Hotel Rules

I know the rules, really I do. While in a hotel – anywhere in a hotel, I am to be elegant, well dressed, obedient,  never cross my legs, never wear panties, never order a meal or drink for myself. In the room itself, I will be nude, obedient, and submissive in the extreme in addition to the other rules. I know this. Really. But somehow, I thought the balcony of our room would be “hotel” rules and not “room” rules. My mistake. I grabbed my robe and stepped thCCQPJQU6out onto the balcony to enjoy the third floor view. When Mister got out of the shower he stopped short when he saw me. He asked what I was doing and I told him, smiling, having no idea of what was to come.

“And you’re wearing that robe why?”

“I’m not in the room,” I answered smugly.

“Isn’t the balcony part of the room?”

Shit. I nodded. He was right. And so I walked back into the room, removing the robe as I did so.  He held out his hand I handed him the robe, then, he pointed to the balcony. My eyes widened with trepidation.

“But?” I began.

“You wanted to be on the balcony. I know you dislike public nudity, but that really isn’t the issue is it? You broke a rule and, per our agreement, a punishment is in order. This is it, Girl. I’ll allow you to face the room, but get back out there and stand with your lovely ass pressed against the railing. Do not move until I tell you. Now.”

Shit. Again. I HATE being exposed to anyone other than Mister! Still, I know better than to disobey this order. And so, here I stand, exposed, humiliated, and having learned that Mister is always to be obeyed.

The Maestro

music tatI am often anxious, unproductive, angry. Maestro knows this. He also knows that while I live to serve him, I cannot live without creating music. He knows I need his help in order to create. He and I, we do not have a sexual relationship, per se, although he does sexually dominate me at times. He has been my Dominator for years now. He too is a composer, but far more disciplined than I. He recognized my frustration early on and suggested a way to relieve it. I agreed, willingly. For our first session, he came armed with a violin bow (which he didn’t care to use on his violin). He tied me to a chair, placed the chair in front of my piano and “played” my pussy with his bow every time I stopped playing the piano. After 30 minutes I was begging for relief, promising I’d finish my composition, but he kept me in place. After an hour, my body swayed to his rhythm and my hands danced over the keys. Only then did he release me. The next day he came and told me he wanted to commemorate our new relationship. I had already confessed that I wanted to get a large tattoo on my back, but couldn’t decide what. He brought a friend of his, a tattoo artist. I quickly agreed to let the Maestro choose my tattoo. As the artist worked, Maestro explained that for each session together in which I accomplished my goals, he would add to the tattoo. For this first one, my back would be marked with the first row of staff lines. I sighed, content.

So far, Maestro has helped me create quite a large number of new compositions.

at workCliche’ as it is, my Dom and I work together in the same office. However, I’m the boss and he’s my assistant – professionally speaking that is. Privately, sexually, He is certainly my boss. He prefers matching lingerie, so that’s all I wear beneath my ever so professional suits. He despises pantyhose, so I wear either thigh highs, or stockings and garters. Luckily, we both prefer mid-sized heels for work, so again, that is what I wear. Each morning when I arrive (he’s there 1/2 and hour before me and has the coffee brewed as well as my calendar updated and files I will need for the day on my desk) we go over the daily briefing first. Then, he checks me. He checks to make sure I’m dressed to his liking, which means I usually must strip out of my suit. If I meet with his approval, which I usually do, I’m rewarded by sucking his perfect cock until he comes down my throat. If something is amiss, he bends me over my desk, spanks me, the fucks my ass. Afterwards, I must correct the mistake. Once this morning routine has been observed, it’s back to business – until lunch.

