thing back then, wanting to submit, but fighting the conventional norm that to allow someone else to have control over one’s own body was somehow demeaning. Over the past few months, she’s come to terms with her need to submit and my need to dominante. Now, it is time for her debute.

I feel her body trembling with excitement spiced with fear. My cock hardens. It, however, will have to wait. She won’t be receiving it too soon. That would maktumblr_olgxycdtNi1uz20suo1_500e the eveing far too easy for her. What pride will she have if she doesn’t have to push herself? I take a few minutes to parade her around the room, speaking to a few other guests. Then, I turn to her and give instructions. She jumps a little, but gives an almost imperceptable nod. She squats down. I push her forward a bit and she instictively opens her mouth. She runs her tongue up my friend’s crotch then raises her hands. “Were you told to use your hands?” I whisper. Immediately she clasps her hands together behind her back. My friend and I grin at each other. Perfect excuse for a punishment. He opens his zipper and releases his cock. There’s a reason I chose him to be her first. He is enormous. About 11 inches long with the girth of a pool noodle. She struggles, almost topples off her heels, gags, but utters not one sound of complaint as he fucks her mouth mercilessly. When he’s ready, he pulls out, fist pumping his cock. She tilts her face upward, mouth open like a good slut. I don’t want this, though. I want her covered in cum. I touch her chin with a finger and she closes her lips. He sprays her face, throat, hair, blindfold. He grins at me as he puts his cock back in his trousers and we chat about mundane things while my Love stays in place, her legs cramping, cum drying on her delicate skin. He gives me a look and I nod, reach down and help her to stand. She’s wobbly, having been in an akward position for so long, but flushed. A small grin on her face. I lean into her and whisper, “You’ve made your entrance, my Love. Are you willing to go on?”


Are you frightened? Instruction

Are you frightened, Love? You should be. For the next few hours you will be deprived of your sight. You will be dependent upon me as your guide. You’re only opportunity to change this situation is to use your safe word. Barring that one tiny word, you will do as I say with whom I say when I say. You will do all of this with a graciously submissive attitude.

I will never, not once, leave you alone. If you do not hear my voice or feel my touch, know that I am still with you, watching, guarding. You will be frightened, but know that this will add to my pleasure along with yours. You will never, I swear to you, be in true danger.

I will touch you, display you, kiss you. I will let others do the same. I will bend you have, spank you, run my fingers, perhaps my tongue, up and down your already wet slDFpaxerWAAMBQzOit. I will let others do the same.

I will have you stand by my side, silent, blindfolded, while I drink and laugh and talk with others. You, my Love, are my possession tonight. My art. My triumph. You are Submission itself.

I will expose your breasts, play with your nipples, suck on them, pinch them. I will let others do the same. You will stand, or kneel, stoic and beautiful, silent and accepting. The only word you will speak, if you feel the need, will be your safeword.

I will strip you, bite you, fuck you. I will use your mouth, your pussy, possibly even your ass. I will let others do the same. You are ready for this, despite your fear and doubts. Tell me one more time, honestly and truly,  before we enter The Mansion, do you accept all of this?


Fall Rules 2017

Naturally, all House Rules apply. In addition, Mister has decided (I had no choice this time because I didn’t want a choice.) upon the following. Once I read them, I knew it had been a brilliant idea to ask Him to set up this season’s rules. I think I might just be able to follow them all and avoid punishment until December 21!!! Any bets?

  1.  I will have at least one orgasm per day in Milord’s presence (either physical or electronic). This is for my overall health and His enjoyment.
  2. I will join a local group that practices Naked Yoga and attend at least twice a week. This will remind me that my body is, in fact, beautiful.
  3. Every evening before Mister comes home from work, I will put on my House Collar. This will remind Him of my devotion and love for Him. I will also wear my Pearl Collar whenever I am out with Him as a reminder of the many pearls He bestows upon me.
  4. I will wear only one layer clothing between my legs at any one time (if I’m wearing slacks, no panties). This will remind me that this area is His.
  5. I will suck on His cock every day. If He is unavailable, I will suck on a dildo while I masturbate until I come. I will do this either in front of a live feed for Him or film it for His viewing pleasure at a later time.
  6. pearl_choker_817469fe-f492-4f3e-8567-8e95a74e73e9


