Drive By

Trey bought me a car! A very, very pretty one. I’ve never had a car before, having always relied on public transit or Him to give me a ride wherever I needed to go. Now, though, since we’ve moved out to the country, I need one. It’s a pretty silver BMW. I was so excited I made a rash – or maybe not so rash – promise. I’ll do anything you want for a full week. “Anything?” he said. “Anything!” I answered. He made me repeat my promise. Then asked if I was absolutely positive. I knew then that  He was planning something perverted (Oh yay!!) and likely something that I wouldn’t be too happy about doing at the time, but would be happy about obeying – if that makes any sense at all. I sobered up, looked him straight in the eye and gave my promise to obey absolutely anything He ordered. No safe word. No hesitation. If I broke my word, I’d be grounded from the car for a week and give seven lashes with his belt. He grinned and tossed


me the keys. Then, he told me to strip out of my clothes. Grinning, I did, as did he. To my surprise (and pleasure) he spun me around, held me my wrists behind me and bent me over the table. He warmed me up well so I was good and wet. He entered me and I moaned. I absolutely LOVE HIM inside of me, but good lord He’s big!! As he’s pumping slowly in and out He’s also pushing a finger in my anus. My heart stops a moment. Did I mention He’s big??? A promise, though, is a promise. He adds a second finger and scissors them gently to stretch me out. By now, I’ve already come once. I begin to babble – yes. Do it. Thank you. Please, keep fucking me – and cry just a bit. I come again and he pulls out of my pussy. His crown presses against my anus, slowly, relentlessly. I cringe and he slaps my ass. “No hesitation” he reminds me. I grit my teeth and push back, impaling myself on his fat, long cock. I cry out, shudder at the pain, then come again. He laughs and begins to fuck me in earnest. Finally, he comes, shooting deep inside of me. We rest for a bit, then he dresses. I begin to as well, but he stops me. “Naked. All


day long,” he says. “Let’s go for a ride.”

I look at him, shocked. He can’t be serious!! But he is. We head out to the garage and he holds open the back door of my car. I climb in, blushing furiously. My bottom is tender, so I sit gently which makes him laugh again. “Don’t worry,” he says. “We’ll stay on the back roads. Then we’ll go back home. I’m going to want you again, this time in your mouth.” Well, if that’s the case, I’ll gladly ride around stark naked all afternoon!

New use for Carpet Beater

I have a rattanbeaterspenchant for beautiful yet useful things. Carpet beaters are an example of this. In fact, I have a whole collection of them hanging in our foyer. Guests often comment on them and wonder at the amount of work it would have taken to clean all the rugs in a house back in the day. We shake our heads and thank our lucky stars that we have no need for such things any more. What my guests don’t realize, though, is that while they have no need for such devices, Sir and I do. He has, indeed, used each every one of the beaters – rattan, wicker, metal, and the more modern rubber and leather – on me. Granted, he has used some, like the metal one, very gently, while others he has used with gusto, like the rattan and leather ones. These are not the fun paddles. These are the serious punishment paddles. The big loopy leather one, is the one he most recently used. That’s the one we take on vacation with us because it is very, very quiet yet delivers a stern lesson. Last week we went on a quick three day get away. I almost caused us to miss the plane because I had waited until the last minute to pack then became distracted in one of the stores in the airport. Sir was not happy with me; nor should he have been, honestly. As soon as we were settled in the plane he told me that when it was safe, I was to go to the bathroom and remove my panties. I argued because I was wearing a fairly short skirt. “You just added 3 more,” he decided. “You will not argue, but do as I say. The nudity will remind you that your ass is mine as soon as we check into the hotel.”

“Yes, sir,” I mumbled and did as he said. The moment we walked into


the hotel room I stripped off my clothes. Sir never allows me to wear clothing in a hotel room, and he certainly doesn’t allow it when I’m being disciplined. He pulled out the loopy beater and I sunk to my knees, ready to beg for mercy. Then, he pulled out the ball gag and I knew it was hopeless. “You have caused both of us anxiety because of your lack of time management. Five for not packing earlier. Five for wasting time in the bookstore. Three for not following my command immediately. If you cry out, that stroke won’t count. Do you want the gag?”