Jacob either brings a lunch for us or orders in – either way we always eat in my office at the conference table.  Before eating, though, Jacob again reminds me that I have given him power over my body. Yesterday I wore slacks, something I am not forbidden to do, but that he doesn’t particularly like. As a result, he had me drop my trousers to my ankles and bend over the table. He lubbed up my ass and inserted a small, egg shaped plug. He told me that I was to keep it in until our end of day briefing. I nodded, accepting this, even though I don’t like it. I get so very, very wet an horny whenever he keeps mpants pluge plugged which makes it difficult to concentrate. On the other hand, I love it because it’s a constant reminder of HIM.  Then, he fucked me. Oh lord did he fuck me! It had been two days since his cock had been inside of my pussy. I came immediately, and without permission, which amused him greatly! Still, it was without permission, so as he fucked, he slapped my ass, which made me come even more. I was on the verge of collapse when he finally shot his beauty into me. Slowly, he pulled out, adjusted his own trousers, and helped me with mine. Then, we sat down (me quite gingerly) to lunch.

At the end of the day we have another briefing where first we go over anything work related and review the next day’s schedule. Then, we get personal again. Because he had plugged me yesterday, he had me strip and bend over my own desk – which adds just a touch of humiliation to everything. He spread my legs wide, then knelt between the V. He reminded me NOT to come without permission. If I did, he promised a spanking that I would remember for the next few hours. Then, he ran his tongue from my clit to the pretty plug. I moaned. How would I ever survive. He plunged that clever tongue in and out of my dripping cunt, sucked my clit, then nipped it gently. That did it, I came. Came hard. I actually squirted!!! He pulled back, laughed, and again warned me not to move out of position. I lay across my desk, totally open and drained. I don’t think I could have moved even if I had wanted to. Then, the first smack. I about jumped out of my skin, but managed by sheer determination, to stay in position. Being spread so wide meant that not only did he smack my cheeks, he also had full access to my now drenched and super sensitive pussy, which he also spanked. Soon, I was crying, and begging to be allowed to come again. He (thank god!) granted this, telling me I could come as much as I wanted while being spanked and pussy whipped. Sometime during this, he pulled the plug out and I came again. When my entire bottom area felt like it would burst into flames, he stopped. He rubbed my back and bottom for a few minutes until I had calmed, the allowed me to get dressed. He kissed me, and sent me home, telling me he had a few things to finish up here at the office, but when he arrived home, he expected me to have dinner on the table and to be wearing nothing but an apron. Some days,  I’m the luckiest woman in the world.over the desk work


I Am Submissive

I am Submissive. I am not abused, nor have I ever been. I am not deranged, depressed, or have any other mental disabilities. I had a perfectly lovely childhood, a normal teenagehood and a successful adulthood. Part of that success has come from not giving a flying rat’s ass about what the world thinks of me as regards to my private life. I am not subjugated, I am submissive – by choice.

I find no greater pride and pleasure than giving pleasure to the man I love, the man whom I have granted the right to command me in all things sexual and some things not. I am the one who came up with our Rules of Conduct and he was the one to adjust them. He was the one who came up with our Acceptable forms of Discipline and I saw no need to adjust them, even though he would have happily accepted any that I saw fit. I am the one who insists on strict enforcement of these Rules. I set the hard limits which he has always respected.

I am Submissive and I am proud of that. I am Proud that He can simply give me THAT look and I know to lower my eyes and my nipples harden. I am Proud that I can achieve orgasm from sucking His cock, lying over His lap and being spanked, or staying still while He tightens the clamps He has placed on my nipples. I am Proud that I can accept His cock, despite its size, in any orifice of my body at anytime he chooses. I am Proud to have His cum inside my body – my ass, my pussy, my mouth – or on my body if that is His choice.

