The Sunday of Advent – Bondage

It is my day of confession, one of many. One of four I should say. Today, the first Sunday. The Sunday of Atonement. This is, of course, Milord's name for today, not the Church's. He's come up with a diabolical, wonderful, reflective way to prepare for Christmas, one in keeping with our lifestyle. Each Sunday … Continue reading The Sunday of Advent – Bondage

Discrete, Public BDSM

Milord has very strong feelings regarding BDSM in public - as do I! BDSM is NOT for everyone. I can't think of one single thing - not ice cream, not high heels, not dogs - that EVERYONE likes, let alone something as personal and often socially unacceptable as BDSM. Besides, we both have a strict … Continue reading Discrete, Public BDSM

Three Days in – Disregard of Rules

Today was the final day of my forced orgasms (see previous post!) Have I learned my lesson? You bet your sweet ass I have! I'm exhausted! My clit is swollen and tender so that even that Milord as removed the vibrator and the harness holding it in place, any movement - even walking - that … Continue reading Three Days in – Disregard of Rules