Public obedience

I opened the box Milord sent to me. It came with a note:  STRIP OUT OF YOUR CLOTHING, ATTACH THIS GIFT APPROPRIATELY, PUT ON A SUNDRESS AND SHOES. MEET ME AT OUR FAVORITE RESTAURANT AT 630. I blinked. Several questions popped into my mind. Was he serious?? (Of course he was!) Which favorite restaurant? As I followed … Continue reading Public obedience

Bragging equals exposure

H has always liked to discipline me by humiliation. Pain - I like it. Anal plugs - Never wetter. Public exposure, however, OMG!!! Still, I could object. He won't FORCE me. Today, we were at a secluded lake fishing. (Yes, fishing. We both LOVE to fish!) The lake is privately owned and, as I said, … Continue reading Bragging equals exposure