Never Forget

Never forget that you agreed to this and you are free to end that agreement at any time.

He said these words to me just before issuing an order for me to strip. He’s right. i did agree. This week – 7 full days – i would live as his 24/7 obedient slave. Sexually anyway. He would ttumblr_lw3hfbRO5k1qij4o1o1_540reat me like a princess in every other way, but sexually, i committed myself to answering his every command. i also had the power to end that agreement in which case we would simply enjoy the vacation like regular people. But no, i didn’t want that. i wanted this. i want to be at his beck and call. i want to be pushed beyond my normal limits. i want to let go of my pride, my sense of individualism, my hold on social norms. i want to obey, but sometimes i just can’t. Sometimes, i NEED him to discipline me so that i know he is serious. So that he will be strong when i am weak. Like now.

We have dinner reservations for 7:30 and he has just told me that i am to wear shoes and a coat. That’s it. Nothing beneath. i stared at him – open mouth. i can’t believe he wants me to go out in public wearing NOTHING but my coat and shoes. i argue with him and what does that get me? a reminder.

Never forget you agreed to this and you are free to end this agreement at abeltny time. However, if you are not going to end it, bed over that chair and accept your punishment for hesitating to obey.

i lick my lips. Undecided. i know that for every moment i remain undecided will be a moment that i am punished for. Straightening my spine and my resolve, i nod and bend over the chair. He takes off his belt. 8. Eight minutes i hesitated and so 8 stripes i receive. He wipes my tears, hands me my coat, buttons three buttons, then takes me o
ut the door. Yes, he understand me and yes, he is strong enough for me. Now that i have been chastised, i feel alive and his. i am pure.

Dear god, what had I asked for. Just what I ended up with – that’s what! Last night, just before our trip, I confessed to Mister that I was concerned about the trip. I didn’t like traveling separately. I would be flying and he would be driving the five hours to Chicago. I complained that I could control my motion sickness with medication and that if I wnet with me he would have someone to talk to. He scowled at me and pointed out – again – all the reasons why he had decided I should fly early to our vacation. First, I would arrive several hours before him and be able to arrange the condo to our liking before his arrival. Second, he preferred to listen to audio books while driving rather than be distracted from me since it was dangerous to play with me and drive at the same time. When I pointed out that I would have all the time in the world to play with my self alone on the plane and then at the condo. For that matter, since I would be alone for hours, I’d have plenty of time to find someone to take care of me before he ever arrived. (Not that I would – at least not without permission.) He got thoughtful and I finally shut up. I know that look.


This morning when I began to dress for the trip, Mister first bend me over the bed and spanked me. Hard. That was, he said, the first reminder of my obedience to him.  He didn’t warm me up – just spanked until I cried. A lot. Then, he wanted to make sure that I remembered that HE and HE alone decided who touched my parts. To that end, he made me wear a chastity belt – completed with not one – but TWO plugs – jus : t to make sure I remained untouched while I wasn’t with him. (The one he put on me was completely made of leather – no metal. The plugs were even glass.


Now, here I am. Sitting on the tarmac waiting for the plane to take me away. I’m wearing dark blue linen slacks, a crisply ironed pink dress shirt which allows my nipples to poke through due to the cool air, heels, my tight, uncomfortable chastity devise. Every bump the plane makes as it slowly taxis makes me cringe. Not only is my bottom red and sore, but my insides are filled and I cannot release myself. Not for at least five hours since he has the key. One day. Really. One day, I’ll learn to trust his words and not question his authority.








Needing a Revew

Boy do I have a deal for you. I will give you and advanced copy of Tasting Pleasure (release date is February 2) and all you have to do is comment that you would like it. Oh, and promise to write a review – that’s it! Tasting Pleasure has been re-released and updated from it’s original 2010 format. Nonetheless, it still tells the story of Alicia, a young American who follows her husband to England only to end up alone and divorced when he decides he’d rather be with his lover – another man! Forced to rely on her wits, Alicia uses her skills in the culinary arts to become a person chef. She never suspects that her first client, Mr. Devonshire, will grow to love not only her food but also her. If that isn’t awesome enough, he also releases her innate, primal senses when he introduces her to the world of BDSM. Just comment below and by Sunday night, you could have a copy in your own eager hands.


So you think you want to be a submissive

So you think you want to be a submissive? Here’s a few questions and thoughts which might help you decide. Trust me, this is just scratching the surface of the complex world of a submissive.

  1.  Are you strong? Not physically, but emotionally? Are you strong enough to put another person’s needs before your own? To relinquish your power – all except the power to use your safeword?
  2. Do you take direction well? A large part of being a submissive is obedience.
  3. Can you accept punishment? For those times why you disobey either intentionally or unintentionally, there will be consequences. You must be willing to accept these consequences humbly, willingly, and gracefully.
  4. Are you patient? Another large part of being  submissive to another is to wait. Wait for that person’s pleasure, his/her decisions, his/her commands, his/her praise.
  5. Are you intelligent? Seriously, I know this sounds rude, but honestly, a good submissive must be able to think for her/himself with the best interest of both partners in mind. Dominant are not perfect. No one is. They often need as much guidance as the submissive does, just in a different way.
  6. Can you communicate well? This, dear ones, is key. Your dominant simply must know what you think, what you feel, what you need, what you want, what fears lie inside of you, what dreams lie there as well. He/She is not a mind reader. If He/She can’t give you these things if you don’t communicate them clearly.