Broken Rule 2 – continued

So I did as Mister said. This morning I performed fellatio, drank his seed, did my morning chores. I went about my day and followed all of my rules. About ten minutes before he was due to be home, I stripped and bent over the chair. He came in, said nothing (which I HATE), and went right to work on my still tender ass. By the 4th stroke this time I was howling! I knew I’d have trouble sitting for days. He allowed me to come – finally (I’d been wet all day) – and then fucked me hard again. He comes in my pussy (can anything ever be more wonderful than that???) I again suck him clean, happy and proud to do this service for him. My punishment was now over – yay! He kisses me, tells me he loves me, and that he is proud of me. I start to pick up my dress andgreetings
I he takes it away. I am to serve dinner nude. Okay. I can do that. I set the table and serve the casserole, sitting very carefully on my own wooden chair. We chat about our day and it’s a lovely evening. Then, just as I’m finishing the dishes, he casually reminds me that today is Wednesday. OMG. I’d forgotten. My eyes go wide and he smiles at me and nods toward the bedroom. Just because I received a punishment does not excuse me from my Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8 minute spanking. I’m crying before I
even get the pillow beneath my hips. Mister walks in, sets the timer where I can see it and begins. Thank the Lord he is kind and while he still administers a firm hand spanking, he isn’t going full tilt. Nonetheless, I’m bawling. By the time the timer goes off, however, I’m boneless, soothed, mere putty in his hands. I feel loved, cared for, and wanted.

I hear him undress. Then, he lubes my ass. I jumped a bit, but as i said, I was boneless. Nothing but a warm, tender, submissive woman. He pressed the tip of his cock against my anus and pushed in. Good lord but he’s big. He didn’t get halfway in, though, before I’m coming. Crazy like. Shivers began with my toes and ended in heaven. He laughs, enjoying my pleasure. He takes my ass, slowly, tenderly making love to me. He takes his time, his hands sliding beneath me to massage my breasts. I’m still trembling, still riding a wave – although a bit smaller – of pure pleasure. Eventually, he fills me with his cum. I find heaven again. I am so very, very grateful that Mister is mine.

Another Rule Broken

Yep. Already another one. What did I do? i went over budget – and not by a little – no, by A LOT. Like $200.00. Now, keep in mind that my budget is just that – mine. I can use it for anything I want because it does not include household expenses such as groceries, supplies, etc. It’s all mine. Mister is also nothing if not generous! Nonetheless, I went over and then tried to hide it from him. The breaking the rule is one punishment, but the hiding it beltjust got me double. First, came the spanking – 10 stripes with his belt. Hard. Rugged. My bottom was on fire and the worst part – I know he’s going to repeat it tomorrow (double punishment, remember). I tried. I really tried to take it like a champ, but I failed. After the 5th stroke I was crying like a baby and kicking my legs. Luckily, I stayed in position aside from the leg kicking. Let me assure you, nothing stings quite like Mister’s belt. Honestly, though, I kind of love it. Not because of the sting! No, I don’t love that, but I love that the belt came straight from his pants and is, therefore, a part of him. He always wears a belt – even with jeans – and so I always think about what that belt feels like every time I see it.  After the ten stripes, I knelt and kissed the belt. My face was a mess of tears (and probably snot) and I begged forgiveness. Mister asked if I wanted mercy. I thought about this, but shook my head. I had lied to my Mister by not fessing up and I had broken a rule. If he showed me too much mercy, I wouldn’t respect the rule. I answered: “That is for you to decide.” This pleased him and so he kissed me. He then lay me on the floor – omg but the carpet stung my already sore bottom! He liked my pussy (which was already dripping). He sucked my clit and penetrated me with two fingers. I came. All over his fingers. Stars exploded. Again, I cried, this time from gratitude and thanked him for his gift. He smiled and said he was glad I enjoyed it because it was the last orgasm I was allowed to have until he repeated this treatment tomorrow night. Since I had enjoyed overspending, I was being punished with orgasm denial. He held out his hand and helped me to stand. Then, he once again told me to bend over the chair. Just because I was denied the ultimate pleasure, didn’t mean that he was. I nodded and said, “Yes, sir.” He fucked me then, just like that, bent over the chair, my ass bright, hot red, tears streaming down my face. He took his time, bringing me just to the brink of orgasm then pulling out, delivering one sharp swat to my bottom, fucking me again. Finally, he came, filling me with proof of his own pleasure. I dropped to my knees, and sucked him clean. When he was satisfied, he again helped me to stand and told me fix him a drink then to shower and go to bed. In the morning, he would expect full fellatio (meaning he would come in my mouth – yum!). When he got home tomorrow night, I was to be nude and bent over the chair, ready for my punishment.

