All About That Bass

During the week He pleasure me everywhere. I am His princess and he treats me with consideration, gentleness, and always sees to my pleasure before His own. Weekends, however, are all about Him. And what does He love? You guessed it – Bass – or more specifically, Ass.

He loves everything about my ass which is why I am not allowed to cover it without permission from Friday after work until Monday morning.


He is allowed to use my ass as He wishes, to display it for His pleasure or for my humiliation, to use any implement on it – His hand, a paddle, a wooden spoon, His belt. The choice is in His hands.

He will plug it; I am not allowed to remove the plug – only He may. I become His Weekend Ass Slave.

Best of all, he will fuck it. He is not gentle, not considerate (aside from using lots of lube!). My ass is, literally (as in owned by Him) and figuratively, His and He will use it as He chooses.


Yes, I can always use a safeword, but why would I do that since I derive as much pleasure from submitting to this lovely man has he does?

Yes, by Monday morning I am tender both inside and out and when I sit at my work desk I remember – vividly – my weekend. I remember His cock rising in anticipation. I remember His eyes devouring every inch of my body. I feel His pride in my obedience and acceptance of Him. With every uncomfortable twinge, I remember the beauty of every moment with Him.


And you know what? I can’t wait for Friday to come again!

Forced Chastity

So once again Image result for female submissive corner timeI broke the No Masturbation Spring Rules. This makes the third time. Milord has absolutely had it with me. First, he had me stand in the corner – something that humiliates me terribly – for 30 minutes. I had to be nude with my hands up away from my body. Once my time was up he pulled me over his lap. I figured it would be a harsh spanking, but was pleasantly surprised. Now don’t be mislead, he was till firm! (then again he’s always firm 🙂 and my bottom is going to be sore for a good day or two, but he was, as always, reasonable. He spanked me for thirty minutes, setting a slow but steady pace. By the time THAT time was up I was crying from both my pussy and my eyes. God, how I wanted him to fuck me! Did he? Nope. Of course not. Pleasure is for good submissives, which I, admittedly was not. Instead, he held me until my sobbing quieted then had me stand up. He went to the closet and pulled out a box. I stood there, head bowed, silent, yet very, very curious. He opened it and showed me. That was when I really cried. A chastity belt. I begged him not to put me in that thing, but he was adamant. If I couldn’t control myself, he’d have to find a way to do it, he said. Okay, he had a point, a very good point. No amount of crying would change his mind ( I do LOVE his steadfastness!). He locked me into the device, added the key to his keychain, then ordered me to kneel. Thank God he wasn’t going to deny me THIS pleasure!!! Sadly (at least for me), it took him only about 5 minutes to come. Happily, he let me swallow it! So for the next seven days, at least, I’ll be in forced chastity. He’s already warned me that he can easily add a butt plug or a dildo to the thing and that if he catches me playing with my nipples (yes, I can come by just nipple stimulation!) he’ll lock me in a metal bra. Let me tell you, it’s going to be along 7 days, but Milord is right. I agreed to the rule. He has promised, though, that while I’m locked in, he’ll use either my mouth or my anus every day. I can easily have orgasms this way as well, so maybe, just maybe, I’ll learn my lesson.

Obedience – 2

We atumblr_nm7iycOvMt1rfbq7do1_500rrive at the club and Milord buys me a drink, for which I am grateful. This soothes me, helps to settle my jitters. Milord chats a bit with people, but I say nothing. If I speak, I will be punished right here, right now. I’ve made this mistake in the past and have no wish to repeat it. He would, without hesitation, bend me over over a bar stool, flip up my skirt and spank me. He would then leave me like that – red assed and displayed for the next hour. Once he even invited others to spank me when his own hand grew sore.

