Tied in Knots

It has been a stressful week. I won’t bore anyone with the details. My Lion, though, took steps to relieve my tension. He knows that the fastest way for me to relax is to submit – totally and fully – to Him. And so, When he saw the state of mind I was in when I got home Friday night he pulled me into his arms, kissed me, then whispered his order into my ear. Showered, shaved, naked, and collared. Ten minutes.  I felt tDG9x1FSUQAAHcgRension melting from my pores. Twelve minutes later I stood before him – showered, shaved, naked, collared – with soft, cotton ropes being tied harnass like around my body. I would, he said, wear not only his collar, but his bindings and very likely his markings all weekend long. He would release me not tonight, not tomorrow, not Sunday, but only Monday morning. Until then, I was his. I would obey.  I would serve. He would fuck me, dress me, use me, make me come, eat me, feed me as he pleased. His voice floated about me like a cloud of lavendar – enticing, compelling, relaxing. He wrapped his love around me as he spoke and as he created the harness that I would wear until He chose to untie it. He looped the rope over my hips, making sure that my slit would be easily accessible. The binding was tight, but not uncomfortable. In truth, I love when he harntumblr_otxcdv42JM1w4ltjno1_400ess me. It is a constant reminder that I am his (and he is mine).  He finished and I sat on the bed. I licked my lips and looked up, my hand on his zipper. He shook his head, though, denying me this pleasure. Instead, he pushed me back onto the bed, knelt, and lifted my legs over his shoulders. I’m going to make you cum until you beg me to stop. Then, my lioness, I’m going to ignore you and keep going. My tongue, my fingers, perhaps my fist will be inside of your secret holes. My teeth will nip your clit your lips. You. Are. Mine. And so he did. Minutes, hours later, my hands buried in his dark hair, I begged him to stop, to give me a break, to let me suck him, to fuck me. He ignored me. sure I could have used my safe word, but I didn’t. One orgasm washed over the one before it until my body quivered uncontrollably. I stopped begging, stopped thinking, stopped moving with intent. I surrendered. He knew this and chuckled, his lips on my clit. I have no idea how he did it, but somehow he unzipped his jeans and pulled off his shirt. He was on top of me, in me, my legs still over his shoulders, his cock buried inside of me. That’s it. Come. Come all over my cock. Give me what I demand. And so I did. I came, screaming out his name. He pulled out, readjusted himself, pressed my legs wide apart, then plunged his entire length into my ass. I cried out again – not in pain because there was none. My Lion keeps my ass nicely stretched so that I can accommodate him at any time. No, I cried out in gratitude. “Yes!! Please!” He pressed down on my thighs, spreading me wide. I reached up, ran my hands down his hard chest, his impossibly tight abs. Where? Where do you want it? “Wherever you want to give it.” I tipped my head back, arched my back, and felt him roar his release. Inside of me. He let go inside of me and I gasped with the joy of it. He relaxed, fell  to the bed beside me, and pulled me to his chest, cradling me. He kissed my head and I sighed against him, satiated and relaxed.

Now, as I sit at my desk, I still feel his ropes binding me even though he untied them this morning. I feel his cum, wishing gravity was not so certain, as my silk panties absorb his essense. I wiggle a bit, my nether regions tender and sore for being ravaged for the past two days and three nights. I had to wear a lightly padded bra to hide the indecency of my swollen nipples. When my assistant came in with an arm full of files, he noted my relaxed shoulders, my smile, the glow about my face, and said it was obvious that I’d had a good weekend. “You have no idea,” I told him, grinning as only a well satisfied lover can.

Getting Ready – an Open Letter to Gentlemen


It is an honDG9v1smXYAAon6hor to be seen with you, to be with you. Know that we prepare for this honor sometimes for hours. We shower, shave, slather lotion on, dry our hair, curl or straighten it, arrange it in an

up do, braid it. We perfume our bodies. We pluck or wax our legs, eyebrows, pubs. We endure the pain and discomfort of this eagerly, willingly. We put on make-up, change our minds, wash it off, re-apply. We choose our lingerie then change it because it doesn’t suit the outer clothes we wear. Both the lingerie and outer clothing are chosen with you in mind, not comfort. Trust me, no one wears a corset or high heels because of comfort. We strap on the pretty sandles, slip into the ma


tching pumps. We make sure to apply deodorant – usually twice – because just the thought of you makes us hot enough to sweat. The idea that your eyes might smolder with desire, that you might compliment us causes slight heart palipatations. But the image, the memory, the hope of your touch – your hand, your lips, your skin – is enough to, pardon the old fashioned expression, make us practically swoon.

