National Erotic Humiliation Day 2018

This is NOT National humiliation morning, afternoon, evening, hour, minute. it is National Erotic Humiliation DAY as in 24 hours!! And that is exactly what My Lion has devised, something I gave my willing permission for him. In fact, my exact words were: A day lasts for 24 hours. I want to feel your power … Continue reading National Erotic Humiliation Day 2018

Summer’s Reprimand

Milord was out of town - just overnight - but I still managed to break a Summer Rules 2018.  Per rule #3, I will be filled with either a dildo, Kegel egg, ben wah balls, or anal plug (possibly two items at a time) for at least one  one and a half hours each day. Whatever Milord chooses to … Continue reading Summer’s Reprimand