Game Over

Play a Game began our adventures. By the time we finished, 4 hours later, with Sir having come in my mouth and pussy both once. I had enjoyed countless orgasms, so much so that I could barely walk my legs were so shaky! I’d also been spanked with a spoon, his belt, my nipples clipped with clothes pins and clamps, and no longer wore any scrap of clothing. Now it was time for the final envelope. I knew what it would be labeled since there were 5 Pain and 5 Pleasure. I’d already found 4 pain and 5 pleasures. One Pain left. I found it, handed it to him, and watched as he opened it. He was grinning. This worried me, as it should! Plug. Okay, this won’t be so bad, I thought. I’ve worn plugs before, so it will be okay. Then, I saw it and felt the color drain from my face.

Sir, pleaseYour-Ass-is-Mine-Butt-Plug-With-Leash

“Did you forget the rules of the game, which you agreed to? Once the envelope is opened, you will do as it says. Now, bend over.”

He was right. I bent over and waited for the cold lube. Then, the cold steel of the plug. He wrapped the handle around his hand and tugged  gently.

“If I have to tug hard enough to pull that plug out, we will be revisiting every one of the Pain cards.”

I told him I understood. For the next few hours I stood or knelt by his side. The large O ring at the base of the plug prevented me from actually sitting. I was still nude which he took full advantage of to my great delight. He extracted five more orgasms from my now exhausted body. Once I needed to use the restroom, so I had to ask him to take me. I thought he might afford me privacy, but he didn’t. He pulled the leash behind my back to keep it out of the way of the stream and just stood there and watched. Humiliation pleases him, displeases me, but also excites me. Eventually, he took me to bed and lay me on my back. He used his mouth, tongue, fingers on me until I begged for mercy. Finally, he gave me what I wanted, what I needed. His glorious cock! He was not gentle, nor did I want him to be. He was primal, animalistic almost. Perfect. I came again and again, and finally, when I was beginning to see black spots in front of my eyes, he came one last time. When he did, he pulled the plug from my body. I screamed from the pure joy of it all. We rested, cradled in each other’s arms. After a bit he kissed me, then said,

“So, I was thinking that at least once a month we need to play a Game.”

And that, Sir, is one of the many reasons I love you. You’re so very resourceful.

Summer Rules 2017

Memorial Day comes with Five new Rules for summer. House Rules still stand, naturally, but Spring Rules are over – thank the goddess!! That whole no masturbation thing was about more than I could handle! At least once a week this spring I’ve been punished for breaking that one!! Earlier this week, in fact, Milord had to administer 20 lashes with his belt because I once again broke that particular rule. Last year, we decided on these Summer Rules. This summer, though, Milord has gotten a bit stricter, for which I’m glad. Number 1 and 2 will be challenging for me, but it was a trade off for being allowed to masturbate again. Luckily, 90% of my job is doable from home, so I don’t have to worry too much about what people in the office will think.

  1.  No bra or underwear unless given specific permission, which is doubtful. Milord enjoys seeing my nipples poking through my clothing and he enjoys free, unrestricted access to my pussy at all times.nipple clamps
  2. My nipples will be clamped, sucked, pinched, or manipulated in some way each morning for a minimum of 15 minutes. If Milord doesn’t have time or is out of town, I must clamp them myself. I will also not complain or pull away whenever Milord chooses to play with or display my nipples.
  3. I will be filled with either a dildo, Kegel egg, ben wah balls, or anal plug (possibly two items at a time) for at least one hour each day. Whatever Milord chooses to insert, only He will remove. If he is out of town or at work, he may choose to text me with his wishes. If this is the case, he will also give me a specific length of time which the item or items must me kept in.
  4. Each night that we are together I will suck his cock before going to sleep.
  5. I will wear, at all times, a slave anklet as a sign of my devotion and submission to Milord.slave bells

Play a Game

“This is not a punishment, but a game. As with any game, there are rewards and, well, for lack of a better word, consequences. Do you want to play?”

I do, Sir.

“Good. I’ve hidden envelopes throughout the house. You find them, one at a time, and bring them to me. Each envelope is labeled Pleasure or Pain. You may decided to open it or not, but if you open it, whatever is written will be done. Still want to play?”

Of course, Sir.eating

Duh!! The first envelope was labelled Pleasure.  I eagerly handed it over to Sir then agreed to open it. cunnlingus. He walked me to the bedroom, knelt before me and went to work. His hot, hard tongue lapping up my juices, flicking my clit until I twitched and trembled in pure delight. After a while, I was begging him for mercy. I’d lost track of how many times I’d orgasmed. Finally, he pulled back, laughed and held out his hand.