He was right. Still, I trembled at the number. I’d never received more than 8 with the beater, and those had been awful. I had sobbed into a pillow for a long time and had a sore bottom for 2 days! I swallowed once, then said, “Yes, sir. ”

Now, sitting here on the return flight, my bottom is still sore and marked. I sobbed throughout the punishment, but managed to keep from crying out – thanks to the gag. Sir refused to allow me to wear any panties so that I would remember his lesson throughout the three days. It worked! I was very, very conscious of time and quite efficient if I do say so myself. As a result, we didn’t have to rush anywhere and had plenty of time to enjoy ourselves and relax. I look over at Sir and smile. He smiles back at me, takes my hand, and kisses my fingers. He certainly is stern, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

AAA- Triple A

Three days. Thrbf65f32556b72e28dbe0a956ddb8c22cee days of Anal – Triple A – or more if I’m lucky. Mister absolutely LOVES anal. Personally, I could do with it. At least when I haven’t had it in a while I feel like I don’t miss it. Then, decides he wants my ass again, and it’s all I can think about. Makes no sense, I know, but not much in life really does. For three days, he has decided, we will have a ritual. First, I’ll be over his lap for a good long spanking (Yay!). While I’m over his lap he’ll insert a plug – going from smallest to largest. On the first day, I’ll have to keep the plug in for a minimum of one hour, the second day a slightly bigger plug for two hours, and the third day, a still bigger plug for three hours. On the fourth day, he’ll finally fuck my ass and then the whole process reverses. I’ll go from the largest plug to the smallest, three hours to one hour – minimum. After I’m plugged, I’ll show my gratitude by sucking his cock (Yay! Yay!) After that, he’ll either fuck my mouth or my pussy (Please, fuck my pussy!!!). The time for my plugging will begin after he has come, not before. Once my time is up, he’ll let me know. I’m not allowed to ask for it’s removal even if my minimum time is past. Then, I’ll again suck his cock. If he so desires, he might again fuck me (Yes! Please!). He will, however, place me over  his lap again and spank me. This time, he’ll keep spanking until I cry. I don’t cry easily, so this may take a while. Only then will he remove the plug. I’m not at all sure why he’s decided to do this, but I’m grateful. Basically, this means I’ll be fucked at least once a day for the next 7 days!! Three days of priming, one day of ass use, then three more days of working back to the smallest. A full week of a sore bottom, forced to do something I’m not thrilled about but that he loves (which is an EXCELLENT reminder of my place as his submissive), having his cock in my mouth at least twice a day and his cum in my body at least once a day. There is nothing, nothing in this plan that I don’t love. All I can say is this. Thank you, Mister.ginger braid

Sexual Assault

This is, as the category states, NON-FICTION. People have asked me why I write BDSM. It’s about abuse, right? WRONG.  There are several key aspects of the lifestyle which differentiate it from abuse. First and foremost is consent. Each party consciously, with full knowledge, and with shared expectations, gives consent for each and every act that takes place. The moment – let me repeat! – the moment a safeword is spoken or that one party is not comfortable with what is happening is the moment everything stops. Sometimes, it stops for good, other times it stops until after a discussion, but without a doubt, it stops. Second, BDSM is about pleasure, not overpowering a weaker person. If there is no pleasure, then there is no point to BDSM. Abuse is just that – abuse. One person gaining his or her own pleasure from taking something from another person. It’s about power, not pleasure. Yes, there is something in BDSM called Total Power Exchange (TPE), but again, that is about pleasure. One person willingly and consciously gives up his or here power. The other person willingly and consciously accepts that gift and in doing so agrees to (sometimes tacitly) keep the other person safe from harm and to provide that person with pleasure of some kind or other. In the end, both parties should feel loved, safe, respected, and satiated.

