Wifely Training – 3

Bella stood, her back against the wall, hands on her head. Her ass was sore from the morning and nightly floggings, her bum hole filled with a rather large plug. Six days ago she could never have imagined standing like this. Now, all she wanted was to make sure she learned everything she possibly could … Continue reading Wifely Training – 3

Week of Nipple Training – Sunday

The line between training, torture, and pleasure is thin. I informed Beatrice on Sunday that I would very much like to train her nipples for the next seven days. I explained the details to her and asked if she agreed. She did. For the next seven days, we would focus on her nips. She would … Continue reading Week of Nipple Training – Sunday

National Rum Day Celebration

Today is National Rum Day In honor of this, Sir has decreed that we will be playing Pirate Ship. I am to dress in 18th century underclothing and a simple dress.  Sir drives us to the marina where he keeps his yacht. He has apparently already "hired" a "swabby" to assist - his friend Mister Adrian. As soon … Continue reading National Rum Day Celebration