“Go find the next envelope.”

A thought came into my mind. Sir, how many envelopes are there?

“Ten. Divided equally between pain and pleasure. We will not stop until you’ve found all ten.”

I began to understand that this game would not be over anytime soon and that by the time it was, I’d be12670303_1554261694887075_8014661082027922531_n exhausted. I grinned and quickly found the second envelope. Pain. I handed it to him and said to open it. 10 spankings with a wooden spoon. Sir had me lie on the couch, positioned me as he chose for optimum bare ass exposure, then reached on a nearby shelf for a spoon. Now I realized that Sir, naturally, had planned this game very carefully. Without preamble, he alternated smacks to my bottom with the wide bowl of the spoon. I was howling by the time he finished.
Envelope number 3 was Pain again. Clothespins.  I looked at him, confused. Then he told me to take off my blouse and bra. Suddenly, I understood. Ten minutes I stood before him, my nipples clamped in the pins. Then, he told me to go find number 4. I had expected to be freed of the pins, but no such luck. Number 4 was Pleasure – Fellatio. I knelt before him, unzipped his trousers, and got to work. I must admit, I don’t understand women who don’t like this. The taste of his pre cum, so sweet and clear. The softness of his skin. The hardness of his muscle. There is nothing her that I don’t love. I massaged his testicles and felt them tighten and knew he was close. He reached down, flicked the clothespins, then pulled them both off. I screamed as the blood rushed back into them, but the scream was swallowed along with his cum. He sat down heavily on the couch, smiled at me, then told me to find number 5. Pain. Sir didn’t even bother to ask if I wanted to open it or not. We both knew I did. Wax.


Paying for my Wants

Lord always makes me pay for things I want that are outside of my budget. This, to me, makes sense. Lord provides me with a large budget, so anything outside of it should be paid for in some cane markway. Protected: Paying for my Wants explains this in more detail. (The password is Brady.) This time, I requested a bathroom make-over. Lord agreed, but the payment, he warned, would be steep. First, I would be caned each day of the re-model. Once the first day, twice the second, and so on. This would be my motivation (since I would be acting as general contractor) to make sure the workmen completed the job on time.

Second, Lord would not use my pus until the job was complete. I whined at this and ever so nicely asked him to reconsider to which he simply quirked one eyebrow at me. I sighed and accepted this payment.

Third, I will not be allowed to wear a bra when Lord is in the house. Again, I groaned. This will mean that my pierced nipples will be very visible to the workers, which will likely distract them.

Fourth, I will, at all times, wear my collar. Lord will vet all of the workers, but wearing the collar will be a strong reminder to the works and me (as if I needed it) that I belong to him.

Fifth, once the job is complete, I will thank the workers in a way agreeable to both them (there are 3 of them) and Lord. Most likely, this will mean servicing each of them. I asked Lord if he would be merciful by allowing no more than 2 men to use me at one time. He smiled, his eyes darkened, and he said that it was highly unlikely.

The price is indeed high, but not unreasonable. I’m willing to pay.

