New Year’s Eve Preparation

I showered, shaved, and primped. Dressed in my lingerie. Fixed my hair and makeup. Then, presented myself to Mister. He nodded approval, then sat on the “fainting” couch at the end of our bed. I am not allowed to actBDSM Datingually sit on this couch without permission (which I’m totally cool with!). This is the discipline couch and the worshiping couch. This is the preparation couch. Tonight, it is all three. First, discipline. In honor of the year 2016, he gives me 16 hard hand spankings on each cheek. In honor of the year 2017, he administers 17 swats with his favorite wooden paddle to each cheek. By this time, I’m crying, my make-up running down my face, but I’m proud that I haven’t wiggled off his lap. Truth be told, I couldn’t be more content. My pussy is dripping, my ass is scarlet, and Mister’s cock is pushing into my stomach. When he finishes, I slide to the floor and release that cock. It’s the most glorious cock in the world. I lick the pre-cum hungrily. I massage his balls and slide my lips down his length. I continue to suck on him, kissing him, licking him, worshiping him until I feel the tightening of his balls and the swelling of his cock. My pussy gushes as he drains his balls. I swallow every drop and continue to lick and kiss until he pushes gently. I sit back on my heels, wincing when my tender ass touches . I know full well that I won’t want to sit for the rest of the evening. It’s possible I will have difficulty sitting tomorrow. I think about this and begin to tremble.

“Once. You may come Once. Then, I’ll finish your preparations and you can put on the dress I picked up for you. You’ll need to re-do your make-up also. Not that I don’t love the look of your mascara running down you face.”  He grins at this. “Now, take off the bra and panties. They won’t be needed. That’s good. Hands on the couch, feet spread, back straight.”

I follow his orders. He spread my cheeks and rims my anus with his tongue. That’s it. It’s over. I explode with pleasure. Tears fall down my face again, this time from the pure joy of him. He works his fingers into my anus, stretching me. Then, when I’m loose and weak, he presses in a plug. I tremble, begging to be allowed to come again. He forbids this.Chloe spring 2015 - love the detail for refashion inspiration: I cannot orgasm again in 2016. I bite my lip when the plug is fully seating inside of me. He gives my bottom another swat and I yelp. I look at the dress he has for me and gasp. It’s backless and the front plunges in a deep V which will expose most of my breasts, barely covering my nipples. I feel my face blush, but I nod, fix my make-up and put on the dress. I look and feel obscene.

Actually, I look and feel like a well used submissive woman going out on New Year’s Eve with her loving, dominant man.


Failing the Test

So I failed. I came when I was specifically ordered not to and now He, as he always does, is following through with His punishment. No orgasm for a full week. Just to make sure of this, I’ve agreed to betumblr_n2orwkzqxm1rd7giqo1_540
locked into a chastity belt for the entire week. Luckily, it only covers my puss and not the back door as well. Then again, I’ve never orgasmed from anal, so He figures this will be just fine. I absolutely hate anal – not because it hurts – He makes sure it doesn’t, but because of the whole taboo, humiliation factors. When He uses that part of me, I feel so ashamed – which I should be (since I failed his test). Of course, He did tell me that he knew there was no way I’d pass, which is why he ordered the belt weeks ago. Just because I can’t orgasm, doesn’t mean He can’t. (Yay!) The first morning after He locked me in, He used my anus. I cried from the shame of it, which excited Him even more. That night, He used it again. I was still a tad bit sore from earlier, but in addition to the humiliation, I felt a familiar tingling. He noticed as well and told me that if I came I’d be in the belt for a month. Then, thank16521711._SY540_ the lord, He came quickly.

Since then, He’s used my mouth. I’ve never really enjoyed fellatio, but now that it’s my only access to His magnificent cock, I’m eager for it. When He wants release, He tells me to kneel or just gives me that look. I practically jump for joy. It’s been 5 days since I’ve come, and I’m nothing if not eager and willing. My mouth opens and I go to my knees. He fills me, fucking it like he would my abandoned pussy. Sometimes He gifts me with His cum in my mouth. Sometimes, he splashes it on my face or body where it stays until He allows me to wash it off. Have I learned my lesson? I certainly hope so – but to be honest, I’m not sure. I guess I won’t really know until He tests me again. I am sure, however, that I’ve learned to be a better giver of oral satisfaction, that I now adore the taste of his cum, that I eagerly anticipate the opportunity to worship His cock, and that giving His cock pleasure, even if I am denied, gives me great satisfaction.

Kinky 12 Days of Christmas

Mister gave me a new Challenge this morning. He presented me with a list to go along with the 12 days of Christmas. Each day, I will do or he will use or we will engage in the new list item plus everything prior to that day. I read the list, my heart beating rapidly. I looked up at him and he smiled at me – THAT smile. The one that tells me that he’s so very much enjoying himself and he is so very serious. I read the list again and agreed.