Mister is, indeed, being stricter with me than usual, but I have to admit, I’m loving it.

Spring Rules – Enforced

Damn it! Already I broke a rule and just as promised, Mister’s reprisal was swift, merciless, but also fair. Which rule did I break? The one where I was to drop to my knees as soon as he came home from work. It wasn’t my fault. Okay, so maybe it WAS my fault. I had my ear buds in jamming away while folding the laundry. Mister walked into the laundry room, tapped me on the shoulder. Now here’s where I could have made amends and he would have been fine with that since the laundry room is in the basement and even without the ear buds, it’s hard to hear the door open down there. I could have apologized and dropped to my knees then. Did I? Noooooo. That would have been too easy. Instead I say “Oh, Hi. I’ll just be a minute finishing this up.”

Nope. Not a good response, especially on the first day of my new rules! Mister pulled the ear buds out, took my ipod away and now has it locked away. I might get it back sometime next week. Htumblr_nn0foolTuN1qhqj18o2_r1_540e ordered me to strip. Finally realizing I was in big trouble, I immediately did so and tried to look humble. Mister pushed my shoulders down over the washer and told me to stay. I did. Then, I heard it before I felt it. The cane. I Yelped! Jesus, but that think piece of wood hurts! I started to put my hands on my ass, to raise up. Then, I remembered his order to stay put, so I bit my lip and stayed. Naturally, he saw this, and my misstep brought a second strip. This time I stayed perfectly still, even though I yelped again and began to cry.

“Good girl,” he said. I love when he says this!!! “Now go upstairs and kneel on the couch, arms on the back, ass out.”

I obeyed as quickly as I could. Once in position, I waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, he came into the room. I thought about turning to him, but he hadn’t said I could and I’d learned about breaking position downstairs! I was in no hurry for a third cane mark! Htied on couche took my arms and bound them together. Then, he put the ankle cuffs on me but didn’t chain them. I knew he was naked and, naturally, I was wet as hell! Then, then he entered me, fucked me hard, pounding into me. I began to tremble and he pushed in to the hilt, leaned over and said: “This is punishment. No orgasm for you. If you cum without permission you’ll earn yourself three more cane marks.” Oh god!! I bit my lip and tried to count, anything to distract myself from my growing need. Then, he pulled out. I begged him to stay in. I felt his hot cream cover by ass, my back, even my shoulder. When he finished, he told me to turn around and get on my knees. This was quite awkward with my arms bound, but I managed it. I opened my mouth and took his spent cock. I sucked and licked until he pulled back. He looked down at me, his hand on my chin and said: “Now that’s the greeting you will give me every night, right?” I nodded. “Good girl. I’m going to untie your arms, but no shower until later tonight. My cum can dry on your skin.” I shuddered, but nodded. “And, you’ll keep those ankle cuffs on until tomorrow night. They’ll remind you of your place. You’ll also stay naked for at least that long.”

“But sir,” I said (I’m always allowed to ask a question as long as I’m respectful.) “I was planning on going to the library tomorrow. May I please wear clothing for just long enough to do that?”

“No, my sweet. You are confined to the house without clothes for at least 24 hours. We’ll see if you remember your rule tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir. And Sir?”  He raised his eyebrow at me.  “Thank you for enforcing the rules.”

Spring Rules

Spring has sprung and with it new rules. Mister has decreed that the following are my rules. Some are expected, others are not. Since I have been pushing my limits lately, I had very little input on these other than to accept or decline. Naturally, I accepted them all as He wrote them. I have no doubt, however, due to the strictness, that I will soon be breaking one or two.

  1.  When He comes home after work, i will drop to my knees before Him. If He desires, i will unzip his trousers and worship his cock. (This means that i will be home before he is.)
  2. Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, i will go to the bedroom, undress and lie on the bed after dinner. I will have the spanking pillow beneath my hips and await for Mister to come administer a maintenance spanking of no less than 8 minutes.
  3. I will practice for no less than 15 minutes a day with the ben wah balls.
  4. I will garden every day, assuring no weeds in the vegetable patch.
  5. I will complete 60 minutes of yoga three times a week. I will be nude while doing this.
  6. I will wear only skirts or dresses. I may wear one of three approved bras, but no underwear unless approved.
  7. When underwear is approved, i will wear the egg shaped butt plug. Once the plug is inserted, only Mister may remove it. The underwear will be removed upon request – immediately and without complaint.tumblr_o1iyrmgZoU1trfqkjo1_500
  8. Mister has the right to deny me clothing for a full 24 hour period if He so desires.
  9. I will stay within my budget.
  10. Mister has the right to use my body for His pleasure whenever and wherever He chooses. If i do not agree with this use, i will respectfully object, but ultimately, the decision is His.