The Disciplinarian

It’s not like she was surprised. I’d been very explicit in my expectations. Wear pretty heels and a dress. Nothing else. Your cell phone must be turned off. Knock on room 247 at the Plaza Hotel at 2:15 p.m.  Katherine comes to me for discipline so what kind of a man would I be if I00000000a didn’t give her what she came for, especially when she’s late by 10 minutes. I realize that no one could have predicted a traffic accident which blocked traffic, but I will accept no excuse, now would she want me to.  In fact, the moment she stepped into the room she looked me in the eyes and stated, “It’s my fault. I should have started out earlier and just waited outside the door for the right time.”  I sit on the bed while she continues her confession. She’s studying for her PH.D. in Women’s Studies. Rather than working on her thesis, however, she spent 2 hours on the internet just playing games – something which she has requested I punish her severely for doing. She also went to bed late 3 times this week. This demanded more than the usual spanking. Luckily, I’d prepared for such an event. Katherine had enjoyed several weeks of mild discipline which meant she was due to act out. I began with a hand spanking over my knee. I do not make her count, nor do I set a time. I find it best to let her wonder when it will end. I continued this until she was quietly sobbImage result for figged disciplineing. I do not allow her to cry out. If she does, I tape her mouth closed. This ensures no phone calls from the front desk about the noise. In this regard, she is well trained. She hates the tape, and so generally keeps the noise level to moans, soft groans, and quiet sobs. Once she is crying, I continue for another five minutes or so.  I soothe her for a moment or two, until she has calmed. Then, I show her the ginger and peeler. She must now peel and carve the ginger into a plug. If the shape or size does not meet with my approval, she must redo her efforts on another “finger”. I’ve brought a rather large “hand” and it takes her three tries before I’m satisfied. I then have her undress and bend lie face down on the bed. I tell her that I dislike waste. Therefore, we will be using all three ginger figs – each w9f79a6deae49488bfa993f4c020bef97_velikonocni-pomlazka1ill be inserted into her anus for twenty minutes – a total of an hour. She begins to cry again, but tears are no substitute for a safe word and so I insert the first. I lecture and scold her for twenty minutes, unmoved by her tears. For the second set, I show her a thickly braided whip and tell her that I will be using this on her bottom and upper thighs. She is not to move, not even kick, during this phase. If she does so, I will tie her down and insert the final fig into her cunt. I speak slowly, eating away at the time, but her anticipation is so perfect I can’t help but smile and hope she will, indeed, move. By now, only ten minutes are left on her time, which is fine by me. She, I know, has lost all sense of time. Her cunt is now as wet as her cheeks, her ass red and it, along with her thighs, covered in slightly raised pink welts.  I remove the ginger and allow her time to recover. While she’s doing this, I make myself a cup of coffee and sit by the window. Her breathing is again calm so it is time for the third and largest fig. I have her come to me then insert it. She hisses and bites her lip. I tell her that she’s been naughty for making me so excited with her musky scent and wet pussy. She must now make amends by using her mouth. She drops to her knees while I unzip and free my bulging cock. She is not allowed to touch me without permission. It’s hard for her not to use her hands during fellatio, but the whole point of her being here is discipline. I sip my coffee and look out the window. Anything to keep from coming too soon. My cock is covered in her saliva and tears now. I look at the clock and allow myself the luxury. I close my eyes and open my balls, releasing my cum, shooting it down her hot, thirsty throat. Once I’m finished, she keeps her mouth on me, sucking until I tell her to stop. I really don’t want to do this. She feels incredible. Nonetheless, it’s time. I set down my coffee cup and reach down to remove the final plug. She chokes a little, but I keep her mouth on me. She is perfect. Her face a mess of tears, her eyes begging for her own release, her ass red. I push against her head and she sits back on her heels, wincing a bit as her sore bottom aImage result for fellationd thighs touch her calves. I stand, tuck my cock back in my jeans and zip up. I tilt her face up, kiss her, and tell her how proud I am of how well she accepted her punishment. Then, I leave. She will stay for an hour or two, resting, recovering, showering. She is not to masturbate for 12 hours. Part of her punishment is sexual frustration. I know I can trust her, or at least trust her to confess if she violates this rule, which, I must confess, I rather hope she does.

Over Budget = under dressed

So I may have gone a little bit – maybe around $300 or so – over budget. The lingerie I bought, thought was all really cute!! That was the dumbest defense I could have used. Sir asked if the clothing was cuter than I was. Yep. Should have know that was a trap. I hedged by saC9KtruSXUAAH928ying no, but they would help me look cuter. He then decided to put my words to a test. We drove for 5 miles down the highway with my top pulled up and my bra exposed. Then, He had me take off the bra. The next 5 miles I was bare breasted.  Guess which set of miles got the most honks and hoots. I had no choice but to concede that I may have been mistaken. I wasn’t allowed to cover myself until we got home. Thank god it was dark and we have an attached garage. When we got into the house, Mr. Man took my packages and put them in his closet. He told me that I’d have to earn each item – one at a time – one week at a time. To further make his potumblr_oj5fmlYeQO1vtxln4o1_500int, he had me empty my bra and panty drawers. He now had control of every undergarment I owned. I’d earn back one pair of panties for each day plus 25 spankings I took without complaint. I’d earn back one bra for every 3 days, and 3 hours of nipple clippings. Naturally, I could only have my nipples clips for no more than 20 minutes at a time. The clips could be clothes pins, tweezers, or (horror!)clovers. I had a few errands to run, and I hate being exposed, so I begged for a reprieve. Nope. I could hide the no panties thing, but there was no way with my big nipples that I could hide that. Mr. Man knew this and grinned demonically. He let me beg, plead and bargain to no avail. Once he makes up his mind, that’s it. And that, my friends, is a BIG reason why I love him so much! I respect him to make and stick to his decisions, and he respects me enough to know that, even if I don’t want to, I will follow his decision.

