First Class Boot Camp – Reviewed

My Ard Ri was as strict as he had promised and I had just a wonderful-est (is that a word?) weekend as I thought I would. That is not to say, however, that there weren’t moments and plenty of them when I wasn’t particularly comfortable. Let me describe one of those moments and what I learned from it.  It was Saturday afternoon and I was starting to get hungry. I knew I wasn’t allowed out of the room, but I had hoped, like dinner the night before, that Ard Ri would call room service. Today, however, he’d made no move to pick up the phone. He had already fucked my pussy and come in it once, stretched my anus with a plug, and administered 100 spankings bare handed. I was in that lovely sub attitude where I would unhesitatingly agree to just about anything. All morning I’d only made one mistake. My Ard Ri had yet to punish me for it, but I knew he would in his own time, and in his own way.

Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. I looked up at him, startled.

“Get on the bed, first spanking position.”brown hair

I hesitated. Silent (I’d gotten in trouble once for speaking), I begged with my eyes. I absolutely hate being displayed before anyone’s eyes but his.

“That’s your second punishment, little one. Get in position before room services knocks a second time or you will regret it.”

Okay. I get it. I scurried into position, grateful that at least I could cover my face and the waiter wouldn’t see me blushing.

“Your lunch, Sir.” I heard a male voice speak. “I hope you enjoy it.

“Thank you, I’m sure I will. And thank you for being so prompt. Tell me, is the ginger fresh as I requested?”

Ginger?? Oh Sweet Jesus.

“Yes, Sir. Fresh shipment this morning. Might I ask what it’s use?”

“Certainly. You see, my wife and I both needed re-connecting with our vows. In particular the vow that she would obey and I would lead. This ginger will act as a reminder that she has pledged her body for my pleasure. That through submission she finds her own peace, her own pleasure, her own higher purpose. Earlier this morning she spoke, disobeying an agreed upon rule. This is her punishment.”

“I see. My girlfriend and I have a similar arrangement, Sir, but I’ve never used ginger. I will have to research that.”

“Would you like a demonstration?”

OMg!!! I wanted to die I was so embarrassed. I squealed a bit, but the Ard Ri placed his hand on the small of my back. He explained to our curious waiter about my dislike of public nudity, but for his sake I was willing to obey. As he said these things, I could smell the tangy scent of fresh ginger and knew he must be peeling a finger of the herb. He spread my cheeks, revealing my entire private area, and continued to explain that the natural plug would at first feel cool but then begin to burn. The sensation would increase if I clenched against it. The heat would be more intense if the ginger were fresh. While I would feel a terrible burn for about 20 minutes, the juices of the ginger would in no way injure the soft tissue of my body. He then inserted it into my anus. I began to pant.

“Little One, do you feel the heat?”

“Yes, Ard Ri,” I whimpered and wiggled my bottom. I hated the idea of being displayed like this for a stranger to see, but I knew better than to disobey.

I couldn’t stop the whimpering. The heat was intense. Tears leaked down my face and were absorbed into the soft cotton sheet. The waiter again thanked my Ard Ri and I heard the door shut.

Ard Ri kissed my neck and whispered to me. “Good girl. Just so that you know, that water was a friend of mine. I would never expose you in such a vulnerable position to a complete stranger. Now, come kneel at my feet and I will feed you your lunch. You will keep that fig inside of you while you eat. If it slips out, I will have you reline on the bed rather than knee and place a sliver over your clit as well as that fig in your bottom hole. Understood?”

“Yes, Ard Ri.”

I managed to keep the plug it while he feed me soup and bread, but only by clenching tightly. Tears covered my face, but my pussy was even wetter. After lunch, he removed the fig. He finger fucked my anus first with one, then two, then three fingers. I screamed my orgasms, begging for his cock. (He allowed me to beg during orgasm! Thank the Lord!)

What did I learn? That through obedience I do indeed find my pleasure. That my love, my King, my Ard Ri, does indeed know what is best for me and how to give me the most intense feelings. That even when He chooses to humiliate me, forcing me to do something that I am not comfortable with, he does so with my best interest at heart. That he was 100% correct. Through submission to him I transcend the world’s clothing and become the person I want to be.


