Maintenance clips

Autumn Rules 2019 My bottom was still sore from Milord's new crop, but today is Maintenance, and so our rules simply must be followed. Milord offered to wait until tomorrow, but I wouldn't hear of it. I actually look forward to Maintenance Morning. It's such a satisfying way to begin the weekend! Nonetheless, because off … Continue reading Maintenance clips

Welcome Home

Milord had been gone for several days and sent me an instructional text. Wear black stockings and shoes. Over the vanity bench. Head and eyes down. Wait silently. And so I obeyed, my pussy getting softer and wetter by the moment. Finally, after what seemed like hours, I heard the door downstairs open. Footsteps on … Continue reading Welcome Home

A little Whine with that Wine?

"What is that?" Milord demanded. I glanced guiltily at the dirty wine glass on the counter. I could have cleaned it up and put it away before Milord got home, but that would be cheating. I may have broken one of my Autumn Rules 2019, but I still respected them. "At least you've put on a … Continue reading A little Whine with that Wine?

Maintenance Morning

As per my new autumn rules, Saturday Mornings were Maintenance Mornings which meant that I would be quite humbled for the weekend. This, honestly, was something I looked forward to. i WANTED to be humbled. I WANTED to be reminded of my position. I WANTED to know Milord remembered his duty to me. Milord was … Continue reading Maintenance Morning