I ask that you know we do this not because you expect it of us, but because we expect it of ourselves. To be less than our best, to be less than as close to perfect as we can be, is simply unacceptable. Why? Because you, our men, our loves, our dominants, our husbands, our lovers, you deserve only the best and so we strive to make ourselves better. If we do this in error, if you would prefer jeans, a t-shirt, flip flops, natural skin , please let us know in a kindly manner. Point out to us our successes rather than our failures. Tell us the color of our lipstick is lovely, but not as lovely as our skin. (Rather than telling us to wipe that crap off of our faces.) Tell us the outfit looks made special for us and you can’t wait to rip it off our bodies. (Rather than asking why we’re still wearing a bra.) Tell us the shoes are dazzling and that you look forward to rubbing any soreness from the cramped muscles. (Rather than telling us we will break our necks.)

We, your ladies, your wives, your lovers, your submissives, we prepare our bodies, our minds, our souls with the prime intention of pleasing you.

Be gentle with us.

Next Up?

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If I came with a Warning Label

Easily broken

but sometimes, I want that.

I’m stronger than people think,

like hammered Damascus,

with each blow I willingly take

I grow more beautiful, stronger.

But hammer at the wrong time

the wrong place

the wrong force

and I will shatter.




Beach Bunny

We’re off to the beach!! Naturally, Milord has rules for me. First off, this is a nude beach – not clothing optional, but nude.  Even if it were clothing optional, I wouldn’t have  that option. Milord has decided that I need a better self image and as such, I will be nude as often as possible.  No,  I’m not at all comfortable with this, but I trust Milord to do what is best, and so I will obey. I was quite uncomfortable today, though, because not only was I to be nude (as was everyone else!) Milord even took my collar away! I felt very exposed. He, naturally, had a plan. Rather than wearing a collar to mark me as his property, my body tumblr_nx0mdsf5h31teg8f3o1_1280would, instead, be marked. I begged him to do so here in privacy rather than at the beach – which he has  done before. So long as I could get him off with only my mouth, no hands, within 3 minutes, he would agree. Luck was with me, and I suceeded with 3.5 seconds to spare! I got into position, hands on the wall, feet wide apart, and Milord marked me with th riding crop. He was not gentle – warm ups reduce bruising and he wanted everyone to easily see the  marks on my ass, my inner thighs. He wanted my red and swollen labia to be visible. He wanted to community to know that I belonged to him. And so I stood, hands pressed hard against the wall, tears fltumblr_oti051x1vg1qd33wso1_500owing down my face, honey flowing down my thighs. Finally, he was satisfied. I collapsed in his arms and he held me, kissing me, whispering to me until I was calm enough to thank him. Because I had behaved so well, he used his hands and allowed me an orgasm. Then, we went to the beach – complete with sand, ocean water, and a salt water pool. Milord swam a bit, floated a bit, and lounged on a mattress. I frolicked in the pool and tried to ignore the comments regarding my markings. Finally, one man made bold enough to ask me what had happened. Know what was expected, I glanced at Milord who nodded, then explained that he had marked me as a sign of his ownership of me. I smiled when I said this and the man nodded his understanding. He looked at Milord and asked if he might touch the markings. Milord agreed and so I stood stock still, eyes lowered, and this stranger ran his hand down my marked ass and thighs.  “Very nice,” he commented. “Well placed marks, nice welting, I’m assuming she became very wet during the application?”

