Bossing the Boss – 3

He’d been clear about the Weekend Theme. I was to have something in my pussy 24/7. If HE put it in, only HE could take it out. Even if it came out accidentally, I would pay the consequence. This is one of the many reasons I LOVE being Evan’s submissive. He knows how much I love being “punished” and he is more happy to accommodate me by setting up expectations that are difficult for me to achieve. I absolutely love this. As soon as I felt the ben wah balls sliding out of me I felt a gush of wetness and excitement. Now, here I am. In position. He’s put larger balls inside of me this time. Three of them, all lined up on a string. They click and clack together with every move I make and distract me from what i should have been concentrating on. His belt! When the first lash comes, I’m caught off guard and break position. Quickly, I control myself, but that lash won’t count. He begins again. I’m dancing from foot to foot and I come twice, but I manage to keep my hands on the bed for the full ten strokes. I’m a blubbering mess now – weeping and begging for him to forgive me and to fuck me. He holds me until I’m calm – okay, at least not crying and begging anymore. Then, he again tells me to put on my dress and shoes. I do so, barely able to walk. Yes, my ass is on fire, but I’m so fucking excited I can hardly stand it! Somehow, I manage to follow him to the bar. He sits me on a stool, smiling when I wince. He orders himself a drink, but not me. Soon, he’s deep in conversation with the guy sitting next to him and I’m left to wiggle and try not to come in public! After about an hour of pure torture, Evan takes me by the elbow and helps me stand. My knees almost buckle when I do because the balls shifted and I began to tremble. Wetness is again running down my thighs. Not only Evan, but the other man stands. They continue to talk as we all get into the elevator and go back to our room. I don’t know the other man, but Evan does. I get the idea that this has all been pre-arrantumblr_od5zpw27vb1se5ineo1_540ged. Once we get into the room I look at Evan and his eyes narrow. I undress. Just because he has a guest does not excuse me from his basic Hotel Rule! I will be nude while in the room – at all times. Evan then tells me to pull out a chair. He bends me over it and, using his tie and belt, binds me in place. The other man stands in front of me and unzips his trousers. I open my mouth. No, I don’t question Evan, who is finally pulling out the balls!! I explode! My lips around a stanger’s cock, Evan stands behind me and fills my pussy with his own cock. Finally! His cock in my pussy!!! I would do absolutely fucking anything for this feeling!!! He fucks, I suck. Eventually, the man pulls out of my mouth and shoots his load all over my face. I hate this, but love it at the same time. The heat of the cream makes me cringe, but it feels so good, combined with Evan’s cock inside of me, that I come and come and come. I feel Evan grip my hips tightly then he comes as well, filling my pussy with his cum.  He unties me and carries me to the bed. I lie there, happy. Then, he puts the balls back inside of me. He kisses me as tells me he’s proud of me. He tells me to rest while he and Jim (the other man) enjoy a glass of wine. I snuggle beneath the covers, my pussy wet and full, my bottom still tingly, knowing I’ve had Evan’s cum in every hole I have, and know that life just doesn’t get any better.