He takes my hand and leads me into the back room. The lights are dim, but I can see vague shapes of men all around. I quickly count and I think there might be ten of them in here. Milord then ties a blindfold over my eyes, taking away my vision as well asC9KanB7XYAAqEJv my voice. I’ve asked for this because I don’t want to see who uses me. I might know the man and then I would feel awkward later. Milord, gentleman that he is, has obliged me this favor even though he prefers to see my eyes. He removes my dress. Immediately, I feel hands on my nipples, pinching them. I flinch, but stand still. I am no longer a person in my own right, but Milord’s plaything, one that tonight, he wishes to share. If I pull away, cry out, speak out, I will suddenly become a person again and neither of us wants this. I need this night as much as he enjoys it. I lose myself inside of my mind. I don’t feel or hear Milord, yet I know he is here, watching over me. All of the men touch me, pinch me, kiss me, bite me. They must wear a condom, but they are allowed, also to fuck me. I must suck on whomever slides his dick into my mouth. The men may not come inside of me – my mouth or pussy – even with a condom on, but they may come on me. Milord has assured me that each and every one of them has been tested. He would never put me in danger. I now have a cock in my mouth and another in my pussy. It’s not nearly as big as Milord’s but with the plug it, I still feel full. It pulls out of me and I feel a hot spray across my back, my ass. Another dick fills the spot where the first one once was. The cock in my mouth disappears and I am sprayed again, this time across my breasts. I am picked up and placed on my back on a bed with satin sheets. My legs are spread wide. I’m filled again, sprayed again. I’m unaware of the passing of time and have long since lost count of the number of men who have used me for their pleasure. I hear his voice, finally, saying that it’s been a lovely evening. He holds my hand, helps me to stand, and slips my dress over my head. He leads me from the room and removes the blindfold.

Once we are home he leads me to the bathroom where he will remove the plug. His come seeps out of me and I mourn its loss. If I have pleased him, he will allow me to shower as i choose. If I have displeased him, or if he simply wants it, I must shower with cold water only. Tonight, I am allowed a lovely warm shower. As the dried cum is washed away, so is my humiliation. I feel liberated, free to please Milord, free from restrictions. I feel this way after I leave the confessional as well. I am clean. Now, Milord will make love to me. Tonight, he uses my very tender pussy. Some nights it’s my ass again, others my mouth. The choice is his. IC9S4YzOXUAIPghO‘m sore in every opening by now, but his cock is a balm to my soul. I haven’t come since he used me earlier. Now, I can’t stop coming. I bite my lip, trying not to scream his name. I’m still on voice restriction. I feel is cock grow then he’s the one gasping, filling my pussy with his deliciousness. When he finishes, I turn, open my mouth and clean his perfect cock. I taste his sweetness and orgasm again. I’ve had his cum in all of my holes tonight and I’m beyond grateful. When I finish, he kisses me, holds me, tells me how much he loves me, how proud he is of me. He touches my seeping pussy and I come. He laughs, which pleases me greatly. He holds me close and I lay my head on his hard chest. As I close my eyes, I smile, kiss his chest one last time. He grants me permission to speak and I whisper, “I love you.”


tumblr_onljmrIrwS1w7474fo1_500Tonight, well every night really, I will obey. Tonight, thought, I will have no voice, no choice. I have promised this and I will keep my word. Once a month I give this promise to Milord. I won’t lie, I don’t like it, but it’s good for me. After it’s over, I love how devoted and grateful and pure and wanted I feel. It’s only during that I am humiliated, used, obedient, voiceless. I prepare carefully by showering, shaving everything, cleaning everything – inside and out. I spread sweet scented lotion on my body, fix my hair, my make-up. Then, I sit on the bed and wait. When Milord is ready, he comes to me, inspects me, then kisses me. He tells me to get into position. I turn, get on all fours. He buckles my collar and wrist cuffs onto me. I suck on him until he’s hard, which usually isn’t very long. He stands behind me, his cock wet with my saliva, and fucks my ass. My ass is his and only his on this night. As soon as he is fully seated, his cock filling me, his hands on my breasts, pinching my nipples, I come. I can’t stop myself and he is well aware of this.ass bling Even now, though, I must be silent. I can moan, but I cannot speak, not even to scream his name. He comes, filling me. I want to savor this moment. I want to enjoy it, but that is for a different night. Tonight is not about my pleasure, but my submission and his ownership. He pulls out of me then inserts a large, jeweled plug. He then showers and dresses. I stay in position until he tells me otherwise. Only when he says I may do I stand and pull a dress over my head and slip my feet into 5 inch heels. He takes my hand and we go to the car. I am very, very aware of plug pressing into me, keeping his essence inside of my body. I begin to tremble, a bit frightened, even though I know what will happen and I know Milord will always protect me.