“Indeed,” Milord answered, walking over to joing us. “And did you protest during the application?” he asked. “No, not at all,” Milord assured him. “She too well trained for that. I know her limits and while I will push them, I will never cross them. She knows this.” “I see,” the man responded. “And do you speak for her?” “Mostly, yes, although not always. She is silent now because there is no need for her to answer. I’m right here. If she objects, she will politely say something. Isn’t that so?”

“Yes, Milord,” I answered, smiling up at him. The man laughed appreciatively and I blushed a bit. Milord held out his hand and led me down to the beach, the man joining us. I was told to stretch out on the sand, which was quite hot, but also very soft. I did so, my marked bottom on full view of anyone who passed by. Milord explained that in the past he has marked me here, in public, but I had begged him for privacy today. Since I had performed fellatio to his approval, he reward me by marking me in private. The man exclaimed at this generous arrangement. Milord reapplied sunscreen on my delicate skin as he spoke with the man. Then, he suggested that we all meet in a few hours for dinner. I would, Milord assured him, be delighted to entertain him for the evening. “Isn’t that right, my cub?” he said to me. I raised myself up on my elbow


s and responded, “It is, Milord. There is nothing I would enjoy more than being the guest of whomever Milord has chosen.” These words were not rehearsed or required. They were hearfelt. The man must have understood this for he looked down at me, his long cock swaying gently between his muscular thighs, and said, “As be it then. You must call me Sir then or Captain. And will you also obey me as you obey your lord?” I thought a minute, looked at Milord, and said, “So long as it please him, yes.” Both men laughed with delight and I grinned as well. I had no doubt that tonight would prove to be quite, quite interesting.

3 Day Camp – In review

Our 3 days of renewal – Lion and his lioness – were altogether successful. By the end of the first day, I was in total submind and he, my Lion, was the Alpha in all ways. We ended the day with him giving me a wonderful foot massage! Not Alpha you say? Not al all. An Alpha takes care of what is his, which was excatly what he was doing. He had allowed me to remove my shoes after the first encounter on the dining room table. Once, however, I removed an article of clothing, I would never again (not in the 3 days anyway) put it back on. By the end of the first night I was without shoes, stockings, and g-string. He had pleasured himself (and me!!!) using first my mouth, then my pussy, then I pressed my breasts together, he drizzled warming oil on them, and he had fucked them, coming on mDEFLU_BXkAU6vZzy throat and face. He gently massaged this into my skin, not allowing me to shower until the next moring. He had also inserted a small plug into my anus, which he left there throughout the night. By the first morning, I was so horny that I practically attacked him as soon as I woke up. He allowed me this pleasure, but assured me that I would pay for it – and I did. As soon as he finished, coming in my pussy, he cuffed my hands behind my back and arranged all of his spanking implements on the ground. Then, I knelt in the corner for what seemed like a very long time while he lectured me.

He would decide when and how I was to be fucked. He would decide how and when and with what I wold be spanked. He was my Lion. I would opne the rule of my Lion.

Throughout off of this, I was become more humble and excited my the minute. Yes. He WAS my Lion and I was happiest when I did serve him, even if it meant delaying my own physical pleasure. Let me assure you, that he used each and every implement on my ass, my thighs, my calves, my breasts, my pussy. I cried from the pain, from the pleasure, from the pure joy of being used by one such as he. Halfway through the second day he released me from my corset and the small plug. He replaced the plug first with himself and then, after he had come, a larger plug. Later, when I could no longer hold in the contents of my bowels, I begged him for release, which he granded after he came again in my mouth. Once I was cleaned out, he again plugged me – with a slightly bigger plug. I would, he told me, be plug by either himself or something else until I entered my own apartment again. I bowed my head and accepted his word. I would be uncomfortable, but not in pain. Part of the discomfort was also from the knowledge that I would be perpetually wet!

