National Humiliation Day

I had no idea today was the ver first National Humilate your Sub day. In honor of this, Master has decided that I should be well and properly humilate as often as as publically as he chooses. For the record, I despise public humilation almost as much as I love it. Yes, I hate it when it happens, but afterwards I am in such a sub mindset that I’m in heaven. First, when Dom arrived at my apartment, He immediately told me to bend over. He pulled the lube tumblr_negq4w1mO01si6m0bo1_500out of the fridge (he likes the way i jump at the coldness) then inserted a large, uncomfortable, but not painful, plug. The, he told me, was to remind me of his power over me. It would stay in all day. He’s right. The moment he puts a plug in me, I immediately become more biddable. Then, he said we were going out. We walked around town for close to an hour before we sat at a little coffee shop. Here, he told me, I would eat only what he fed me and drink only what he offered. He held out a bit of scone on the palm of his hand and I bent my head to eat it. Several patrons glanced our way and when this way of feed me continued, they stared openly. My face was, I’m sure bright red. When we left, he kept his hand on my ass. He did, though, whisper into my ear that my behavior had pleased him, especially the blushing.

Then, we went to the city park. He sat on a bench and positioned me in front of a metal tumblr_of9jxywkhp1vex6g2o1_540fence opposit him. Then, he told me to lift my skirt. I gaped at him, open mouth. Still, the look in his eyes and the fullness of the plug were too much for me to resist and I did as he said. He motioned higher. I did so. Higher. I dropped my eyes, blushed again, and obeyed. Now, the very bottom of my panties (Thank the gods he allowed me to keep them on!) were plainly visibile, not to metion my garters and stockings. I stood there for close to half an hour. Men came by, as did women. Some pulled out their phones and snapped pictures. Some scolded me, some called me names. Master just sat on his bench, smiling. I was sinking into my “zone”. Yes, I was still humiliated, but I was also getting very, very wet – which was quite obvious. Finally, Master stood and began to walk. He motioned for me to follow, but to stay behind him. I did. I had also dropped my skirt, something I would pay for later because he had not told me to do that.  By now, a soft rain had begun to fall. By the time we got home, it was pouring. Master had brouin the rainght an umbrella with him, but I had not. When we got to my apartment, he told me sternly that because I had dropped my skirt I had to wait, in the rain, for 10 minutes. Then, he would open the door and I could enter. So I stood there, soaked to the bone in the warm rain. My dress clung to my body. I was even more aware of the plug inside of me, knowing it would be there for several more hours. He opened the door, holding a big fluffy towel. I started to walk in, but he stopped me. I could not drip on the floor, so I was to strip out of my clothes – all of them – right there on my front stoop. I wanted to die on the spot. I wanted to drop to my knees and thank him. Only when I was totally nude did he welcome me in and wrap the towel around my wet body. Here, I did as I wanted. I fell to my knees, kissed his shoes and thanked him.

The plug is still in my ass, but his cum is now in my pussy. the day, though, is only half over and I have no doubt Master has plans for the evening.

Remember to beg

Please may I worship your cock..

Please may i worship your cock.

