Spring Rules

Spring has sprung and with it a new set of rules. Naturally, the House Rules remain in place, but in addition, Milord has established 5 new ones. He came up with 10 actually, and I chose which 5 I would be willing to follow.

  1.  In an effort to improve my posture, I will wear a corset or waist cincher daily.
  2.  In an effort to better budget my time, I will use a computer or smartphone no more than 2 hours each day. I will keep track of my time on a log.
  3. When given permission to wear panties, they must match the corset or waist cincher.
  4. Aside from when I am at work, I will not wear a bra unless given specific permission to do so.
  5. Masturbation is forbidden unless under direct orders from Milord.


These may seem simple in comparison to some of my other rules, but trust me, they will be challenging. I mean have you ever tried to put on a corset by yourself??? and no masturbating – especially when Milord goes out of town for a week???  You should all look forward to reading about the punishments soon to come 🙂 2015 - 1



Diary of a Dominant

Diary of a Dominant began here. Today, I continue with the free admission that thoughts of my Lovely often distract me. I’m very good at compartmentalizing my thoughts, but some days, that’s damn near impossible. Today is one such day. It began last night, actually. When I got home from work, I was in a playful mood. Sadly, Lovely was not. Nonetheless, I am her dominant and as such, have the right – which she has given me – to play. I know exactly which buttons to push, as all good Dominants do. For Lovely, it’s my voice. I deeptumblr_o03gqkwCS81qlcyfro1_500ened my voice, squared my shoulders, and held her chin in my hands. “It’s been a long day and I need to escape from the worries of work.” Her eyes softened and she said in a quiet, respectful voice, “As you wish so let it be.” This sounds terribly formal, but that was the phrase we had agreed upon. She was now willing to accept me as her Dominant. Her eyes had become a bit glass and her breathing shallow – sure signs that she was entering submind. First, I ordered her to strip out of her clothes. Once she was nude, I handed her two clothes pins. Her nipples are excessively sensitive. She bit her bottom lip, but accepted them. She knew what I wanted. I stood watching as she placed the on her nipples. There they would remain until I removed them. Nodding my approval I pulled out a kitchen chair and sat. I patted my lap and she positioned herself. I breathed deeply and smelled her arousal. My cock pressed painfully against trousers. It would have to wait. I wanted to play first. Her shaved lips glistened with eagerness. I couldn’t resist. I ran my finger down her slit and laughed when she jumped. I began with a soft warm up. She has full, round cheeks, perfect for my hand, but her pale skin bruises easily and I had now wish to mark her – not that she would have minded. Once she was nicely pink, I spanked her in earnest. I could hear her sobs after about 5 minutes, but seeing her juices coating her thighs, displaced the idea that she disliked my administrations. The sound of her cries made my cock twitch. I wouldn’t be able to take much more. With each spank, I knew her tits bounced causing the clips on her nipples to tug. Keeping an eye on the clock, I stopped the spanking after 10 more minutes. Never did I leave the clips on for more than twenty. I rubbed her red, lovely bottom for a few moments and then helped her to stand. Together, we walked to the bedroom where I told her to sit on the bed, hands beneath her bottom. She pleaded with me to remove the clips, but both of us knew it was futile. If she really wanted the off, she would have said, “Ruby.” I quickly undressed. I had planned to draw this out longer, but my need was too great. I stood before her, my cock rigid. “Suck.” Eagerly she opened her mouth. I damn near exploded when her hot, hungry mouth encased my length. I grasped both clips at the same time and tugged them off. She screamed as the blood rushed back intotumblr_lyso2zQcHq1qkfpnto1_400 those perfect bullets but, good woman that she is, kept her mouth around my cock. I pulled back and grinned when she protested. I needed to be inside of her. Now. “On your stomach,” I said. Quickly, she scampered onto the bed. I knelt behind her, lifted her hips, admired my handiwork and buried myself in her wet, tight tunnel. Then, she tightened and trembled. There’s nothing I love more than watching her come and this she did, my balls slapping against her clit. I fucked her hard, her cries now filled with pleasure spurring me on. Her trembling slowed, but I didn’t’ want that. I wanted to release inside of her while she was in the throws of another orgasm. And so, I brought my hand down on her red ass again. Sharp. Hard. She screamed in surprise, pain, and something else. I felt her internal muscles squeeze my cock and knew she close again, so I slapped her other cheek hard enough to see the outline of my own hand. I watched, fascinated, as the muscles in her back rippled and her hands clutched at the sheet. Now. Now I could indulge myself – and I did. The world turned red and I shot my pleasure deep inside her body.