First Class Boot Camp

We walked into this beautiful hotel.  At least I think it’s beautiful. My Ard Ri (aka my lover and dominant. When he is in “dominate” mode, I call him him Ard Ri or High King for those of you who are not familiar with this Irish Term) has taped small patches over both of my eyes and had me put on very dark sunglasses. He holds my elbow in the crook of his arm and had guides me. Three hours ago he had me dress in a very lovely but revealing dress, a waist cincher my only undergarment, and black pumps. He effectively blinded me and guided me to the car. I would probably have fallen asleep, but he had also inserted a remote control vibrator in my pussy and a small, silicon plug in my anus. He explained that we were going to have a boot camp extended weekend. Four days where I would be 24/7 submissive to him – his servant. Lately, I had been complaining about feeling neglected. He agreed. He had been neglecting me, but he planned on changing that over the course of the next four days. I was not to ask questions – not even where we were going. All I knew was that we would be staying at a hotel and that I would not be leaving the suite once I was there. Before going into the hotel to register, he also put in ear buds and turned up some Debussy so I couldn’t even hear the conversation between him and the desk clerk. After what seemed to be a long elevator ride, we entered a hallway and stepped into the suite. Only then did Ard Ri remove the earbuds and the glasses and removed the cushioned pads from my eyes.

The suite was lovely. A big king sized bed, plush red carpet, a separate bathroom with a large jacuzzi tub and multi-jet shower, a small kitchenette with a fully stocked bar, and a sunken living room with a leather couch, chair, big screen television, a coffee table graced with a large bouquet of 3 dozen roses in a variety of colors, and a walnut desk and chair. The shades were drawn closed.

“Remove your clothes. You will remain naked unless I tell you otherwise. I’ve packed everything you will need. Then, lie face down on the bed.”

“You aren’t going to tell me where we are?”

“That was your first mistake. You asked me a question when I specifically told you not to do that. But for the record, no. I’m not telling you where we are. I will tell you what I want you to know. Now. Obey.”

Quickly, I obeyed. My pussy was already wet, but now it was dripping. Of course, it helped that he’d turned the vibrator on full blast. He grabbed my wrists and pinned them at the small of my back. Then, he spanked me. Hard. No warning, no warm up. I squealed and wiggled, but he’s a strong man and I didn’t really want to break free anyway.

“Spread your legs.”

I did so. That was when he did something new. Something that shocked me so much that I lay perfectly still, despite the pain and humiliation. He spanked my pussy. Five hard, firm slaps. The pain shot through to my soul, but I heard him chuckle.

“You just got even wetter, Sweet Pea. Which is good. Because each time you disobey, I’m going to spank your pussy, not your ass. Plus, I’ll add one spanking for each time you disobey. So next time, you’ll get six swats. Tell me you understand.”

“I understand, Ard Ri,” I murmured, my voice husky.

“Good. Now don’t think I won’t spank your ass because I will. But when I do, that will be for my pleasure. Before we leave here late Monday afternoon, I will have not only spanked your ass, bupinnedt belt whipped it, flogged it, paddled it, maybe even caned it. I will slap your tits, your face. I will keep you plugged, fucked, filled with cum. I might let the room service waiter do the same things to you just because I want to watch. Understand?”

“Yes, Ard Ri.” I was about to come just thinking about all of this.

“Here are your rules. You will do what I say when I say it. You may thank me at any time, but you will not question me. You may, of course, use your safe word. You will wear nothing unless I give you permission. You will eat what I give you. You may drink all the water you like. You will ask permission to use the restroom and before you do, you must pay for that privilege by sucking my cock or at the very lest, offering to do so. By the end of these four days of boot camp, you will know that I love you, that I need you, that you are my life. Any questions?”

“No, Ard Ri,” I say. This is going to be a wonderful weekend.


Except – Learning to Love

“So I’m forgiven?” he asked.

“Oh yes,” she whispered.

“Good. I want to make love to you Carrie.” His blue eyes turned bright as midnight stars.

“God, yes! My bedroom is upstairs. It is the first door on the right.”

He stood, lifting her in his arms. His mouth again took hers. He stumbled once on the stairs, but quickly regained his footing. He kicked the door to her room open and dropped her on the bed. She lay, sprawled on top of the quilt, taking in every movement. He undressed quickly. Carrie licked her suddenly dry lips. He was the most gorgeous man she’d ever seen. He had broad shoulders, muscular chest and biceps. He didn’t sport a six pack, but he was toned. Carrie realized that his job required him to lift patients so he would have to keep in shape.