And so, here I am, sweating up a storm, wearing one of his t-shirts (his suggestion) while I work out in the yard. It’s hot and I’m sweating, which means I’m also exposed. The neighbors all stop by to chat. I want to hide, but I slap a smile on my face and engage in useless conversation, all the while noticing their eyes glued to my chest and hoping they can’t smell the scent of my musk. Yes, I’m embarrassed, but I also have had the best sex of my life! It seems Mr. Man enjoys the attention even if I don’t. I’ve got one more day and 40 more minutes before I earn my first bra back, but really, I’m in no hurry. If Mr. Man is happy, horny, and pleased, so am I. You don’t think this was all part of his master plan do you?



He is a kind man, and forgiving, but not weak. Stern. Yes, that is the word which would best describtumblr_on099rQLhR1vrszijo1_1280e him. It is rare that I incur his displeasure, but today was one of those times. I was bratty, snappy, and disobedient – all on a day when we had both agreed would be a strict D/s day. I had agreed, suggested even, that today be a day when I would obey without question. Then, I talked backed, refused the simplest of tasks – sucking on him, and become rebellious when he told me of my punishment. Thank the gods that be that he remained stern and would allow for none of this behavior. He ordered me to strip and when I hesitated, he tore the clothing from my body, leaving me only with the garter belts on my thighs. Then, he grabbed my hair and forced me to a chair. I climbed on it, begging for mercy. He denied this and began to spank me hard. No warm up. No mercy. He spanked me until I cried, begged forgiveness, and had melted into a puddle of submissive need.

He fucked me then. Hard. Fast. Deep. This was not for my pleasure, but for his. He came quickly, filling me with his essence, but forbidding my own release. I had not paid for my disobedience yet. Nonetheless, I was happy, grateful for his pleasure.  I need his strictness, his sternness. Without it, I would have no structure. I am so needy, I beg him for release, but am denied. I have not yet earned my release. I must work for it, suffer for it.

He ties me to the bed, spread eagle. Now that his initial needs have been satiated, he can go for hours without coming again. My nipples are his target. First, he puts the suctNipple Erector Set  $19.95 but You can get this or almost any other single item for 50% OFF + Free Shipping + DVDS and Mystery GIFT when you use the code PINIT @ checkout at ion pumps on them, which humiliate me. I think they look silly, protruding from my nipples. They hurt more as he pumps them tight. He smiles, seeing my discomfort and reaches down to assure himself that this excites me, which it does. My words can betray my true feelings, but my body cannot lie. He keeps them on while he slaps my wet pussy. I cry out. The pain is intense, but so is the excitement. After a count of thirty, he stops the spanking, checks my breasts, slides the elastic bands onto my swollen nipples and removes the suction. Please, I beg, Please suck on them. I need your mouth. He looks at me, smiles, the sucks my tender, red nipples, I cry out in relief and gratitude. I don’t care what he does to me as long as he sucks my nipples! He reaches down, inserts three fingers into my pussy. Hard, no gentleness here. Then four. He fucks me while he sucks on my nipples. “More” I gasp. “Are you sure?” he asks, giving me the choice. I raise my head, look at him, his eyes wide, my nipple in his mouth. “yes. Use, take all that you want.” I am sure. He adds a forth finger, then his thumb. He pushes deep inside of me, fisting my pussy. I scream from both pain and pleasure. He releases one nipple, only to capture the other. I cry out, begging for forgiveness, promising anything. I come, covering his fist with joyful cream. He pulls his fist from my body and I scream, devastated by the emptiness. He fists his cock, covering it in my lubrication.

“Your Ass is Mine.”

I say nothing, for nothing can be said. He is correct. It is his. He lifts my hips, position14383383_10153716677781541_1183501295_ns himself and plunges, balls deep, into my anus. He bends, using his teeth, releasing first one then the other band from my nipples. I scream as blood flows back into them and he pounds into me. I have no choice. I want no choice. I have disobeyed and deserve this pain, this pleasure, this use. He pulls my head back, orders me to come. I do, immediately. It is his voice that pushes me over the edge. He follows, falling with me into that sweet abyss.

“Now,” he says later, once we have recovered, “are you ready to behave?”

“Yes, Milord. I am.”