Later, after we’d rested, Lovely got up to fix dinner. She grabbed her clothes, but I scolded her, letting her know that I was not quite finished. She looked surprised, but obediently dropped them. For the rest of the evening, she would remain nude – I could watch her, play with her, tease her, punish her, fuck her as I desired. By the time I drifted off to sleep with a very satisfied wife in my arms, I’d come in her once more and give her innumerable orgasms as well. This morning I’d taken her again before leaving for work. I know she’s going to be sore today – at least her bottom and her pussy anyway. That, of course, leaves her other two holes. Feeling my dick swell again and a grin spread over my face, I sent her a text. Nude. Kneeling. Bedroom. Be ready.tumblr_o5jhhqputR1qb8izzo1_500

Another Sunday in Lent

As discussed in Lenten Repentance , Sundays are a day for Repentance. This morning, as  I have every Sunday during lent, I set my alarm for two hours before Services. As soon as it chimed, I got up, showered, prepared breakfast then set it in the oven to stay warm. After that, I went to my HoH’s office and stood in front of his desk. I remained naked durin358495g all of this as he has decreed. To my surprise, he was waiting for me when I opened the door. He stood when I entered and attached the clips to my nipples. He said nothing, as was his custom. Then, he stood back and waited for me to confess. “I have not, Sir, broken any rules since Friday. However, I have masturbated.” Masturbation was not, perse, against His rules, but since this is Lent, a time of sacrifice, he has added this as something I must confess. “And why,” he asked, “did you feel the need to pleasure yourself rather than having me give pleasure?” I was startled by this question. “Um, you were at work, Sir.” “And you could not wait for me?” I hung my head, understanding that by pleasuring myself I had taken something away from him. He truly loves watching me orgasm. “I should have,” I admitted. “Is this a behavior you feel needs to be corrected?” He was giving me a choice. If I said No, then this would be a regular maintenance Session. If I said Yes, then it would be maintenance plus correction. He would abide by my decision, and so I gave the matter serious thought. Then, I nodded my head and said, “Yes, Sir. I know how much you enjoy giving me pleasure and I also know that by waiting my pleasure would have been increased. I could have shared these moments with you. I need to learn patience.” He smiled then sat. The nipple clips swung and pulled as I positioned myself over his lap. “Twenty,” he stated. He picked up his leather strap which he had conveniently placed on the floor next to his chair. As he strapped my bottom, he told me how proud he was of me for choosing to be correct for my impatience. I glowed with pleasure at his words even as my bottom slowly bloomed with pain. By the time he had administered all 20 strappings, my bottom felt swollen and tender. I’d managed not to
cry out, but my face was wet with tears. He turned me over, comforted me, and when he felt the time was right, he told me to bend over his desk. Using my own wetness, which was gushing, he lubricated my anus. I heard his zipper and the sound of his pants on the floor. He gather more of my cream and, I assumed, rubbed it on his own cock. He pressed against my anus. No matter how often he takes my ass, I’m always shocked by how full I am. Normally, he eases into me, allowing my body time to adjust. This morning, however, he thrusts inside of me, balls deep, all in one swift motion. I cry out, and he leans over me, whispering to me that since I took my own pleasure, he would give me none. Today, I was forbidden from orgasm. I moaned in despair. He fucked me, hard and fast. I bit my lip when I felt my pleasure bubbling to the surface. If I came now, he would deny me orgasm until Wednesday at least, perhaps longer. My nipples, already aching from the clips, hardened even more as they were pressed against the cold glass top of his desk. Within moments, he groapearl-panties-whitened and released his seed inside of me. He stepped back, allowing me to sink to the floor, sobbing. He lifted my chin with his hand and smiled down at me. “Finish, my love, then you may dress. I have a special gift for you. It will help you remember that you want to give me all of your pleasure.” I opened my mouth and cleaned his cock. My wetness tricked down my legs again and I moaned. Again, he stepped back then put on his trousers. He helped me stand and handed me a box. I opened it and saw to my delight and horror a pair of panties. The crotch had been replaced with a strand of pearls which would press against my most sensitive and needy parts. I put them on and moaned again. Each step would be torture. Sitting on the hard pew at Service would be unbearable, not only because of my tImage result for woman church dressender bottom, but because if I leaned forward, the wooden pew would be unforgiving, pressing the pearls against my clit. Sir kissed me, removed the clips from my swollen nipples, and swallowed my scream. I set up the table for breakfast, served him, then dressed, all the time fighting to walk normally. by the time we arrived at Church, I was quivering with need, but determined to please my husband. After all, I had asked for correction. I focused my mind on the pride in my husband’s eyes once I had endured this day with grace and humility. I found myself in an almost trance like state, filled with peace despite the discomfort of my body. In truth, I relished the discomfort because it helped me focus. By the time the service ended and we were back home, my thighs were sticky with my own wetness, but my mind was clear and focused. Blessed be the wife whose husband is strong enough to lead her along a path filled with love, respect, obedience, and pleasure.