If I break these rules, he has upped the punishments as well. I have agreed that he may “ground” me to our room or house for up to 48 hours, he may use ginger in my anus or on my clit, he may spank me with his hand, belt, flogger or switches, he may deny me orgasm. He is also free to add to this list as he feels the need. I have no doubt, that he will STRICTLY enforce these rules and show fair judgment but little mercy when I break them (and we all know I will!).

No Mercy for breaking rules

He looked at me. Just stared. Crap.

“Um. Don’t you like it?”

“That’s not the point. We have a rule and you’ve broken it. Badly.”

Shit. He’s right. I knew I was breaking a rule when I walked into the beauty salon. When I sat in the chair. When I said I wanted a short bob style, a radical change from my waist length style of the past 2 years. Here’s the rule: No major changes to hair or body without first consulting the opposite party.  This rule applies to both Dom and Sub.  Honestly, Mr. Man has never denied any of my requests to cut my hair, he just likes to be informed and talking to him helps me to decide what I actually want. This time, though, I didn’t do that. I just acted impulsively so now it’s time to pay the piper.

“I know. I sorry,” I acknowledged quietly.

“This is a serious offence, Becca. You knew you were breaking a rule and you did it anyway. Go. Prepare.”

I gulped, but did as I was told. I showered, shaved – everything, made sure everything was cleaned out and open, went into THE room – a spare bedroom we reserve only for maintenance, punishments, or fun sessions. Guess which this one will be! I stood int he corner, my hands behind my back, and waited. I heard him open the door and shut it.

“Since you didn’t bother talking to me before, I don’t want you to speakpulled nipple now.” And with that he gagged me. I hate the gag. It’s so totally demeaning, but he’s right.

“Me. You apparently need reminded that I am your master and you are in my loving care. I will use no implements on you, aside from the gag, and you will feel only me.”

With that, he reached around me and squeezed my  nipples. Hard. Then he pulled. Then twisted. I cried out, as best I could, around the gag. Tears sprang to my eyes and I wanted to beg him to release me. My knees buckled and still he held on, pinching and twisting as he lectured me on why we have rules and reminding me that I had not only agreed to them, but had written this particular rule. I nodded my agreement, tears streaming down my face. I dropped down to my knees, looking up at him, silently pleading.

In his mercy, he released my swollen, hard nipples. He unzipped his pants and I sighed with relief. I was happy to do this. Oh. Wait. I was gagged. I had no idea what to do. Luckily, I didn’t have to think. He finished undressing then sat on the bed, patting his lap. I scurried into position, his hard cock pressed against me. I squirmed my hips and he slapped my ass. Hard. “None of that,” he warned. The wailed on my ass. No warm up. No mercy. Constant, rhythmic spanking. First one cheek, then the other. All the way down my upper thighs. I was kicking, crying, drool drizzling the floor from my gag filled mouth. Finally, I stopped fighting and let the pain overcome me. I slumped against him and simply accetumblr_lyso2zQcHq1qkfpnto1_400pted. Then, he stopped. It was only then that he picked me up, tossed me onto the bed, and filled me with his wonderous cock. My pussy? Absolutely not! This was punishment. He made sure I was good and lubbed then fucked my ass. Again, no gentle easing in, he pounded me. Within a minute he came, filling me with his seed. Quickly, he pulled out and I gasped. I needed to come so very, very badly, but I knew better than to hope for that.

“I am your master. I fill your life,” he said. “You will remember just how much I fill you.”

Oh god. We’d been working up to this for a while, but now, he was going to do it. Now that my back door was opened by his cock and lubbed with both artificial and natural juices, it was time. He first put in three fingers, worked them in and out. In and out. Then four. I bit down on the gag. He murmured encouraging words to me, placed his other hand on my back. I kept shaking my head, but he soothed me with his words and I calmed. Then, I stretched even farther. Five. He had all five fingers in my anus. I knew I was ripping, tearing apart. I just knew it. He pushed deeper, slowly but relentlessly. In and out. Again and again. Then, I couldn’t help it. I exploded. I burst into a million pieces as the orgasm washed over me. I screamed into the gag and heard him laugh. He pulled his fist out and left the room. I heard water running and knew he was washing up. I couldn’t move. I just couldn’t. When he came back in, he gently flipped me over onto my back, my ass tender from the spanking. He removed the gag but forbid me to speak, making sure I understood that if I spoke, the gag would go back on. He kissed me gently and whispered.

“So, that was one hole breached with my fist. Ready for the front door to be opened now?”

And he pressed three fingers into my drenched pussy.