Abuse, however, is about terror and blind obedience and taking what is not being offered. This article explains in much more detail than I ever could. As the victim of a sexual assault, I understand almost on the molecular level the difference between abuse and the lifestyle. My stories are meant to promote joy, pleasure, trust, and love. The differences between BDSM and abuse are as wide as wine is from salt water. If you enjoy the lifestyle, as I have for over 30 years, you know the difference. If you are knew to the lifestyle and are unsure, please ask. Most of all, please, please, please. If you have been a victim of any type of sexual assault, please seek help. If you aren’t willing to go to the police, find a support group, a friend, a community that can support you.

BDSM on a Budget – His Date

Kyle planned carefully, knowing he’d have to put on his A game if he were to “beat” Jenny’s budget date of last night. Putting the finishing touches on dinner, he was pretty sure he’d be the winner. Jenny rang the doorbell at 6:00 p.m., right on time. He opened it, handed her one long stemmed black rose – complete with thorns – and kissed her. He led her into the kitchen then whispered, “Clothes.” They had decided long ago to use commands with very few words. His cock surged to life when her eyes widen. She hesitated, but then removed her dress. She was bra-less, something that pleased him greatly. Once she had removed her panties, he held out her chair and seated her at the table, her spectacular breasts clearly visible above the oak table. Her nipples, he was pleased to see, were still slightly swollen from the clips last night. With a flourish, he placed a plate of pasta in front of her along with a glass of cucumber water. They chatted during dinner and laughed often. God, how he loved this, a great dinner and an even greater dinner companion – who was next to naked. Jenny really was his idea of a perfect submissive. Once dinner was complete, Kyle cleared the table and set his ipod. He explained that in the interest of fairness, he had purchased 5 songs just for the evening. Then, he pulled her into his arms and they began to dance. Kyle, not a fabulo


us dancer, nonetheless, swept Jenny around the room. She, on the other hand, loved dancing. she laughed, completely enjoying herself. When the fifth song ended, Kyle once again took her to the dining room table. His eyes darkened and he kissed her – hard, deep. His tongue demanding her undivided attention and submission. by the time he pulled his head up, she was already entering subspace. “Bend and present.” She slowly turned and bent over the table, her feet instinctively moving to the sturdy oak legs. Kyle quickly used soft, new, silken ropes to bind her in place. He leaned over, whispered in hear ear, “Did you notice the rose had been dethorned? You’ll thank me for that.” Then, he slipped the stem into her anus. He must have lubricated it, because it slid in easily. Still, she gasped. Then, he explained that he’d spent part of the day making a new flogger. He’d plucked lavender stems from the garden

Image result for lavender bundle

, bound greetingsthem together and would use the bundle on her ass, her thighs, her pussy. He’d continue until all the petals from the rose had fallen. Only then would he take his pleasure of her. Jenny sighed deeply. She loved flowers almost as much as she loved dancing, but more than either, she loved being flogged while bound. On and on he flogged her, the air filled with heady scents of lavender and roses. She cried out, tears washing down her face. She begged for release, which he denied. The lavender flogger didn’t hurt exactly, but it certainly stung and by the time he announced that the last petal had fallen, her bottom, thighs, and pussy were tender, swollen, and sensitive to the slightest touch. She gasped when he removed the stem, slowly, twisting it as he did so. She heard rustling and knew he was finally undressing. Then, he took her. She arched her back, screaming his name. He’d pushed in fully, balls deep, into her well lubricated bottom. She pulled against the bonds, held in place, as the orgasm ripped through her body. He fucked her mercilessly, just how she loved it, until her voice was hoarse from screams and ever muscle in her body ached. She felt him expand even more then release his precious stream into her willing body. With a satisfied smile, she whispered, “You win.”