As her eyes continued downward, she almost cried at the beauty of his cock. It was thick, proud and glistening with a few droplets of pre-cum.

“Like what you see?” he asked, amusement coloring his voice.

Rather than answering, Carrie looked up at him. She smiled, and slowly crawled across the bed. Cradling his heavy balls in her warm hand, she opened her mouth wide and devoured his length. No time for sweetness. She wanted to taste him, all of him. She felt his hands wrapped in her hair and heard him groan. Loosening her throat, she took him deeply inside of her mouth, sucking, slurping. His cock tasted as good as his lips had and she couldn’t get enough. She was a starving woman and he was her only food.

“Jesus, Carrie. I’m going to cum if you keep that up.”

This was all the encouragement she needed. She began to massage his sac and ran a finger gently along his perineum. She moved her head up and down. Her lips tightly encircled his length and her tongue pressed against the side of his shaft. She needed him, needed him to feed her. She’d never had much sexual experience but she’d always enjoyed servicing her partner. Stephen’s rod seemed made for her mouth.

Her jaws began to ache delightfully with the effort needed to keep her teeth away from his flesh. She felt his hands tighten in her hair and he pushed her head down. She started to gag but quickly controlled the reflex. Her lips flush against his base. Hot cream hit the back of her throat. She swallowed again and again, drinking his essence. Finally, he released his hold on her and she felt him relax. She kept her mouth on his slowly shrinking manhood, licking and sucking him clean.

Stephen took a step back. Carrie felt bereft at the loss of his touch. He knelt before her and kissed her.

“Woman, you’re going to be the death of me,” he murmured in her ear. “You’ve had your fill. Now it’s my turn. Strip for me, baby.”

Slowly, Carrie stood up. Stephen took her place on the bed, his arms beneath the back of his head. One button at a time, Carrie loosened her blouse, revealing milk white skin a little at a time. Silently, she thanked the Spirits of Lingerie that she had put on her one lacy, sexy bra and matching pink panties that morning. She dropped the blue blouse to the floor.

“Jesus, woman,” Stephen whispered, his eyes locked on her breasts.

Smiling, Carrie kicked off her shoes. She slowly, carefully, unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans. Turning her back to him, she bent over, wiggling her bottom as she stepped out of the denim. Looking over her shoulder, she noticed how dark Stephen’s eyes had become. His obvious appreciation egged her on. With her back still to him, she unhooked her bra. She turned around, holding the lacy material in place with one hand. She dropped the straps from her shoulders.

“You sure you want to see me?” she purred.

“Positive,” he answered. Stephen was now sitting upright, one hand wrapped around his hardening cock.

Carrie giggled and allowed her bra to drop to the floor. She ran her hands over her breasts, gently tweaking her rosy nipples.

“More,” Stephen begged.

Bending at the waist, Carrie finished her strip by shimmying out of her panties. She exposed her neatly trimmed triangle of soft blonde curls.

“I need to taste you. Climb up here,” Stephen ordered.

“Whatever you wish,” she softly answered.

Stephen directed her legs over his body. He pulled her upwards until she was position directly over his face. With one quick movement, he flicked his tongue over her slit. Carrie hissed in pleasure and tipped her head back. Her hands grasped onto the headboard for support.


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Immediate Discipline

I’m in training. I have chosen to be in training. I have asked Milord to enforce strict disciple and he has, happily, agreed. Today was an example. We were driving along – Milord enjoys driving – and suddenly we stopped. We were on a deserted country road and he told me to get out of the car. I questioned him and he gave me THAT look. The look that says don’t question me. The look that says he is about to instill discipline. The look that says Do as he says or suffer the consequences. tumblr_nultumJUzo1uz46zho1_500

I got out of the car. He bent me over the hood of the car, took off his belt, and whalloped my bottom. I cried and stomped my feet, but I remained in place. When he finished, he took my panties off completely, left them in the road, and told me to get back in the car. I wiped my tears and did so, not saying a word. I was rather proud of myself. A week ago I would have balked at all of this. Now, I accept it as his right. If he wants to take a belt to my ass just for his own pleasure, he may do so. He is, after all, Milord and Master.