Bossing the Boss

It all started in the elevator. No. Not right. The car. Well, maybe before that even. When I called Evan into my office (yes, I am my dominant’s boss), and told him that allcxapgrwwqaamslp of our customers has been served and I was now free for the next two days, he got that look in his eye. THAT was when it started! He nodded to me, asked if I would like to come to lunch with him, and held my coat for me. I locked up the office and off we went. As soon as he had seated me in the car, he said that word. SUBMIT. Now I could have declined, but where’s the fun in that. I instead opened my purse, took out my collar and snapped it in place. This is not a delicate little day collar. This is a full on leather Submissive Collar.  He then said BARE. I scooted a bit, removed my panties, rolled down the window and tossed them out. I’ve lost more good pairs of panties that way, but when he says BARE, he means it. There will be absolutely no chance of my wearing panties again until he gives me a new pair. We arrived at the hotel/restaurant (the restaurant is on the top floor) and walked into the elevator. Before the doors had closed, he hand his arms around me, my skirt up over my hips and kissed me into a fuzzy little sub. When the elevator door opened, another young couple came in, but he did not lower my skirt. They gawked a bit, then offered us encouragement. Only when we were exiting the elevator did Evan pull down my skirt. The waitress seated us and stared at my collar – which happens often. She cast a knowing glance and Evan and asked what he would like to order. She didn’t even look at me again even when Evan ordered me  the grilled salmon plate with a Manhattan. He also ordered a full bottle of wine. Honestly, I don’t need the wine to follow his orders, but I love that light, flighty feeling. I only drink when I’m with him and he chooses what and how much I drink. When the Manhattan came, I removed the cherry and waited. INSERT. Blushing, I inserted the cherry into my pussy – just pushed it beneath my skirt and in it went. I kept my eyes on him, too embarrassed to see if anyone else had noticed. He nodded approval, and any embarrassment was forgotten. We finished our meal – and the wine. Evan paid, I wiggled, very aware of the sticky cherry in my tunnel. He ordered another bottle of wine to be sent to our room and I looked at him in surprise. Apparently, we were staying at the hotel for longer than I had originally thought.
We stepped into the room and I immediately undressed. I know his Hotel Rules. He then had me sit on a wooden end table. He dropped his trousers, pulled me back, keeping a nice hold of my collar, and fucketumblr_oduz0lhjlp1vpt1lco1_540d my mouth. Finally!! God I love the suddenness, some would argue brutality, of having my mouth fucked. There is nothing gentle here. Gentleness will come later. Now, now it is all demanding, primal, animal lust. Evan will claim me, mark me, subjugate me for his pleasure and I will relish every single minute of it. I wonder if we will be in this room for the next 2 days, but I can’t ask. First, my mouth is full in the most pleasant of ways. Second, it’s not my place to ask. I don’t want to know. I just want to be and to do and to serve and to love. Quickly, the first time he comes is always quick, he spills his seed down my throat. I gag, loosen my throat, and swallow. I lick him clean – his cock, his balls, every bit of skin I can reach. Then, I slip to the floor and kneel, panting, and look up at him. I can’t keep from smiling. He smiles back.

“Georgia, you are incredible. Can’t believe I was lucky enough to get you to agree to be my submissive, love. Tell me, are you ready for a hedonist few days?”

“You know I am.”

Things I’m Thankful for – the Submissive

  1.  Nipple Jewelry! I suppose I should back up a bit and say that I’m grateful for my breasts ae1f12ec65d836cfc1ceeb2bba9db5fband nipples. My mother had breast cancer 35 years ago, so first and foremost, I’m grateful to have escape cancer!!! As a submissive, I’m thankful that my Dominante enjoys playing with my breasts and often brings me gifts of pretty nipple jewelry.



2.  Kitchen Utensils. Not only do wooden spoons, plastic spatulas, and other utensils make my life as a cook easier, but the feel oh so delightfully punative.






3.  Roptied kitchene.  So very versitale!!! It can be used as a leash, binding, panties, corset, all kinds of things. It can also be easily transported on a plane, in a car, or even a briefcase. Honestly, Mr. D is rarely without a handy bit of cotton or silk rope. Plus, being an Eagle scout, his knowledge of knot tying is almost endless.




15 - 1 (2)

4.  Leather. Again, so versitale! My favorite is, naturally, Mr. D’s belt, but it’s also the perfect material for corsets, chastity belts, bindings, blindfolds, clothing, shoes, paddles, floggers, whips. Just the scent of leather gets my juices flowing and my submission assured.




5.  Metal. Oh. My. Goodness. metal plugs, cuffs, chains attached to nipple clamps, a collar, spreader bars, leashes. There is really no limit to the wonderful things metal can be transformed into. It can be heated to be a comforting warmed or chilled to a punishing, bracing cold.







