Extended Time for breaking rules

Spring Rules 2018  You guessed it. I screwed up again. Really, it wasn't my fault this time. True, I was cutting it close coming home from my friend Josie's house, but how was I to know that construction the highway started yesterday and I'd be stuck in traffic for over 45 minutes. Sure, I told … Continue reading Extended Time for breaking rules

Submission isn’t and is

Submission isn't about pain about bondage about discomfort. It isn't losing yourself inside of another. It's about loving totally and fully about respect about trust It's about finding yourself in the eyes of another. It's about giving and demanding and receiving and sharing Submission isn't frightening. It's liberating  

K is for Klismaphilia

How many of you have heard of this word?  I hadn't until I starting doing research for this series. According to Psychology Today it is a term coined by Dr Joanne Denko in the reporting of two case studies early 1970s ('klisma' is the Greek word for 'enema')—is a very unusual variant in sexual expression in which an … Continue reading K is for Klismaphilia

I is for insertable

That's right - insertable. Absolutely anything that can be SAFELY inserted and then SAFELY removed. Plugs, dildos, ginger, fingers, tongues, cocks, fists, popciles, soap, balls - you name it. Key word here is SAFELY - never, ever forget that. If you're trying something new, do your research. Make sure of any allergies or phobias - … Continue reading I is for insertable