A short time later he pulled over again. I was terrified that he’d want to belt my ass again and it was already on fire! No, he had something else in mind. He parked the car and opened my door, holding out his hand. We then went for a hike into the woods. Once we were past sight of the road, he made me strip. Completely. I didn’t want to and was slow about it. He reminded me that I had asked for strict training and that if I was serious about wanting this, I’d obey him. Milord is 8fa0248acd44df5fe999b7878c01d739right. So, I obeyed. He then unzipped his pants and ordered me to suck him. I did – grateful. I love worshipping his cock. He apparently enjoys it as well because soon he grew even larger. Suddenly, he pulled out. I whimpered in protest, wanting, desperately wanting, him to come in my mouth. Instead, he sprayed his beautiful, hot cum across my breasts. He scolded me, telling me  that when I learned to obey him immediately and without questions, then he would allow me to drink his essence. I cried, this time from shame. He was right.

Seeing my tears, he bent, kissed me and told me that despite my hesitation, he was proud of me. I was learning to accept his discipline. He loved me and knew he was pushing me hard. But I needed this. If he showed mercy, I wouldn’t learn. I wouldn’t build the discipline I needed in order to be his submissive. He held out his hand to help me to my feet. I looked at my clothing which lay on the ground by his feet. I looked at his hand. He was giving me a choice. Follow him or not. I took his hand and walked naked back to the car. I am His.


I did it!

So Mister had asked me, as part of my rules from last winter, maybe fall, to consider getting my nipples pierced. He would never have forced me to do this, but I knew he really wanted me to. I was scared as shit to do it, but I did agree to consider it, and so I did. Around mid-January, I consented. I’d done the research, talked to women who hadpierced had it done, and come to my decision. I’d do it. Mister was thrilled and after I told him, we went out that night and had it done.  Did it hurt – holy fuck, yes! Was it worth it? Holy fuck, yes. Why haven’t I mentioned it before? Because it has taken this long for my nips to fully heal. Now, though, they don’t hurt a bit – well – unless Mister decides they should hurt. But oh lord, what fun they are! Mister’s favorite decoration for them is the barbells with hanging jewels. Normally, I wear a lightly padded bra and no one but Mister knows about our secret.


Today, however, all of that changed. Mister decided that I was not allowed to wear a bra. No matter what. It was a beautiful day and so, this morning, Mister decided that we were going to have a day outing. We would go to a nearby town and do some antiquing, go out to lunch, then hit a museum before heading home again. I was all for it. Until he said No Bra. He also chose my clothing for the d✔ Pierce something ~ Bachelorette Bucket List #bachelorette #party: ay. A bright red tank and a yellow broomstick skirt. I put on the the tank, looked in the mirror and begged – begged – him to reconsider. He said no. I had been out of sorts for a few days and needed a reminder of my sexuality. I asked once more for a bra and was rewarded with a ten minute spanking for questioning his authority – which I deserved. After that, I did as he instructed. We had a lovely day and as I received more and more both appreciative and horrified looks, I began to understand why Mister had insisted on no bra. At first, I was embarrassed, then I felt empowered. Yes, I was a sexual being. Yes, I had chosen to have my nipples pierced. Yes, I was submissive to my husband. Yes, I was proud of this.

By the time we returned home, I was both humble and horny. No longer out of sorts, I wanted nothing short of total submission and ravishing – which Mister was more than happy to comply with! We were barely in the house before I was on my knees and unzipping his jeans. He laughed and allowed me to worship his cock. I was dripping wet. He was hard, hot, and horny. I wanted no gentleness and he gave me none. Instead, he fucked my mouth just like he would have fucked my pussy. He pulled my nipples. I moaned and began to tremble. Honestly, am I the only person who can orgasm from performing fellatio?? He felt me begin to orgasm and pushed my head down. I gagged, but stayed in place as he found his own pleasure, his cock pressed against the back of my mouth, his hot cream shooting down my throat. I was sobbing. No idea why, but I was. He helped me to stand and took me into the bedroom. He played with me until I was boneless, sucking my nipples, fingering my holes, eating my pussy. I had come several more times and he was again hard. Then, he took his time fucking me. Hard. No mercy. He pounded into me, pulling on the barbells, pinching my nipples. Again, I came over and over again. Finally, he filled me with his seed, calling out my name.

“So,” he said later, “will you argue with me again when I deny you a bra?”

“No. No, I won’t.”

“Good. Because I’ve decided you’re not wearing one for the rest of the weekend.”