Bragging equals exposure

H has always liked to discipline me by humiliation. Pain - I like it. Anal plugs - Never wetter. Public exposure, however, OMG!!! Still, I could object. He won't FORCE me. Today, we were at a secluded lake fishing. (Yes, fishing. We both LOVE to fish!) The lake is privately owned and, as I said, … Continue reading Bragging equals exposure

Incitement to rape? — A Faded Romantic’s Notebook

I have published this post four times before, but it feels like a good time to post it again. First posted September 1st 2015 Sometimes I get serious It seems an ageing female rock star recently suggested in an interview with one of our sad excuses for a serious newspaper that women/girls who dress provocatively […] … Continue reading Incitement to rape? — A Faded Romantic’s Notebook