On the First day of Christmas, my true Dom gave to me

1 ball gag

2 filled holes

3 cane marks

4 point restraintcane mark

5 hours of plugging

6 balls on a string

7 feet of rope

8 inches inside me

9 minutes of flogging

10 mighty orgasms

11 wooden clothes pins

12 hours of access



What I want for Christmas

Honestly, I don’t want anything I don’t already have. I mean another piece of jewelry is always nice. Clothing is always welcome. But what I want is a man who trusts me and whom I trust. A who loves me and whom I love. A man who isn’t afraid to enforce the rules we have both established and agreed upon. If there was one thing, it would be time. More time without the hassles and stress of the real, outside world.

More time over his couple at sunsetknee. More time with his cock in my mouth. More time in his arms. More time bound immovable by his rope work or his word. More time to see to his comfort and pleasure. More time with his cock buried inside of my body. More time preparing for his arrival home. More time wet with anticipation of his touch.

Pushing to the Next Level

He has tested me before, but never like this. Perhaps “test” isn’t the right word. “Train” might be more accurate. We’ve discussed and we’ve both agreed. We need to take my submission to the next level. Yes, I’m obedient and No, Mister never crosses my limits. Therein lies the issue. We’re at a point were I NEED those limits to be pressed, pushed, and broken. He NEEDS those limits to be tested, weakened, released. Yesterday was the first of many days where Mister pushed me and broke through some of my limits. The result: I trust him more than ever and we are both more satisfied and happier than we were 2 days ago.

It started with a canintumblr_oibrhktrjt1vzc1c5o1_540g. Mister has caned me before. It does, naturally, sting like the dickens, but he’s always careful not to harm me or cause me too  much pain. I knew this was going to be different, though, when he tied me SECURELY to the bed. There was no way I could wiggle away. Now, I knew all I had to do was say one little word and he’d stop. In fact, after ten strokes, I said that word. He’d used a very firm stroke with each swish and I was already in tears. Mister stopped, but didn’t untie me. He stroked my hair, and kissed my neck. Once I’d calmed, he asked if I was ready to go on. This was a surprise, because in the past when I said my word, he’d release me and stop. I thought about my stinging ass. I thought about my hard nipples and wet pussy. I thought about pushing through my limits. I thought about his pleasure. I said Yes. Fifteen more strokes delivered with adroitly. By the time he finished, I’d stopped hollering and was limp, tears soaking into the bed, sweet juices staining the sheets. Mister praised me as he climbed onto the bed and positioned himself between my legs. I exploded the moment the tip of his cock touched my wet tunnel. He wasted no time on gentleness – there was no need. I came only once – but it lasted the entire time my body encased his length. He came inside of me, his hot cum filling an emptiness I didn’t know existed. He pulled out slowly, then used his fingers to lubricate my anus with his own cum mixed with my wetness.

please, no. please, no. please, no, I begged (notice I did not use THAT word.) He ignored me and inserted a medium sized silicone plug. I sighed, grateful. He could have chosen a much bigger, metal plug. As he untied me, he informed me that we would be having guests for dinner. I was to wear the gown hanging in the bathroom. Only the gown. Nothing else. I went to get ready and saw, with horror, a lace dress. I rushed back into the bedroom and said there was no way I could wear that. Everyone would see straight through it. oops. Before I finished my rant, I was flipped back onto the bed, face down. His hand came down hard, over and over again, on my already stinging bottom. I kicked and screamed, but he held me in place and continued to spank until I’d become boneless. Then, he said, Are you ready to follow directions now? Silently, I nodded. c0abt3rwgac1kuj

Twenty minutes later, I welcomed our guests – two couples we’d met at the local BDSM club. The looked me up and down, but were not shocked in the least. I smiled and looked at Mister. I should have known the guests would be people who understood our lifestyle. I was still very conscious of my attire, and the fact that my bright red ass would be quite visible. It was so tender, I ended up standing most of the night, which the other couples also understood and appreciated. Mister explained that we were trying to go to the next level of Dominance and Submission. That he was pushing my limits, training me to give him more power. We, both of us, hoped that eventually, we could reach a Total Exchange of Power rather than the occassional exchange of power.

At the end of the evening, after our guests had left, Mister told me to go take my dress off and lie, face down on the bed. I felt a moment of fear, thinking that he’d spank me again and I wasn’t sure I could take another round. Nonetheless, I did as he ordered. When he came in, he played with the plug a bit, whispering how proud he was of me tonight. How happy I’d made him. How he’d loved how I’d jumped a bit every time he ran his hand over the welts on my ass. How he could smell my musk every time he so much as looked at me. His cock had replaced the plug and I was moaning. He ran his hands again over the cane marks. A gush of pleasure spilled from me. Slowly, deeply he fucked me. Taking his time, making sure I orgasmed often. Finally, I was pleading, begging for mercy for my exhausted body. Only then did he spill his seed deep within my body.

Today, I still prefer standing to sitting, but I’m one step closer to being able to give Mister TPE. He has, indeed, pushed me to a new level.


Testing her

“Are you comfortable?”
“Physically or mentally?”
Physically yes, mentally no.
“Do you plan on disobeying or refusing?”
“Why not?”
Because you request this of me and I want to please you.
“Even if you are embarrassed by the situation?”
Because my embarrassment will not harm me but this act will please you.

