National Rum Day Celebration

Today is National Rum Day In honor of this, Sir has decreed that we will be playing Pirate Ship. I am to dress in 18th century underclothing and a simple dress.  Sir drives us to the marina where he keeps his yacht. He has apparently already "hired" a "swabby" to assist - his friend Mister Adrian. As soon … Continue reading National Rum Day Celebration

Public obedience

I opened the box Milord sent to me. It came with a note:  STRIP OUT OF YOUR CLOTHING, ATTACH THIS GIFT APPROPRIATELY, PUT ON A SUNDRESS AND SHOES. MEET ME AT OUR FAVORITE RESTAURANT AT 630. I blinked. Several questions popped into my mind. Was he serious?? (Of course he was!) Which favorite restaurant? As I followed … Continue reading Public obedience