Prepare for “Invasion” he tells me. The first “Attack” will come at 4:00 p.m. At first, I was confused. Then I understood. He was going to “invade”. I was at home, hav


ing gotten a sweet schedule from work which actually allowed me four days off in a row. Darkness had been hinting for several months now that he would soon “invade” my most private place – my anus. I shivered, more than a little apprehensive, but began to prepare. My Darkness had shared his fantasy with me some time ago – to plunder my anus completely, leaving my pussy weeping with neglect and need. I’d been actually preparing

for this for some time – working the muscles of my spinchter, doing kegels, eating a diet high in fiber (which I needed to do anyway since I’m prone to constipation when I’m stressed – TMI?). When the “invasion” came, he warned, I’d better make sure I was ready – cleaned and lubed, with plenty of spare lube handy.  He arrived at precisely 4:00, asked if I was prepared, the held my hands, kissing them gently. He told me how proud he was of me, and how grateful that I was will, eager even, to do this for him. His greatest hope, he explained, was that after this invasion, I too would grow to love anal as much as he, embracing the uCrank Handle Glass Anal Butt Plugniqueness of the experience, the total giving my of myself, the new level of trust, the eroticism, the humiliation, but the most of all, the love and devotion that this act would embody. His words spread a blanket of calmness over me.

First, I stood for him, stripping naked. He bend me over a kitchen chair, my hands grasping the seat. He spread my cheeks, approving of the lubrication already in my anus. Then, he showed me the glass plug, complete with a glass handle. I gasped and wanted to run, but I said nothing. I let my head drop and my shoulders relax. I jumped when I felt the coldness pressed against my virgin bud. He murmured soothing words and pressed the plug in, slowly, carefully. The sensation was odd, uncomfortable, embarrassing, but not painful in the least. Finally, it was well seated. I suddenly recognized the sweet, pungent scent of my own excitement. Darkness ran his fingers up my slit and chucked. Then, he finger fucked me until I came, drenching his hand with my wetness. He came to stand in front of me, had me suck my own juices from his fingers, then unzipped his trousers. I opened my mouth, eager to take him. As I worshipped his magnificent cock, he bent over me and began to spin the plug. I moaned. My god! It felt amazing!!!!I sucked him with vigor, massaging his balls, wanting more. He pulled out, though, before he came and I cried with despire. He helped me to stand, then picked me up and carried tumblr_nw2zisr6DW1sdxznzo1_500me to the bed. He lay me face down, my ass lifted by pillows. He did nothing but slowly spin the plug until I was squirming and begging to be fucked. He reminded me that my pussy would be lonely, weeping. The earlier finger fuck was all the action it would receive for the next few days. No. It was ass that would receive most of the attention. Occassionally, he’d use my mouth, but only as the pre-show. Slowly, he removed the plug. He stood behind me, spreading lub on his cock. I was nervous, but so desperate for him, that lifted my hips and begged again. He laughed and eased himself into me. He is much, much bigger than the plug. I cried out a little, sure he was going to rip me open, but he went slowly and my body stretched for him. He pulled out, then in. Out, then in. I began matching his movements, crying – this time with excitement, and faster than I thought possible, I exploded, colors shooting around me as I enjoyed one of the most intense and unexpected orgasms of my life. Before I’d begun my descent, Darkness clawed my back. His cock expanded, had he moaned, pumping his pleasure inside of me. We stayed like that until our breathing returned to normal. Then, he pulled out of me only to replace the plug. I protested, but he said, “Invasion. Unless you have a biological need to evacuate, you will be invaded this entire weekend.” I gaped at him, saying nothing. “Don’t worry. I have several plugs. Some you’ll barely notice, they’re so small and easy to wear. Others, like this one, you’ll only be able to lie or stand. Some will be large and uncomfortable, but have no doubt in your mind. If my cock is not inside of you, something else will be.” But I began, then saw the sterness on his face. He HAD warned me this weekend was coming. “If it becomes too much, use your safeword, but otherwise, your ass is mine.”