Please may i worship your cock.belt

This phrase is drilled into my head. I glance at the clock and note the time: 9:30. One of my fall rules was that if Milord doesn’t offer me his cock at least once a day, I will beg for it. Today I failed this rule. Milord doesn’t expect much from me. We have only 5 Fall Rules – Fiction this season. However, Milord is quit strict. I need this strict and am grateful for it, or at least i will be once this punishment has been served. At 9:00 he pointed out my failure, and so I am not repeated this phrase Please may i worship your cock until he decides that I may, indeed, worship his cock. Half an hour ago, Milord ordered me to undress and bend over a padded chair. I was grateful for this because I could grasp the legs of the chair. Despite knowing he would do what he needed to do, I begged for forgiveness, swearing that I wouldn’t forget again. Naturally, he ignored this. I heard his belt slide from his trousers and cringed. The first slap of leather came down on my skin and i jumped. Milord does not have a light hand. Once i could breath again I begged Please may i worship your cock? He waited. Then scolded me. Just as the fire was starting to disipate, his belt came down again. This process has been repeated for 30 minutes. He’s lashed my upturned ass at least 15 times. He likes to make me wait for it. He likes to have me consider my offense. He likes to leave me uncertain as to if the punishment is over. He likes to hear me beg. And it is to his pleasure that i eagerly submit. Now, I’m crying, my ass is on fire and I’m sure I’ll have difficulty sitting tomorrow. He has covered ever inch of my ass with his belt and now has whipped the tenderest area where the upper thigh meets the curve of my buttocks. I clench my hands around the wooden legs of the chair, tears dripping on the floor. Please, Please, Milord. Please let me worship your cock! I am not only repentent for my failure, I am desperate to have his cock in my mouth. I need his cock in my mouth. He senses this. I hear him sit on the couch, but still I don’t move. Minutes pass. I remain silent although I the mantra runs through my head. Finally, he says, Very Well. I drop to my knees and crawl to him, unzip his trousers, and free his engorged cock. The head is alread19477844y oozing pre-cum. I lick this off them slide my lips down his shaft. He sighs and I redoubt my efforts. I feel my thighs getting wet, but know I will have no relief tonight. Tonight is for his pleasure and my discipline. I understand and gratefully accept this. He puts a hand on my head and says Open and Hold. I fight to remain still as he thrusts his hips upward, fucking my mouth. I gag and he says Good girl. Good. Then, he gives one last hard thrust and pushes my head down. I feel the hot stream of his cum hitting the back of my throat. He emties himself and I struggle to swallow it all. He finishes and leans back, his cock leaving me. I sit back on my heels, wincing. Yes, tomorrow is going to be painful. I have a meeting in the conference room and the vision of the hard wooden chairs flashes in my mind. I cringe and Milord sees this. He smiles, holds out his hand and I take it. He kisses my forehead, tells me to get ready for bed. I do so, the warm water stinging my swollen ass as I shower. I so very much want to get myself off, but I know better. He could walk in at any time. If he catches me, the earlier whipping will be nothing compared to that punishment! When I get into bed, he’s already there. He pulls me against him and says, You’ll suck me off in the morning before either of us leaves this bed. If you remember, I’ll let you come tomorrow evening.

Rest assured, I will remember.



Three and Twenty

We, like may DD couples, have a maintenance day. For us, it is the 23rd of each month. That is the date of our Anniversary, so on the 23rd of each month, we remember our vows to each other with Maintenance. Husband does everything in sets of 23. To begin, he pulls me over his lap and administers 23 hand spankings. This is my warm up. Then, hetumblr_n0fhrskpsx1qii8jto1_500 uses an implement – naturally of his choice. Today, it is a wooden paddle. Twenty three times he brings it down on my pinked flesh. It doesn’t matter if I start crying at number 4 or number 20. He adminsisters 23. Next, I am displayed for 23 minutes. Sometimes he chooses to have me stand in the corner, sometimes I am seated. My hands must be behind my head during this time. Today he has chosen a most uncomfortable spot, but I don’t object. After all, I have given him this right and it would be petty of me to object because of mere discomfort. Plus, Maintenance is not meant to be comfortable! It is meant to remind us both of our chosen roles. And so I sit here, focused on maintaining my balance and then it comes to me. Balance. THIS is why he has chosen this spot. Just as I must work to remain in place, so we must work to balance our relationship. I smile, pleased that I’ve figured this out. Husband does indeed have a strong hand, but also a strong mind and will. The end of my minutes arrives and He is beside me, helping to stand. He sees the smile and knows I understand. Then, I sink to my knees. For my final 23 minutes, his cock will be in my mouth. Before I begin, though, there is something I must say. “Thank you, my love.” “You’re welcome.”

Called My Bluff

This is my fault, I admit it. I brought this on myself. You see, I bed Sir that he would tire of me before I tired of him. I truly believed that he would run out of things to do to my body or that he would want to move on to one of his other women. I was totally and completely wrong. I also, inadvisedly, laughed when he said he could keep my puss so full for so long that I would beg for mercy. So here I am, begging for mercy from his continuous attentions. He, however, never gives quarter. Never. And so, I will suffer until his pleasure in my suffering is complete. During the last 4 days, Sir has kept my puss full at all times and, has kept my anus and mouth full much of the time. My body is so tuned to his touch now, a simple finger beneath my chin is enough to have me weeping and on the verge of orgasm. To begin, I offered him my mouth, which he eagerly accepted. I massaged his balls and gently pressed a finger along his perineum. Within moments he shot his load down my throat. That, I assumed, would be all he’d want for a few hours. I was wrong. He commanded me to remove my clothing, then he and locked it all away. I have no choice but to remain nude. Never would I consider disobeying a direct command. He then fingered my wet pussy until I came, then he used his mouth. After I came several more times, he was very hard again, and so he fucked me. Deep, hard, fast. He came. Then, he pushed in two steel ben wah balls. I gasped at their coldness and size, but he smiled and told me that he planned to keep me full until further notice. This was when I realized my mistake. Sir was nothing if not patient. He wgreetingsould not back down from my challenge, nor would he allow me to back down. He grinned when I finally understood my situation. Over the past 4 days at least one of my holes has always been filled. When he allows my pussy a short rest, he plugs my anus. When he frees that, I am gagged. When my mouth is open, he uses ginger to fig my anus until my face is as wet as my pussy. I even sleep with a plug in my anus or a dildo in my pussy, locked in place so it won’t slip out.

