5 ways to show him RESPECT in public

 Dress in a way that pleases him but is also appropriate for the occasion and comfortable for you. There is nothing demeaning in choosing appropriate clothing that you know He will like. Allow him to be a Gentleman: open doors for you, assist you in ways you may not NEED, but shows His desire and … Continue reading 5 ways to show him RESPECT in public

BDSM on a Budget – Him

"Hey, you forgot to use the plastic wrap yesterday! To make it fair, you need to eliminate one of your purchases today," Samantha stated. "That's fair. But why don't you eliminate one - just to be fair," Greg agreed. They stood looking at Greg's haul for their experiment in BDSM on a budget of $10.00. … Continue reading BDSM on a Budget – Him

BDSM toys on a Budget – Her

Greg gave Samantha a challenge:  We will both find as many versatile, usable toys for impact play, bondage, restraint, and/or sensation play for $10.00 only. Samantha readily agreed. They would go shopping individually, keep their purchases in their sealed bag then evaluate everything over a two day period. The next day, they flipped a coin … Continue reading BDSM toys on a Budget – Her

Final Spring Punishment – 2

Final Spring Punishment Milord was correct, but then again, he wasn't. The rest of the day was not "enjoyable", but it was cleansing. For the offense of wearing clothing when i wasn't supposed to, I will go five days without any clothing. I reminded Milord that tomorrow was his "Guys' Night In". When he just … Continue reading Final Spring Punishment – 2