6.  Roses. The soft, tender beauty of the petals. The heady scent, the unforgiving harshness of their thorns, the strength of their stems.



7.  Silk. So very senual. Slick, delicate, yet very, very strong. Mr. D loves to use this as a blindfold, silken cords for bondage, soft, almost translucent lingerie, dresses.







8.  Mr. D’s hands. His soft touch always near. The hardness of him muscles when he spanks me. His hand at my elbow or the small of my back when I walk. His fingers running through my hair or twisting and pinching a nipple. I love to kiss his hands, suck his fingers, show him how much I am thankful for all the wonderful things he does with his hands.




9.  His lips. Actually, it’s all of him. His consideration and love for me, his discipline, his intelligence. But his lips. Oh, holy hell, but they are magnificent. On my lips or any place else on my body, I am always thankful. I find myself staring at his lips when he speaks. They are, in a word, magnificent, just as he is.



10.  His Understand. Of all that I am and his acceptance of that. He understand what I need before I do. He has become a strong, stern, yet kind, considerate Dominant to me. He doesn’t put up with my rule breaking. He sets reasonable expectations. He loves me as much as I do him. He is as free with a spanking as he is with his praise. He understarolling up sleevesnds that as a submissive I simply MUST have someone to worship – in a name, him. I MUST break rules and be brough to discipline. I MUST have his praise and his scolding. He, basicially, is what I am most thankful for.

Perky Pride

This week Mister has given me a new rule. I am not allowed to wear a bra for at least 7 days. This came about when I made the comment that I was embarrassed by how bit my nipples are Nipple Erector Set  $19.95 but You can get this or almost any other single item for 50% OFF + Free Shipping + DVDS and Mystery GIFT when you use the code PINIT @ checkout at sometimes and how I wished they wouldn’t stick out so much. Mister was unhappy with this sentiment, saying that I should be proud of my nipples, of my entire body, in fact. Regrettably, I argued, saying that he just didn’t understand. He then pointed that obviously, I was the one who didn’t understand. I’d also broken one of our long standing expectations. Never to insult what He loved – me. As a result, He marched me into our bedroom, ordered me to strip (I am always disciplined while in the nude), and demanded that I hand over all – every last one – of my bras to him. He took them and placed them in a box, tied it with ribbon, and put the box on a top shelf in his closet. He then had me stand straight against the wall and attached nipple pumps to me. He scolded meburn your bra - more at: for a while then said that I could learn to have pride in my body by showing it off. No more hiding behind lightly padded bras. I cried and begged him to let me wear my bras, at least the unpadded ones, but he refused. He kissed me, released the pumps and told me to get dressed. I did, my cheeks bright pink when I saw just how plump and obvious my nipples were. Then, we went grocery shopping. I could feel people staring at my nipples and wanted to crawl into a hole somewhere. Mister, however, looked at me with lust and I began to understand. I should be no more ashamed of my nipples and the appreciative stares they generate than I am of any other part of my body. I smiled at Mister and, as soon as we got h
ome, asked if I could thank him properly. Naturally, he agreed. With the taste of his sweetness still in my mouth, I told him that I understood what he was trying to teach me. He said he was glad, but that he wanted to drive the point home to me. Each morning before he left for work, each afternoon beginning at 1:00, and each evening before he made love to me, I would have the nipple suction toys on for at least 20 minutes. This would ensure that the nips would always be puffy and perky. I would not wear a bra. I would go about my daily activities – shopping, cleaning, going out with friends, yard work – all of it with my nipples clearly visible. Honestly, I’m still self conscious, but after five days of no bra, I’m becoming more accustomed to the stares and feeling of free nipples. Besides, Mister can’t walk past me now without giving them a quick tweak, a sensuous brush of his hand, or a nip with his mouth. And at the end of the day, the look of lust and pleasure in his eyes is worth far more than the fading embarrassment I feel.