A short time ago, he fucked me, bending me over a chair so that he could gain maximum penetration. This last time I cried, begged for mercy, told him I couldn’t take any more. I was too sore to walk straight! After he came in me, he sighed and whispered. “After only four days you beg surrender. Very well. Choose. I will give a full day’s rest to one of your holes. Choose wisely, because the other two will be well used.” I closed my eyes, and thought. “My pussy. Please sir. Allow my pussy a day’s rest.” He rubbed my back gently, massaging my stiff musclImage result for anal plug roundes. He leaned over me, kissed my neck and said, “As you wish my love. Now. Don’t move.” He’s back in a moment, easing lube into my back hole. I feel a hard roundness pressing against me and I whimper. The ball. A solid glass ball. I sob, but I’ve made my choice and Sir wil hold me to it. He presses it in, slowly, carefully, until it is fully seat. I am uncomfortably full, but not in pain. He the sits down to watch the news, pulls me over his lap. I am boneless now. My will is his. He explains that he agrees I need a break, so while he watches the news for the next hour he will not force me to orgasm again. I can relax. I babble my thanks. Then, he points out that it has been four days since I’ve had a good spanking. So, I  will be spanked during ever story which involves politics or crime. And so, here I lie, exhausted, tender, and now red bottom and aching for release. I have already admitted I have lost my bet and my folly. I have begged for mercy and forgiveness. Sir, for his part, has graciously accepted my defeat, but had denied me mercy. Three more days, he had decided. Only after I have been kept naked, filled with his cum, and plugged in one hole or another for a full week will he grant me mercy. Yes, Sir is strict, but he know exactly what i need.

A Man’s Responsibility

Sometimes, a Man needs to take control. Like tonight. Missy was ridiculously bitchy when I got home from work, crabbing about one thing then another. I waiting all through dinner for her to lighten up, but she never did, not even when I complimented her cooking – which was delicious! – took are bound to bedof the dishes, and tried to change the subject to something happier. That’s when I understood. Missy didn’t need me to be conciliatory, she needed me to take control. So I did. I grabbed her in a strong embrace, kissed her hard, then told her that if she didn’t quit bitching I’d give her something to bitch about. To this, she bitched. Perfect! I grabbed her wrists, pulled her – with very little effort – to the bedroom. There, I ordered her to strip and lie on the bed, bottoms up. I blindfolded her and cuffed her wrists, scolding her the entire time for being such a malcontent. By now, she was quiet and I could smell her arousal. Just to be sure, I reached down and ran a finger over her slit. Yep. Drenched. She mewed when I touched her and I smiled. Slowly, I undressed, talking to her the whole time. Telling her how disappointed I was in her attitude. “You were an ass tonight, Missy, and to make sure you remember that, it’s your ass that’s going to pay.”

“What?” she asked quietly.

“You ass,” I whispered. Then, I got the lube. She hung her head and began to mutter. She hates (but also loves) when I ignore her hot little pussy and only use her ass. I work the lube in, getting her nice and slick and stretched. Then, I kneel behind her. She tenses, begs forgiveness, and promises she’ll behave better. I swear my cock is going to explode before I have enter her! I smack her bottom, tell her no more talking, then press in. God, she’s hot and tight! Her whole body stiffens and I wait for her to get used to my bulk. When she relaxes, I bury myself in her. She cries out, presses back against me. I smack her pale cheeks as I begin to fuck her. Her body quivers and trembles, already close to orgasm. The combination of being fucked and spanked always bring her to the brink fast. I have to think about baseball to keep myself from coming. Then, she falls. Right into that beautiful abyss. Three more times I get her off before I shoot my load into her well tanned bottom. Reluctant to leave the warmth, I slowly pull out of her. Just seeing a drip of my cum trickle out of her hole is enough to get me going again. But, it’s too soon. I need time to recover, and so does she. Still, I don’t want her to slip out of this mood.

“I’m not done with you yet, Missy,” I tell her.

“Joe, please.”

“Beg all you want, but there will be a round 2.”

I open the nightstand drawer and quickly find what I want. She squirms, pants, but accepts This substitute for my cock. It looks so damn pretty there, but then I think it would look even prettier with more of a contrast. So, I tell her to raise up on her knees and spank her some more. She moans, wiggles, and accepts everything. Her thighs glisten with wetness. I keep spanking her until her ass is fire engine red. Then, I land one sharp swat to her pussy and sass blinghe yelps, lowers her head and shoulders to the bed, and trembles all over. There’s nothing more I want right now than to plunge my rock hard cock into her pussy, but that’s not what she needs. She needs me to Man up. To be Strong. To set an expectation and to stick with it.