Easter Egg Hunt

Sir decided that to celebrate Easter (even though neither of us is religious), we’d have an Easter egg hunt – of sorts. I mean, it’s not like we both won’t know eggs-actly where the tumblr_onl8zoKVmc1qixhxko1_1280eggs are! First, Sir picked up two stone eggs, the kind that are popular for decorations this time of year. Apparently, these are actually Yoni eggs which were specifically designed to do Kegels with. Sir, being ever so cautious, drilled a small hole through the narrow end of each egg. He inserted a cord through the narrow end, leaving about a 6 in
ch “tail”. The cord is detachable, so if it can be replaced easily if necessary. Anyway, Sir decided that I would keep at least one of these eggs inside of me all day today. To may my job a tad bit harder, he first made love to me, filling my pussy with his sweet, sweet, cum. Only then did he tell me the Task for the Day. He slid the egg inside of me then we dressed. I had to stand still several times for fear of the egg falling out. He saw this, grinned, and then told me that I’d lose a piece of clothing for every time it fell out. Great. We got into the car to go to brunch, that egg rolling around inside of me keeping me wet enough withoRose Quartz Kegel Egg BDSM Fetish Mature Kink by MsSilversDesigns, $38.65: ut the added cum in there. We parked and sure enough, the moment I stood up the egg slid out. Even though I was wearing panties, it just slid on out. Sir had me sit back on the car seat, hand him my panties, and then he told me to spread my legs – wide. I whined, saying I couldn’t keep it in and please don’t make me do this in public. I should have kept quiet. He kissed me then pressed the egg against my anus. I jumped, but he said that if I couldn’t keep it in my puss, I’d keep it in my ass. Not much chance of it slipping out there. I groaned, knowing he was right. The meal was torture. Somehow, though, I got through it. Then, when we goImage result for yoni eggt back in the car, he pulled the second egg from his jacket pocket. He ordered to to spread my legs again and inserted it into my somewhat less slick pussy. I sat there, stuffed, the whole way home. I managed to get into the house before it slipped out again. This time, I handed over my blouse. The third time, my bra. Now, though, he added another caveat. Not only would I lose clothing, I’d also take his cock into whichever hole was empty. This meant he once again fucked me – fine by me :)!!!! I’ve never enjoyed and Easter Sunday so much!

Punished with Pearls

How, I ask myself, could He possibly use pearls for punishment. If anyone can, though, it would be Him. He is nothing if not creative. For the next seven days, I will wear pearls. Constantly. As in 24/7. Sounds lovely, right? Think again. Think of how difficult it is to walk with pearl panties, the nubs rubbing against your nub constantly.
Or to sit through dinner, a movie, and cocktails after with pearls linking your pussy and  ass holes together.That was last night. He also had me wear a white dress, thin cotton, and no panties so if i became the least little bit wet – which I did – He would know (as would anyone else who might be looking.). After four hours of this, He finally took me home and fucked me – but left the pearls in while He did. Only when He shot his load across my belly did he remove them – quickly. He will not, He assures me, come inside of me all week. No, instead I will “wear” His pearls on my body. I am allowed to shower only once a day – in the mornings.

Today, He has tied me to a chair with pearls while He eats me. If I move even a bit, the pearls make a noise, a movement. For each noise or movement of the damned little balls I get five licks with His belt. I’m up to twenty so far. Luckily, He has promised to space out the licks over the next 7 days. He made a little chart and every time He hears the pearls brushing against the wooden chair he makes a quick tally mark. By the time He finishes, I’m up to 80 licks with his belt. I groan, thinking of how sore my bottom will be by the end of the week, but I know Him. Whenever He issues a high number of licks He never uses as much force as He would if I were to receive only a few, so it really won’t be anything I can’t take. He never gives me more than I can take. He stand before me, his cock proud, sweetness dripping from the crown. I lick my lips, hungry for a taste, but he taunts me, teases me, and pleasures Himself. I beg him – let me kiss it, lick it, fuck it, anything! There’s more than one way to punish a sub. He enjoys my begging and hot cream shoots from his glorious cock.  He aims for my neck, giving me a necklace of his pearls. It’s morning, just after my shower, so I’ll be wearing this for almost 24 hours. I’m not allowed to wash it or flake it off. I can smell it, but I can’t taste it. Torture.

I swear – i will NEVER complain about my lack of jewelry again!