Fox Hunt – 3

Sir had just filled me with his come and ordered that I now suck him clean. I spun around, crouched over the fallen trees and did as he said. I tasted the sweet saltiness of our combined juices on his beautiful cock. I moaned and made slurping noises. He had his hand on my head and said, “That’s it. That’s my good little fox.” I sucked in earnest. When he’s fully engorged, I can barely fit half of his cock in my mouth, but now, just after he’s come, I can go balls deep – which I happily did. I would have been content to service him in this way for hours, but he had other plans. I hate being whipped with switches and Sir is well aware of this. He and I were also well aware that I had willingly given away the right to use my safeword. “Sit down, Fox. I don’t want your legs to get too tired out,” he said. I reluctantly obeyed. He stepped away and put his clothes back on. He then chose several slender branches no more than the thickness of my pinky finger. Pulling out his knife, he cut them. He then ordered me to stand, walk to a birch tree and put my hands on it. I was not to move. He cut off my soaked g-string and stood in front of me. He used the now useless scrap of clothing to tie the sticks together. My eyes widened and I began to cry again.

“Who is your Master?” – You, Sir

“And can you ever escape your Master?” – No, Sir

“Are you still willing to relinquish your safeword? I will not hold you to your earlier bargain.” I thought a moment, then looked up at him. I am your prey, Sir. You wotumblr_oktlgemiaa1qlziito1_1280n the right to do what you will to me. I choose to stay by my word.

He smiled, a big, proud smile. I was so proud of myself. He kissed me, praised me, and stepped behind me. I heard the whoosh then felt the fire. My nails dug into the bark of the tree, but I stayed in position. I lost count of the number of times he used the switches on me, but eventually, he stopped, held me in his arms, kissed me again, told me how proud he was of me. He wiped the tears from my face and carried me to the waiting horse. He lifted me and set me on the saddle – which was no easy thing! My bottom screamed at the hardness after the sound thrashing he’d just administered. He mounted behind he and kicked the horse to a trot. I whimpered and cried all the way home, which pleased Sir greatly.

When we arrived home, he dismounted and ordered me to see to the horse – a chore I loved doing, but had never done completely naked before. Naturally, I opened, giving the fine animal a good brushing down and an extra handful of oats. Sir sat patiently and waited. Then, he walked into the house with me and said, “I believe my fox needs a good cleaning. What do you say to a hot bath in the jacuzzi before I see to your remaining hole?” Sir? “I’ve filled your pussy and your mouth, seems to me there’s one place that has yet to be used today,” he explained. I grinned and nodded happily. A trifecta! I may have lost the Fox Hunt, but I’ve certainly won the day.