To my Dominant Husband

Dearest Love,

We began our journey into the world of BDSM more years ago than I can remember, but it is still fresh and pure. You have helped me embrace my sexuality and take pride in the fact that I find great pleasure in my service to  you. When you turn me over so that you can spank my bottom, I get wet. When you bind my wrists, I get wet. When you unzip your trousers and say “suck”, I’m past wet and into the zone. I realize that you, naturally, derive pleasure from this service, but make no mistake, so do I. Soon we will be celebrating another milestone in our relationship. I very much would like, with your permission, to honor that. I know you plan on taking me away for a few days, and during that time I am here, formally and publicly, requesting a reaffirmation of your intention to continue being my loving Dominant and my continued intention in being your loving submissive. During our day to day lives, we do not, cannot, live the lifestyle 24/7. It simply isn’t feasible.

However, During this reaffirtumblr_o4955yAVAr1trfqkjo1_540mation period, I ask – no – beg that we do just that. I ask that some symbol of my submissiveness be on my body at all times, even in public (something which I have never been comfortable with but would be will to do now) – a “day”collar, cuffs, body chain, plug, nipple jewelry – the choice is yours. I ask that this begin the night before our journey and end only when you decide.

I ask that you set and enforce specific expectations during this time. Some that we have had in the past included no clothing in the hotel room, no panties at all, ask permission before using the restroom. I love these, but would ask that you consider pushing my limits even more. I ask that you do that – push my limits.

I ask that I be allowed – required even – to worship your body however, wherever, and whenever you choose. I ask that you play with or expose my body in the same manner. In private, semi-private, or public, I ask that you take what you want knowing that I have already agreed. I want, so very, very much, to give you that which I never have been comfortable with before – TOTAL Exchange of Power.

Lovingly yours,



National Take A Hike Day (with a D/s twist)

So today, apparently is National Take a Hike Day. Naturally, we do just that – hike. But Master, of course, has a few things up his sleeve. First, let me assure you all that this is a semi- private area in which we hike. The forest is owned by Master and four of his friends, so if we do happen to run into anyone else, they are of like minds. No chance of shocking the general public with ored in woodur antics! I knew I was in for it when we had walked less than 1/4 of a mile and Master had me disrobe. He took my clothes and stowed them in his backpack. Then, he found a lovely stick for me to carry. It was lightweight, but kept me boound without the need for rope since I had to keep my hands on both ends of it. Master walked in front of me, turning around often to make sure I was okay and to check out my breasts (he LOVES my breasts!)  We came to a beautiful part of the woods where moss covers the stones and the trees create a shady canopy. Master had me sit on the soft moss and worship his cock. Can I get a “Hell’s Yea!” I wanted so very, very badly to cradle his jewels, but he had warned me that if I moved my hands from the stick he’d switch my bottom with stinging nettle. (That happened ONCE and boy did I learn my lesson!) Nonetheless, Master allowed me to savor his cock, licking and sucking to my heart’s content. I was grateful for the moss beneath my bottom which not only cushioned the rock, but absorbed the sweet juices that were leaking out of me! Master began to pump his hims, fucking my mouth. He groaned and I was he was going to come, but he surprised me. He stepped back, undressed (YUM!!), then took the stick. My arms were a bit wobbly, but I was free. Then, He kissed me, picked me up, and I wrapped my legs around him. Somehow, he knelt on the ground, and within a moment, his marvelous cock win the woodsas buried deep inside of me. I came, over and over again, tears of joy covering my face. He made love to me slowly, carefully, gently, kissing my lips, my neck, my breasts. Minutes – or perhaps hours – later, he lifted himself on his elbows, bellowed out his pleasure, and filled me with his hot, creamy cum. We lay there, entwined in each other’s arms, until we could breath normally. He helped me to my feet, dressed (but kept me naked!), and we continued our hike. Seriously, National Hiking Day needs to be celebrated more than once a year!