BDSM on a Budget – Her Date

Jenny fumed. Kyle had bet her that he could plan an evening of pure enjoyment and luxury – a fabulous date – better than she. Of course he could – he made three times the amount of money he could! So, she’d purposed that they each could spend only a certain amount. Kyle agreed and let her set the amount – $100.00. Grinning, he said that she could certainly spend that. In fact, he GAVE her the money so she wouldn’t actually be spending anything out of her own pocket! Then, he said that he’d spend only half – $50.00 or less. Jenny had set up certainly rules. 1.  There had to be a meal – a real one, not just a hot dog or something.  2.  There had to be entertainment – music, dancing, a show, something like that. 3.  There had to be an after party back at one of their apartments. Any toys or implements had to be new – nothing they already had. Then, they would both decide which date had been more memorable and fun. The loser would pay a debt to the winner – the specific debt decidable by the winner.

Jenny had taken Kyle to a fabulous new pizza place for dinner – which they had both enjoyed. Then, they went to see a movie they’d both been eager to view. Finally, the

O RING, Mouth Gag With Nipple Clamps (o-ring, sex kit, bondage sex, bondage straps, bdsm, restraints, erotic gifts, bondage toys, clamps)

y ended up back at Jenny’s place. She took Kyle into the bedroom, turned on soft music and slowly stripped for him.  Then, she slowly stripped him, licking and kissing his delicious body as she did so. She opened the drawer next to her bed and handed him a box. Inside was the one toy which she could afford after dinner and movie – one toy which she had never really wanted to try. Kyle, however, had often mentioned how sexy and submissive it would be for her to wear such a device. tonight, she was willing to try. An open o-ring gag with two chains attached, each ending with nipple clips. She loved the nipple clips, but wasn’t so sure about the O ring. For starters, drooling, in her mind, was not in the least bit attractive. Kyle grinned when he saw it and lost no time in buckling it around her head, fitting it comfortably – or as comfortably as possible – around her head. Then, he clipped her nipples. She squealed, but the pain shot bolts of pleasure throughout her body. “Knees.” She slide to her knees and looked up, her mouth held open by the ring. Kyle lost no time filling the opening. Not having to worry about her teeth, he plunged deeply, blood surging when she gagged slightly, tears springing to her eyes. “Hands.” She put her hands on behind her head. Kyle held them in place, grasping her hair firmly as well. She was, basically, at his mercy. She trembled, pain melding into joy as he began to fuck her mouth. “Eyes.” She tilted her head and looked up at him, silently pleading for both mercy and use. Her body reacting strongly to his commands, his voice, his taste, and his power, she felt a warmth begin to grow in her womb.

Image result for red ass corner bdsm

Her eyes widened realizing that she was on the verge of an orgasm. Drool ran down her chin, humiliating her and pleasing him. He plunged deeply, gagging her, then held himself rigid. “Swallow.” Blinking her acceptance and Gratitude, Jenny worked her throat, shocked that the gag actually made swallowing much more difficult. She struggled, desperate to follow his command as his sweet cream spurted down her throat. Unfortunately, quite a bit also dribbled out the corners of her mouth. Once he finished, Kyle helped Jenny to stand, smiling evilly at the tell-tale sign of her failure to follow one of their hard and fast rules. He sat on the bed, flipped her over his lap, and began the agreed up punishment for her failure to swallow all of him – a hand spanking. Followed by corner time. Jenny squealed with each string, her breasts swinging, the clips pulling, and drool mixed with cum running out of her mouth. Her face was not covered with tears of both pain and humiliation. Finally, he stopped, helped her to stand, told her he was so very proud of her. He couldn’t have been more pleased by her behavior this evening – even the mistake of dribbling a bit of his cum down her chin. He helped her to stand in the corner, continuing to praise her. Buy now, her ass was on fire, her jaws ached, her nipples would be tender for days, and she’d yet to have any relief from the gnawing need to have something in her weeping pussy. Kyle, a kind and loving dominant, took pity on her and kept her corner time short. He turned her around and unclipped her nipples. Again she squealed with the pain, and a rush of happy juice trickled down her thighs. He reached around her head and unbuckled the gag, then, carried her back to the bed. He made love to her slowly, gently, completely. She lost count of the number of orgasms he gave her, but screamed his name as he filled her again with his own pleasure. As she lay in his arms, groggy, tender, and satiated, she asked him when they were going to go on his date. “Tomorrow, love. Be prepared.”