Fox Hunt – 2

Sir, having made sure I came, unlatched the cuffs from my wrists. He picked me up and tossed me – belly down again – onto his horse before mounting behind me. Once again, he used the reins to last my bottom as we trotted along. My breasts and thighs stung like the dickens from the Stinging Nettle whipping he’d given me moments earlier. I was in physical misery, but sexual heaven. We traveled in this manner for a time – with him whipping my bottom and me struggling not to move to much. Then, i heard running water. We must be near the creek. Sure enough, he halted the horse, dismounted then hauled me off the horse as well. Without ceremony, he carried me to the creek and dumped me in. I splashed and sputtered! The water was freaking cold!! I stopped my complaining, though, when I noticed two things. One, Sir was stripping off his clothing. One look at his sculpted chest and my stinging, sore skin and cold water were little more than an annoyance. That was when I noticed that the cold water was staking a lot of the sting away. I watched, open mouthed as Sir finished removing his pants. His cock stood at attention and I think I actually drooled. He laughed and said if I wanted a taste that badly, I’d have to work for it. I eagerly agreed. He stepped into the creek, splashed water on my slightly rashy breasts, making me gasp at the cold. Naturally, my nipples became hard as bullets. That’s when i started to beg, “Please, Sir, please, let me suck your cock. Let me be a good fox.”

“Greedy fox is more like it.” He reached down and helped me stand. He walked me to the side of the creek and bent me over some fallen trees. Grasping a handful of my red hair firmly in his hand, he pulled me head back, kissed me, and said, “I’m going to fuck you hard and deep, little fox. I’m going to make you scream from pleasure and then I’m going to empty every ounce in my sac deep inside of you. After that, you’re going to lick and suck me clean.” He pushed aside my soaked g-string and plunged his cock balls deep inside of my greedy pussy.

And that was when I came for the second time that day. His voice. His command. His cock. I screamed his name. He fucked me without mercy, without finesse. He was primal in his need and I was grateful. I heard his deep groan moments before he did as he promised and emptied himself inside of me. That was my third orgasm. I tensed and trembled and milked him. He released my hair and rested his head against my neck for a moment before he pulled out of me.

“Now,” he said, his voice harsh and gravelly, “now you can suck it.”

Fox Hunt

Sir had a brilliant idC6qC18pXUAQUDhvea the other day. We’d have a Fox Hunt. I’d be on foot and have a half hour head start. I’d wear only shoes and a g-string. I wasn’t sure why he allowed the g-string, but I wasn’t going to argue! Sir owns a large tract of land so we didn’t have to worry about public nudity or innocents seeing my naked – or nearly naked – form. He would, after 30 minutes, set out on horseback. I was all for this idea. Once he caught me, I’d be his captive to with as he pleased. (YAY!!!) At my suggestion, we also agreed that if he found me within 30 minutes of him setting off I’d lose all rights to a safeword. (Since I hadn’t used it in a few months, I didn’t think this was a big deal.) If it took him longer than 30 minutes to find me, I kept that right and he’d lose the right to use a switch on me – which I hated! I started off at the old abandoned railroad tracks, got into position to run (I used to be a distance runner in college and still did the odd marathon). He took out his watch and said GO! I was off. I ran straight for a while, then darted into the woods. I easily hopped over a narrow creek and zig zagged my way to the densest part of the forest. I squatted down behind a fallen tree and kept very, very still, hoping to hide here until the first 30 minutes was up. I had no real idea how much time had lapsed since I had no watch and it was a cloudy day so I couldn’t track the sun. Then, I heard it. Hoofbeats. I squished down farther beneath the tree but as I did this, I rustled the undergrowth and a twig snapped. Sir, a trained hunter and tracker, was on me in a flash. I looked up into his smiling face and groaned. He had his pocket watch out then showed me. It had taken him only 20 minutes after my 30 minute head start ttumblr_nao8pt80Mc1s33cvuo1_500o find me. No Safeword. He motioned me with his hand to come closer. When I was within reach, he hauled up onto the horse and flopped me over in front of him, belly to horse, ass up. As we road, he used the reins to whip my bottom every now and then. I yelped, but didn’t wiggle because of my precarious position. After about ten minutes we stopped. He slid down from the horse and pulled me off as well. He told me to stand by one particular tree, pulled my arms back a bit, then handcuffed me in place. Then, he hummed to himself and went wandering off. He stayed well within sight of me – he’d never leave me exposed like that and bound – I mean anything can happen in the forest! I saw him stoop down and grab a handful of plants. He brought it back and showed me his prize. I began to cry when i saw what it was and to beg him not to use it. He just laughed and said maybe I’d think twice before offering to give up my safeword the next time. I dropped my head. There would be no mercy. He reprimanded me for my cockiness at thinking I could evade him aImage result for stinging nettle punishments he whipped my breasts and inner thighs with the Stinging Nettle. (He, of course, was wearing his riding gloves!) If I had not been bound to the tree, I’m sure I would have run or fought. The stinging was TERRIBLE! My skin is not overly sensitive, but still I was developing a slight rash and it burned and itched like nothing I’d ever experienced before. Luckily, he stopped after only a few minutes, throwing the awful plant down to the ground. Tears ran down my face, which pleased Sir greatly! He took off his gloves carefully, kissed me, and ran a finger down my slit. He grasped my clit between his fingers and squeezed. My knees almost buckled as an orgasm crashed through me. When my trembling stopped, he pulled away and grinned. “Now,” he said, “To take my prey home.”