To summarize, Lion’s 3 day camp did its work. I’m back at work today, but even though my bottom no longer hurts and my nipples are no longer swollen. I do not have his come in or on any part of my body, His presence is still beneath everything I do. I have confidence and poise more than before the camp. Yes, some of my co-workers are still bitches, but I have something secret that they do not – a Lion who cares for me, corrects me, and is always with me.DFrqLZuXoAAH2Zy

Three Day Camp – Day 1

My Lion and I have decided that we need a good re-boot camp. We have both been putting our work (which is certainly important) and other concerns (televions, computer games, which are not important) ahead of our relationship. These days will be devoted to both of us re learning our roles as lovers, friends, and Dominant/Submissive. We don’t go away to do this re-booting, but rather stay in his home. By doing this, we will be daily reminded of our choices by simply being around every day items such as the couch, the dining room table, the peg board and hooks in his garage, and so on. I have a small apartment on the other side of time which ismmore convienent during the work week, but on weekends, I also live here. To show the importance of this Camp, we have both taken three days off work, placing our relationship as a top priority. When I arr

bw corset

ive at his home, I hand him my purse, keys, and coat. He takes them and locks them away from me. I’m left standing wearing  and under bust corset, g-string, stockings, heals and some pearls – all per my Lion’s instructions. He asks how long I’ve been corseted and I answer about 1 hour. He turns me around and tugs on the laces. I gasp, but sure enough, there is some play in the strings that wasn’t there an hour ago. I’m now trussed tighter than a pig. I can’t bed at the waist, which pleases us both.  This Camp is not for comfort or relaxation, but for renewal and reconnection. He is dressed in pressed black slacks. That’s it. My g-string is soaked through just looking at him! He sniffs and smiles, catching the scent of my musk. He bends me over his kitchen table, my breasts pressed flat, my face turned to the side. my back straight as a poker. Then, he slides off his belt. I hold onto the edge of the table, but before the first belting, he kneels between my legs and licks my slit, I gasp and my knuckles whiten as they grip the edge of the table his tongue fucks my pussy, my asshole, then uses his hands. I come and come and come. Already I’m exhausted and quickly losing my grasp on the world. I hear him stand then hear the snap of his belt. Fire licks my bottom, but I don’t react. My mind is still floating on the pleasure of the orgasms he’s just given me. My Lion insists on pleasure before pain. He maintains that the mixing of the two confuses my senses to the point where they become inseperable from each other. He’s right. This doesn’t work for every couple, but it certainly does for us. By the time the pain of the belting enterss my brain, he is finished. My ass is on fire, but I am content for the most part. I am silent,  as we agreed, but I want to beg. Then, he is standing before me, his trousers gone, his cock at full mast, eager. I raise my head, stand on my toes, and eagerly open my mouth. He smiles down at me and slowly eases his cock into my mouth. I moan with the pleasure of him. With one hand he pulls my long hair into a tight pony. With the other he smacks my hot, hot bottom. Reality is no more. I could happily suck his cock all freaking day. “I wanted to wait,” he rasps, “but I can’t. I want you too much. you feel so fucking good. I’m going to come in your mouth, Sadie,. That’s the first for today. You’ve go to more loads at least to look forward to. One in you puss, and one in your ass.” I close my eyes and nod. His cock presses against the back of my throat. My toes are off the floor, my waist bound so tight I can’t bend easily, and I’m about to come again myself. Then, I felt it. His sweet, hot cream jutting against my throat. I cried out in delight and worked to swallow every delicious drop. He stay in my mouth for a while after he finished, catcching his breath. When he finally pulled out, I was devestated. My lion, though, helped me to stand then picked me up, laying me gently on his bed where he lay next to me. Then, he was hovering over me, sucking on my nipple. He raised his head and reached into a large, black batumblr_o03gqkwCS81qlcyfro1_500g, pulling out two clothes pins. My eyes widened and I backed away. Normally, after we orgasm, we cuddle a bit, may be nap, and then go abobut our day.. Camp!!! I forgot. “There will be no ‘down time’ my little lioness. For the next 3 days you will always be reminded of your submissiveness to me.I will always be reminded of my dominance over you. Now,” I cried out as he put the second pin in place.”I’ve set the alarm for 15 minutes. We’ll rest for that time, and then I will release the clips. Not to worry, though, I have something else in my bog to replace them.” He kissed me and held me close. My ass tingled and my nipples were on fire.  A single tear ran down my face, but I’ll be damned if I knew if that tear was for pain, humiliation, or pure joy.