I am not just a Submissive, I am His Submissive.ginger braid

Bells on my Nips

0590984f6f5bdfc339b5af060cf28b9dLast winter I finally agreed to have my nipples pierced. This was something Mister had wanted for a long time, but I was hesitant. Like most ideas, he was right. Now that they have completely healed, I LOVE the fact that he can play with them in brand new ways. For example, today he attached lovely silver bells to them. It’s a “naked day” for both of us (his idea). This doesn’t mean I’m free from my chores, though. After all, we still need to eat! Every move I make causes the little bells to tinkle slightly. For such small little things, they sure do make a lot of noise. There is no way I can sneak anywhere! Which is now a problem – at least for me – because Mister has ordered that I stand perfectly still with my hands clasped behind my back. That’s it. I just stand still while he works on his computer. Here’s the catch. For each time he hears that tell-tale little tinkle, I will receive five spankings. Sure, I was all smug when Mister first thought up the game, but now – now I’m up to 45 spankings and Mister is only about half warolling up sleevesy through answering e-mails! At least this is a game and not a punishment, so it won’t be so harsh. Besides, he’s promised to use only his hand. I LOVE his hand on my ass! The feel of his skin making contact with mine – O! M! G! The very thought of it makes me all warm inside. I feel a tell-tale “tear” running down my inner thigh and I wiggle again. Fifty. Fifty spankings now.

He looks up at me, smiles, and makes another tally mark. He shuts down the computer, stands, rolls up his sleeve, and asks if I’m ready.

Yep. I’m so very, very ready!

Art Exposed

You look lovely, now stop fidgeting.

I’m sorry. I’m just not used to being this exposed, especially not at an art opening.

Well now, that’s good. But I like you this exposed and you did agree to it.

I know. And I’ll keep my word. About everything. I wasn’t complaining, Sir, just tell you how I feel.

And how do you feel about wearing that very short dress and heels and that’s all?

Vulnerable, embarrassed, obedient.

And does that excite you?

Yes, sir. It does.

Good. Because you are about to be even more exposed. Keep your hands behind your back and your eyes on me.

Yes, sir.Ck8DFaoXEAAVZDZ

Now that is a pretty breast.

Sir, people are looking.

Yes. They are. This is my studio, my opening, my art, and my submissive. Let them look.

oh god

Eyes on me. Do you want me to stop?

No, Sir. I want, I very much want, you to do as you wish even if I don’t like it.

That’s my girl. Now, smile. You’ve made me proud.


Rule #1 – Wear only Skirts or Dresses

This is my first Rule of Summer. Wear only skirts or dresses – no shorts or pants. I really thought I’d hate this rule, but it turns out, I rather like it. First, dresses are cool – literally. More air flow! Second. Mister has easy access to my nether parts. Third – well, see Second! Yesterday, Mister decided to take me out for the day. We would hit an art museum, lunch, do some some shopping, have dinner then clubbing maybe.  I cho
se one of his favorite dresses, a very demure little white and pink number. It’s light and comfortable. He even allowed me to wear a white lace bra beneath it – no undies, though! Before we head out, he tells me to bend over a living room chair and flips my skirt up. I’m not surprised at all. He often likes to give me a “going out” spanking – which I love! And, sure enough, his hand comes down on my upturned bottom. He usually goes easy on me, but not today. Nope. Since we’ll be gone all day, he says, he wants to make sure my bottom stays pink for a long time. I grab onto the arms of the chair and bite my lip. I’m panting now, my ass burning from his touch.

“That’s it. Nice and pink now,” he says. Then I hear the tell tale metallic zip. He enters me and all the pain from the spanking goes away. I can’t explain how much I love his thick, long cock inside of me. The way it stretches me, fills me, pleases me. He begins to move in and out, but the spanking isn’demur dresst over. He keeps right on slapping my cheeks with each thrust. It’s all too much and I come.

“That’s right. Come for me, Come all over my cock, girl.”

I’m calling his name now, begging for more. His hand is as relentless as his cock. I hear his breathing speed up and he pushed deep, shooting inside of me.

“Yes!” I cry out, always grateful when he comes inside of me.

He finishes, kisses me, stand me up and lets my dress fall into place. Suddenly I realize what he’s done. Without panties on, his cum will drip out of me, forming a wet spot that I won’t be able to hide in this white dress! Even when it dries, it will leave a spot! He laughs when he sees my face, knowing I’ve just figured out his plan. My face flames with embarrassment and I want to beg him to let me clean myself up, but it’s no use. So instead, I rise up on my toes and kiss him. If he’s happy, I’m happy, and trust me, he was a very happy Mister.