Long Wear – Ending

It’s been over 24 hours since Sir put the hollow plug inside of me. I admit I deserved it and I admit I deserve the extra time over the promised 24 hours. Yes, I’m writing this Boheme Gypsy Spirit - Zara Camel Boho Inspired Fall Midi Dress- ~LadyLuxury~: as part of my punishment as well. Let me explain. Sir took me for a walk after filling the plug. I was good – really – until I complained about walking so far (it was really only about 3 blocks) with a sore ass from the spanking he’d given and the plug which felt odd. He wasn’t having any of my sass. He said that obviously I simply needed to get used to the feel of a properly tanned bottom and a filled ass. I argued again. What can I say – I’m sometimes a slow learner with a fast mouth. We finally got back home wArsenal Aluminum Tunnel Plug with Removable Core  - Enema Anal Toys, XR Brands, RossCo Online Sex Shop - 1here he promptly made me strip, took out the inner tube of the plug, and told me to go to bed. I pouted, but did as he said. When he came to bed, he flipped me onto my tummy and spanked me again until I was sobbing. That didn’t take long since I was still already sore from the first spanking. He kissed me, told me he loved me, and to go to sleep. I snuggled in his arms and did. The next morning, I had to go – you know – GO. I woke him up and asked – very politely – if he would remove the plug so I could take care of this. He said no. That’s why it was hollow – to allow for nature. I was shocked, but too desperate to argue. I rushed to the bathroom, took are of business, then came storming back into the bedroom. He anticipated my reaction pinnedbeat he grabbed me, flipped me over and whacked my fanny for a good ten minutes or more. By then, I was a mess. My bottom matched my top in terms of color and wetness. He laughed, climbed on top of me and fucked me. He barely had his cock inside of my wet, aching pussy when I came. He whispered all kinds of nasty, lovely words to me as he pounded away at my needy body. Twice more he fucked me that day. Twice more he spanked my poor ass. Only once more did I beg for the plug to be removed. By evening of that day, I was well and truly humbled. That was when he finally agreed to remove the plug. He took me to the bathroom, pulled it out, and supervised as I cleaned it. Not only was my bottom tender to the touch – and will be for days – so was my anus. Was he finished with me? No. Not Sir. He did, though, give me a choice. Top or Bottom. I looked up, at him, well aware of my bratty behavior of the last week. Well aware of what he would prefer. Well aware that as I thought about my answer, my pussy was dripping. Bottom, I said. Now that’s a truly repentant sub, he answered.14383383_10153716677781541_1183501295_n