Dinner with the Boss

Part 1  Work Hours Submission

Part 2 Lunch with the Boss

Okay, so Mister isn’t technically my “boss”, but as the front desk receptionist, I do answer to him as well as others, so he is, more or less, my boss. I’d had the plug in my bottom since 1:30 this afternoon. I’d squirmed my way all the way home, Mister slapping my thighs when I annoyed him too much. When we got home, he told me to tumblr_nb4pa2nuhp1risr9ko1_r1_540remove my clothing. I could wear an apron while cooking, but aside from that, he wanted full access to my body. Grinning, I kissed him, and complied, neatly putting away my shoes and slipping my clothes in the laundry. Then, I got busy on dinner – simple stuff, really, soup from last night’s left over veggies, crusty bread from the bakery, wine. True to his word, after I placed his bowl on the table, he asked (he usually asks even though there’s no way on earth I’d say no!) if I would mind. I whipped off the apron and happily settled down at his feet. I unzipped his trousers and feasted on his cock while he enjoyed his dinner. He didn’t speak, but occasionally moaned and often had one hand on my head, stroking my hair or guiding me. I absolutely adore sucking Mister’s cock. It isn’t so big as to chock me, nor so wide as to make my jaws ache. It is perfect. Mister took his time, enjoying both his mean and my attentions. I heard him push back his bowl and felt him lean back in his chair. This was my cue. I massaged his heavy balls, sucked deeper, harder, slipped one finger into my mouth. Then, slowly eased that spit slicked finger into his anus, gently pressing against his prostrate. “Beautiful,” he whispered. His balls tightened, his cock swelled, and he released his pleasure down my eager mouth. I licked and kissed each ball after I had swallowed my appetizer, stopping only when he pulled back from me and helped me to my feet. He sat me down in his place then retrieved a warm bowl of soup for me, two slices of buttered bread, and a glass of wine. He knelt between my legs and reminded me that I was not allowed to come until I had finished my dinner. This, this was torture. The plug was still in me, pressed deeper because of the hard, wooden chair upon which I sat. He licked me – front door to doorbell. I almost spilled my soup even though I knew it was coming. I SO FREAKING WANTED TO COME!!!! If I did, I knew the rest of the night and very likely the next day would be difficult. So, I steeled myself and sipped my soup. I nibbled on the bread as Mister nibbled on me. He rubbed my seeping home, the rim and soft, inner flesh, while I finished up the last of the soup. I shoved the last of the bread into my mouth and washed it down with a big gulp of wine as he shoved three fingers into my well coated tunnel. “Please, I’m finished now, please may I come?” I begged. He pulled his mouth away long enough to say yes. I exploded, grasping the table, screaming his name, covering his face with my honey. Once I could breath again, he helped me clean up the table and set the kitchen to rights. Then, he too me to bed where he gently and thoroughly made love to me. He kept the plug in me, which made my pussy even tighter than normal. He came inside of me after a very long time. Only then did he turn me over onto my tummy. He twisted the plug, spinning it, making me wiggle and squirm and come over anecknd over again until I was begging for mercy. BDSM is NOT only about pain. Sometimes pleasure can be just as dominating. Sometimes denial can be just as dominating. Sometimes gentleness can be just as dominating. I cried and begged him to fuck me again, this time to use my ass. It was well  stretched, I assured him. He laughed and said that after coming twice, he wasn’t sure if he were capable of more tonight. But, if I asked nicely, he might be persuaded to use it in the morning. Then, all day tomorrow, I’d be reminded with my wet, cum soaked panties, that I had begged like the sweet little slut I was for him to use me.  And yes, you can bet your sweet ass I did just that.