He smiled and i knew i was right. i hate this. i truly hate this. i am humiliated and terrified even though i know everything will turn out just fine. Still, He has never asked me to appear in public like this. True, i will know no one since i will be covered. Still, i’ve never had my pussy completely bare before, but He has ordered me to shave and so i did.
He has ordered no underclothing, and so it shall be.
He has ordered that instead of panties, i will have rope tied to remind me of my allegiance to Him, and so i stand still as he adjusts the cotton rope which will serve as both my reminder and my lingerie for the day.Image result for sexy black buisness suit woman

I dress. Professionally. i put on my black suit skirt and jacket. i button the jacket and add a scarf in the interest of modesty since i am allowed no blouse or bra beneath. He sees this and frowns, so i take it off. The rope presses against the bud between my petals and i almost orgasm, but don’t. He owns these and will tell me when i can cum. He sees my struggle and smiles. He pats my bottom and i sigh with pleasure.

Yes, Sir.

He helps me into the car and we drive to work. i am his personal assistant as well as his pet. i serve Him in any way he desires. Today, however, will be a challenge. He has a meeting with other professors to discuss testing procedures and i will be required to take notes, serve refreshments and hand out documents all while feeling His rope around me. May i pass this test!
If i pass, He will reward me with unlimited orgasms for a week. If i fail, He will punish me with no orgasm for a week.


Christmas Tree Surprise

Image result for christmas tree spanking bdsmWhen Mister decided that I should decorate the tree sans clothing, I happily agreed, thinking that it would be great fun and I’d end up with a great fucking. I really should have known better. Mister is FAR, FAR more creative than that! First, he brought in the tree and snipped off a few of the bottom branches – which I didn’t think anything of at the time! Then, he set it in the stand, got the lights on it, and then handed me a small box. I squealed, opened it and saw the first gift of many that night. Bells. For my Nipples. Grinning, he ordered me to stand in front of the tree with my hands on my head. I wasn’t to move – not a good sign. Using the branches he’d clipped off the bottom of thImage result for pierced nipple bellse tree, he lightly thrashed my breasts until they were bright pink and my nipples hard as bullets. Goodness but those small needles sting!! Only when I begged and begged and begged (although that probably had nothing to do with his decision!) did he relent and decide my nipples were big enough. He put the bells on them. I thanked him profusely, and started to move my hands, but he stopped me with a look. He had not given permission yet. Instead, he took a step back and unzipped his jeans. I dropped ungracefully to the floor and showed my gratitude with open mouth. Only when his cock was balls deep inside of my mouth did he say, “Touch Me.” I dropped my hands to his balls. With one, I gently massaged. With the other hand, I wrapped around his cock and followed my mouth, sucking and working his length. Because he likes it, I kept my turned upward. I felt him grow and knew he was about to come. I sucked harder, deeper, desperate for him. One drop of sweet cream fell on my tongue before he pulled out and sprayed his cum over my pink, lightly scratched tits. I pushed my breasts together, catching all of his cream. When he finished, he told me to rub it in, which I happily did. The hot, perfect ointment irritated my skin, but my pussy was dripping with wetness. The pride in his eyes more than compensating for any discomfort.

He helped me to my feet and told me to finish the job of the tree. I worked diligently, conscious of the tinkling sound of the bells and my wet thighs. Mister didn’t help a bit, but never took his eyes off of me. Finally, I finished. He stood, kissed me, and praised the tree. Then, he took up some left over garland and said, “I’ve got the perfect use for this.” He told me give him my wrists – which, of course, I did. He tied the garland around them and led me to the couch where I leaned over the arm, the end of my garland leash tied to the far end. Mister picked up one of the branches he’d used to lash my breasts with and the clippers. I wImage result for  christmas bdsmas beginning to understand and started to babble and cry. I had an idea of what was to come, and I knew I wouldn’t like it (but my body certainly would!) Another gush of wetness betrayed my excitement. Mister laughed, clipped of a small branch, and, spreading my wet nether lips, inserted it deeply inside of me. It tickled and hurt and filled me and frustrated me. He then lubed up my ass. Tears were flowing down my face, something which pleased him greatly. I’m not sure if I was crying from fear or anticipation or passion. Probably all three. Mister stood behind me and pressed his hard cock against my anus. I pushed back, desperate for him. I began to beg again, this time for him to fuck me. When he was fully seated inside of me, I sighed with relief and began to thank him. He laughed again, and told me that before he was finished, I’d be begging for mercy. He’d grabbed the large branch again and, using it like a jockey, thrashed my ass while he rode he hard. The scent of crushed pine needles filled the air. My cheeks were burning from the thrashing, my pussy aching from the stem it was clenching and my ass felt like it would be torn in two from the force of his thrusts and the hardness of his cock. I exploded. Shining lights filled my vision as I came, and came, and came. He dropped the branch and took hold of the twig inside of me. He turned it, scrapping it along my tender insides, and I screamed, doing as he had predicted and begged for mercy. He pulled it out, sunk his cock deeply inside of me and pumped me full of his cum.

Later, lying in front of the tree, still naked except for my bells, and snuggled in his arms, I thought, What a Wonderful Time of the Year!