“Okay. Round 2.”

“Thank god,” she mumbles and I grin. She thinks it’s going to be easy, but she’s wrong. I grasp the pretty plug and give it a slow spin. She gasps, understanding what I’m going to do.”

“Joe! No! Please!”

“Safe word?”

Silence. I gently pull out the plug and my cock jumps a little as a drop of my cum leaks out. Then, I reinsert my cock. She’s looser this time and I don’t have to wait for her body to get used to me. I’ve already come once as well, so now I can take my time. Go slow. Fast. Hard. Whatever I want. She’s putty in my hands now. By the time I empty myself in her again, she’ll be totally exhausted, totally satiated, and totally mine.

Sometimes, a Man simply has to provide what his woman needs.



Caravan Cravings

6c7443fe7534ec0338175a013c57a9d3Welcome to my Caravan! Yes, it’s tiny. Yes, it’s old fashioned. Yes, it’s perfect! This is my sanctuary – well, OUR sanctuary really. This is where I can shed my well cared for and perfected persona of a highly respected intellectual and transform into my secret, inner self. Milord knew I had trouble focusing when I write, so he built this for me. Only I am allowed in it – not even He will enter without an invitation. When that invitation is sent, though, it does so with certain conditions – which I’m more than happy to comply with!

First, I must actually write out a formal invitation setting a specific time for Milord to visit. In this way, I will be prepared – as will he – and will have no excuse for being surprised. I hand deliver the invitation to him, so that we both can be sure that it has been received. Before he arrives, I make sure everything is neat and tidy – all my writing putting away. Inside the caravan is a double sized bed, a table, one chair, build in cabinets filled with various supplies for both writing, living, and playing. The little tilt windows are dressed with floral curtains, and I keep a few bottles of water, some tea, 2 cups, a kettle, and a few snacks. There is one electrical outlet connected to an outside battery which I can use for either a fan or my laptop. For light, I use candles. For heat, a brazier. If I am here after dark, which we will be tonight, I stack firewood by the small pit and build up a campfire. Denim Peasant Dress - New Age, Spiritual Gifts, Yoga, Wicca, Gothic, Reiki, Celtic, Crystal, Tarot at Pyramid Collection:

I hear him coming and smooth my dress. It’s a simple garment, and the only one I’m allowed to wear here, at least when Milord visits! If the weather is chilly, I may, naturally, add shawls for warmth. When he comes into the clearing holding a freshly cut switch I go to him, kiss him, then return to my caravan. I place my hands on the steps, he lifts my dress. Without warm up, he uses the switch on my bare bottom. This is the price I willing pay for the gift of my caravan. As he raises small welts on my flesh, I feel my internal thermostat rise. By the time the switch has broken, my will is his. I could no more make a decision for myself than I could fly away. I’m trembling with desire, anticipation, and need. My skin is on fire, but so is my soul. I hear him undress, but I do not move. He hasn’t given me permission yet. Nor will he until he has first satisfied his own needs. I feel his cock enter me and I’m undone. I come. Quivering around his cock. He digs his fingers into my hips and he fucks me. Tears wash down my face. I always cry. Whether it’s from the release, the pain, or the pleasure, I couldn’t say, but my tears please him, so I am unashamed. Faster and faster he fucks me. Then, he pulls out, spins me around. I fall to the ground, look up at him, and open my mouth. He feeds me his sweet joy and I eagerly accept. Now, now we can begin our time together. Now that our initial hot lust has been banked. For the rest of the evening, long into the night, and with any luck, into the morning, I will be his devoted hostess, seeing to his every want, and he, he will be my demanding and loving guest. There is nothing I will deny him. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

His right

When He wants me, He takes me. It is his right. Not his god-given right, but the Woman given right! I gave him this right, this duty, really. It took a few months of convincing, but eventually, I did. I convinced him that I wanted to be his equal in all things mundane, but his subordinate in all things sexual. I desired nothing more than to touched, used, wanted by him. I too will initiate – after all it’s not fair to expect him to do all the work – but, for the most part, I am his and will never, never say no when he wants me. This morning, for example, I was in the middle of making coffee when he came up behind me, his hands warm, strong, sensuous. The coffee was immediately forgotten. Within moments I found my ass on the counter, my legs splay, and my favorite cock buried deep inside of my wet, eager body. After, we kissed, I finished the coffee, and we sat on the back porch sipping the hot brew with smiles on our faces.