Erotic literature. — Savitha’s Blog

As the name suggests, Erotica is something we try to hush hush and shove under the carpet but in reality we all love to read about it and look at those lusty and sexy pictures which kindles and creates a flutter in our hearts and minds. This is not something new to us. We are […] … Continue reading Erotic literature. — Savitha’s Blog

Rules 4 and 5 – conclusion

Rules 4 and 5 Remove your dress, hat, and shoes. Gather three spanking implements. Go to the dinning room and bend over the table face down. Grab one side of the table so that your clamped tits are pressed against the wood and spread your legs wide. I had no idea how the ben wah … Continue reading Rules 4 and 5 – conclusion

Bragging equals exposure

H has always liked to discipline me by humiliation. Pain - I like it. Anal plugs - Never wetter. Public exposure, however, OMG!!! Still, I could object. He won't FORCE me. Today, we were at a secluded lake fishing. (Yes, fishing. We both LOVE to fish!) The lake is privately owned and, as I said, … Continue reading Bragging equals exposure